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Comex 03-12-2013 07:37 PM

List of issues I need to resolve I guess.
Hey guys, I'm back... again. :beats head against wall smiley:

Anyway I recently painted the jeep and fixed a large amount of rust holes on the jeep and I've come into some issues after I've pieced it back together on the lights. I have my right turn, brakes, and parking lights all working correctly however my left turn signal is not. If I look at the volt meter on the dash after turning the left signal on it drops and doesn't go back up like it does on the right turn (it goes back and forth along with the ticking of the signal). Could this just be a grounded wire or crossed wire perhaps? I noticed the rocket scientist owner before me had all this crap wired with electric tape, and solder connecting wires. Any suggestions? Its only on the left turn signal all the other functions/lights work properly.

Also I've come to notice that when the jeep runs cold it measures on the mechanical gauge for the oil pressure between the 40-50 lb/in range however when it gets warmed up after I drive it for 15 mins or more it drops down to around the 1-4 lb/in after I let up off the gas. If I accelerate it goes right back up but as soon as I let off it drops again. Could this just be from the bearings being old and slightly warn allowing the oil to get hot and less viscous to slip past the bearings more easily reducing the pressure of the oil? If not any suggestions here would be helpful as well :hahaha: I checked the gauge to make sure its reading correctly with a rigging of an air pressure hose and an air tank. I know its working right. I'm not hearing any ticking in the motor or anything that I should definitely and obviously be worried about.

Last issue I'm going to try to address in the next few weeks, I've noticed that when the jeep gets all warmed up like in the above mentioned paragraph, it dies when I come to a complete stop like a hard stop, its happened getting off of a freeway ramp and has happened on the road to me a couple of times in front of my driveway. Could this just be the carb needing to be rebuilt/cleaned out? (I've never done this but hell I might as well give it an attempt). I'm hoping that this is something easy to be fixed and isn't an underlying problem that coincides with whats above this paragraph.

Thanks for taking the time to read and look at it. I'll post pictures if anyone needs some. I just painted this thing and did about 30% reweld to the body because of all the rust holes from the previous jerk. So I'd be happy to show off my first attempt at welding and painting :hahaha:. Also whats that thing called in the drivers side floorboard that is used to switch into four wheel drive low and high? Its a Jeep CJ7 1979 automatic transmission with a Warner transfercase i believe. Its just this little protruding stick thats used to switch it into the different gear settings. I broke the floorboard around that last time I went mudding and it seems to have broken perfectly around the circle that butts up against the floor... I was wondering if I could get by with welding that to the floorboard to get away from it breaking loose again.

Comex 03-13-2013 10:43 AM

Update: Now neither sides signal lights work. I thought I would take out the other side so I could see what was going on and it started flickering and stopped working, so I put it back in the way I took it out and it flickered again but ceased to work, now it won't do anything.. I thought I burned the bulb out perhaps but both filaments in the bulb are good. I'm going to replace with bulbs here shortly.. any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks guys!

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