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lsukevinc 01-18-2013 09:33 AM

my U POL Raptor installation
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When I bought my CJ 5, the previous owner had done a great job on the exterior paint job, but crappy job inside the tub. After light use, the paint began to peel and reveal the previous paint job. After reading numerous posts on the forum, I decided to go with U Pol raptor. I removed the seats and sanded the entire tub with 80 grit sand paper. After I sanded, I washed the tub out with regular soap and water. On the stops that went down to bare metal, I coated the areas with POR 15 and then scuffed the surface a little.

I taped the edge lines with regular old blue painters tape and used old paper from work to catch the overspray. Once everything was taped off, I wiped down the entire surface with acetone two times. I had about 8 hours of labor into it at this point. The spraying went fairly easy. It took 2,5 quarts for the first coat. I waited about an hour then applied the final 1.5 quarts. I waited about 30 minutes after I applied the second coat and took off the tape. I am happy with the results so far.

What are jeepers coating their wheel wells with? The paint is falling off there too. Should I coat it with U POL too, or is there something else to use?

crazyeye 01-18-2013 10:19 AM

I over killed mine I Por 15 inside & underneath my tub. Than I lined inside & underneath including wheel wells with u pol .

vinh0330 01-18-2013 11:11 AM

Raptor Spray inside tub and underside of tub
I did the underside and inside of the tub of my 84 that I am doing a frame off on.
I did the underside of the tub, which is an 88 YJ tub converted to CJ, in U Pol Raptor Black shot as smooth as I could get it. The guy I had paint the tub and spray the Raptor, hadn't used it alot, but he was impressed how smooth he was able to get it.
I did the inside of by tub with U Pol Raptor Tintable, which was 92 Chevy Bright Bahama Blue, tinted, a little different shading than the outside paint job.
But the texture is different, but when you run a towel over the inside, it is smooth enough that I don't get hardly any towel fuzz left on the floor. This is something I wanted, in stead of bed liner spray or a ruff textured material like bedliner spray.
I didn't do the paint job on my jeep, but the guy I had paint it, has painted 7cars for me and he did a great job both inside and outside. He was very impressed with how he could spray it and used it to paint the inside of the doors and underside of a 55 Nomad he did for another guy.

After sandblasting the tub, I had him exopy seal it and etch primer it then, Raptor spray the underside and inside and then paint it. So, it should last me the rest of my life time in the Missouri Road Salt and gravel roads.

I had my 30 year old top painted Black with Raptor and painted the inside White with the tintable spray I had left, to help harden the aged fiberglass top and help cut down on outside noise.

I had the bumpers and roll cage and rear side corners, painted in Black Raptor, shooting it as smooth as he did the inside of the tub.

I used 8 cans of Black and 4 cans of the Tintalbe, the bumpers will probably redone 1st and go a little thicker, I will do this my self.

I am putting the Old School Western Turbine Wheels on it and I am wanting to try to paint the inside of the fins with the black raptor and then clear coat the wheels to see how they will hold up. Mike they paint guy said they should last for every, salt, sand and rocks should flake away the raptor, as it would paint. Have to see.

Since I can't post pictures, IM me and I can send you a couple of pictures from my phone, they are poor quality but you can see the underside.
I like Raptor and will used it on anything that will be used alot or in areas where it will be easy to scratch.

Hope, this helps. I like the stuff. But price has went up.

lsukevinc 01-21-2013 10:07 AM

anyone ever used or heard of Gravitex made by Upol? i hear it is a stone / undercoating that does not require the hardener additive.

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