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jeepnjeff1002 01-26-2012 07:54 PM

Jeff's Offroad CJ8 Build
Hi everyone, I've been a jeepforum member for a while now learning all I can so I would be ready to start my own project. I've never done any kind of auto work prior to starting my CJ project so thanks to all you guys who post up their experiences and expertise.

I started back in the spring of 2010 with my first CJ purchase -- a rusted out 1986 CJ7 with a dana 44 rear axle. I spent the next few months tearing it down. I then bought a 1991 Grand Wagoneer for the AMC 360 engine and stronger rear dana 44 axle. Over the next year I stripped the drivetrain from the waggy, parted out the remainder, and had the engine rebuilt. I also bought a completely rust free CJ7 frame (that I sold later with the CJ7 rear dana 44 axle). About three months ago I stumbled across an abandoned CJ8 project and I couldn't pass up the chance to get a Scrambler. I bought a set of CUCV axles since the Scrambler was already setup with GM 3/4 ton axles and SOA.

I see a lot more restorations on the CJ forum, which are great, but I thought I'd join the few who have bigger, offroad oriented builds. :cheers2:

My current plans are:
1) Rebuild axles, brakes, steering components, suspension
2) Cleanup frame, run brake lines, fuel lines, etc...
3) Install engine, transmission, transfer case
4) Cleanup body, finish cosmetics

Here are the pics when I first brought it home:
Let's get rid of those square headlights :thumbsup: I'll be putting a CJ front clip on it.

Here are the CUCV axles when I brought them home:
GM 14 bolt full float axle with detroit locker
Dana 60 front end

I also picked up a bunch of dana 60 parts off craigslist:

I've started the axle rebuilds so I should have new pics soon, stay tuned.

MoC 01-26-2012 07:59 PM

Replacing the grill and hood?

hutch1200 01-26-2012 08:00 PM

WOW! I thought somebody started a thread for me. 360 waggy motor, found a rust free frame, d-44 etc. Then ya skunked me w/that Scrambler find. Nice parts to work with. Good luck my friend. Can't wait to see this come together. Please keep posting pics, and thanks for sharing it w/us!

SKT 01-26-2012 08:10 PM


Scrambler build thread - count me in on this one!


twoleos617 01-26-2012 08:58 PM


Im 7-10 miles from you down Westport Rd., in Springhurst.
Let me know if you need an extra hand, tools, parts, beer, etc.

Lets talk about that frame you've got. I may be in need of it!

Keep the pics coming and welcome to JF!


Flatie46 01-26-2012 09:17 PM

Good looking project, I'll probably be dragging an 81 CJ8 home myself this weekend if it dries up. Gonna stay tuned to this thread. I noticed the Goforth Tire sticker in the windshield, did the Scrambler come from TN?

twinstickd20 01-26-2012 09:27 PM

Subbed! Love me some scramblers.

Area.3.Fiftyone 01-27-2012 05:51 AM

Great find. Another Scrambler saved!

I have never seen a YJ clip on one, and can honestly say that that is FUGLY.

Can't wait to see the tons going in there.

jeepnjeff1002 01-27-2012 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by MoC (Post 12932946)
Replacing the grill and hood?


Originally Posted by IronMaiden (Post 12934634)
Great find. Another Scrambler saved!

I have never seen a YJ clip on one, and can honestly say that that is FUGLY.

Can't wait to see the tons going in there.

I like the CJ front clip better so I'll be swapping in the hood and grill from my CJ7 parts collection. I sold my CJ7 fenders but I'm planning on doing custom flat fenders at some point.

twoleos617, I've been following your tranny and transfer case build, great work so far. We'll have to connect sometime and help each other out. :highfive:

Flatie46, I bought from a guy in Louisville who bought from a guy in Tennesse. I think it may have been owned by someone named Goforth. I really like the SOA job that was done on it, I'll have pics of that after I finish up the axles.

Renegade82 01-27-2012 09:44 AM

Gotta love a Scrambler build. I'll be watchin'. Glad to hear your getting rid of that hideous Chrysler front end.
"CUCV axles" ??:confused:

kickingprop 01-27-2012 10:23 AM

CUCV axles refers to the military M1008/M1028 1ton Chevy's. There was also the M1009 which was a military K5 Blazer but came with 10bolt axles.

The D60/14bff that came in these are desireable because they came with front discs, 4.56's, and a rear detroit locker.

