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Popol 05-27-2003 04:14 AM

my first jeep 'rush' and a few ongoing problems..
well I have been working away on the car, I set myself a task of 2 jobs a day, little ones, that way i don't burn out on it and I keep slowly but surely bringing it up to scratch.

Friday afternoon i washed the jeep, came up all shiney )) saturday afternoon cleaned the inside, took 3 hours and again came up all lovely ))

Saturday night it poured down :(

Sunday morning at the crack of dawn I shot out of bed, straight down to the nearest dirtiest muddiest field I could find, man what a rush !! :) gave the jeep a good workout, nothing to strenuous but enough to get to know her a bit more and certainly more than a normal car would ever even consider doing, ended up coming home two and a half hours later with a brown jeep and a huge grin on my face :) moments like that make you feel good inside :)

Now then, current problems and worklist.

Well the Alternator issue here I discovered was a slipping fan belt, whilst when I pulled on it, the play in the fan belt was normal, howver i noticed i was able to turn the blades on the alternator easily by hand, tightening the fan belt has now cured this problem, although I believe the belt may be over tight, (its not twangable though) any less tight and the belt starts to slip.

Horn : Well the steering wheel horn push is broken, was that way when the car arrived, its missing all the internal parts for the horn switch, and there was an additional switch mounted on the dash which i guessed must have been the newer horn switch. The horn itself was unwired, and the newer dash switch had been broken off, so I ran a wire from the horn into the cab, removed the broken switch, added a new one, and then ran a wire from that through a fuse and connected it to a battery positive feed, horn now works.

Temperature and fuel gauges : These are both driving me nuts, temperature shows way off the scale after 200 metres even though i took out the thermometer and the temperature is within reason, the fuel gauge shows more than full, even though i have driven it for a week.... strongly suspect i need to fill up soon even though gauge says full.

Dashboard foot brake light, well when i first drove the car this worked fine, now recently it just stopped, I would like to know how to take the speedometer out so i can look at the wiring behind it, how does it stay where it is, is it fixed to the dash panel, if so how do i take the dash panel out, as in where are the retainaing nuts and how many are there?.

Lightningdon 05-27-2003 08:56 PM

The speedo is mounted to the dash from behind. There are 4 studs on the backside of the dash that it bolts to. You do not need to remove the dash to get it out. There are numerous wires attached to the back of the speedo for the lights, fuel guage, etc. Try just crawling in and lay on the floor on your back, you may be able to see what you need from there, without taking all apart.
Good Luck,

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