Oh and PS...welcome to JF and I LOVE scramblers so I am subscribing to this one! :thumbsup:

jeepnjeff1002 01-27-2012 10:26 AM

Rear axle tear down, disc brake conversion
The rear axle tear down is pretty straight forward so I don't have many pics. I'm doing a disc brake conversion so I removed everything.
Basic steps:
1) Remove the bolts from the hub, helps to have an impact driver for this if yours are stuck on like mine were
2) Pull the axle, be ready for oil to drip out of the axle tubes
3) Remove the key retainer, key, and spindle nut. Some 14 bolt axles will have a different spindle nut setup similar to a dana axle.
Dorman Part Numbers: retainer - 615-141, key - 615-140, spindle nut - 615-132
Here are my spindle nuts, keys, and retainers:

4) Pull the hub/brake drum assembly which is very heavy for this axle. I think it weighs like 50 lbs!
5) The drum brake backing plate is held on by four bolts. I had to remove some of the brake components to get to all of them.
6) Remove the wheel studs to separate the hub from the drum. I used a 3 lb sledge to hammer them out. If you plan on re-using the studs you might want to use a brass drift so you don't damage them. I bought all new studs so I wasn't worried about it. :)

At this point I cleaned the axle, sanded it, and painted it using rustoleum rattle cans. Nothing fancy since it will get scratched on rocks and stuff. :2thumbsup:

Here is the painted axle:

The spindles have some wear but nothing too bad:

Here are the brake drums:

And the pile of now useless drum brake parts:

I bought a disc brake conversion kit off ebay.

caliper brackets that mount to the existing backing plate flange:

new rotors and calipers:

I chose not to pay for the extra emergency brake calipers since this will mostly be a trail rig.

Here is one of the brackets mounted:

I removed the wheel bearings from the hubs, inspected, and cleaned them up. A life bathed in gear oil has kept them in good shape. I don't have any pics of this part but here's what I did:
1) I used a hammer and big screwdriver to knock out the inner hub seal.
2) This allows the inner bearing to slide out.
3) I used a couple screwdrivers to remove the snapring on the inside of the hub. I'll get a pic wen I reinstall the hub seal and bearings this weekend.
4) This allows the outer bearing to slide out.

Pics of the bearing re-install and hub/rotor install coming tomorrow. I hope to also have the hub/rotors and calipers mounted.

jakeryii 01-27-2012 11:30 AM

lookin good and thank god ur ditching that YJ clip...

jeepnjeff1002 01-28-2012 04:33 PM

Rear axle rebulid continued, front axle tear down
I didn't get as far as I wanted on the rear axle since I need a spindle nut socket to finish it up.

I reinstalled both bearings, the inner hub seal, and attached the rotors and hubs.

I used a soft brass drift and small sledge to press the new wheel studs in:

Here is a pic of the snap ring which holds the outer wheel bearing in place:

Here is the inner wheel bearing:

Notice it is not seated all the way in. If you don't have a seal puller and you use a hammer and screwdriver to punch out the seal by hitting the bearing race, you'll need to re-seat the race. I used a punch and hammer to lightly tap around the edges of the race to re-seat it.

Here is the seal installed:

I used a hammer and 2x4 to drive it in. First I turned it in by hand until it was firmly seated in the hub, then I used a hammer to lightly tap one side in, then I lightly tapped the opposite side in, and finally placed the 2x4 on it and drove it in all the way.

I then rubbed a little gear oil on the seal and slid it onto the spindle:

Both hubs and rotors installed:

This is where I left the rear axle since I don't have the allen wrench needed to install the calipers and I don't have the spindle nut socket to fully install the hub.

Here is the front axle after removing the hubs, brakes, and knuckles:

I have a kingpin removal tool but since the kingpins are installed with 500-600 ft-lbs of torque, I'm going to have someone with the proper tools remove and install the new kingpins for me.

Here are the kingpin rebuild kits:

The lower arm bearings:

I'll be using the pirate 4x4 article as a guide to rebuilding. I'm also debating on going with high-steer arms so we'll see if it's in the budget.

Here are the painted knuckles:

Painted splash guards:

Painted caliper brackets:

I had the rotors turned and bought new calipers:

I also separated the outer stub axles and rebuilt them using my new 35 spline outers and 1480 u-joints (seen in my original post):

The long axle side looks the same. The only tools I used were a small sledge and screwdriver. The steps I used to install the u-joints:
1) Remove the caps from the new u-joints.
2) Place the u-joint into the ears of the axle stub.
3) Press on the caps by hand and then gently tap one of them with a hammer until it is seated enough to slip the snapring into place. Be careful not to dislodge the needle bearing inside the caps but mine are non-greasable so they came with enough grease.
4) After the snapring is seated, begin tapping the other cap into place and install its snapring.
5) Repeat the steps above for the other axle shaft.

jeepnjeff1002 01-28-2012 04:38 PM

What is this front axle?
I pulled the front axle that came on the scrambler but I'm not sure what it is

It's 8 lug and I thought it was a dana 44 when I first picked up the scrambler but now I'm not sure. The only markings I see on it are a E110 code on the passenger side of the housing and a GM6 on the lower driver side of the housing. Anyone know?

It does have a nice new steering knuckle and high-steer arm though:

I'll be pulling the 14 bolt rear axle tomorrow and then putting them on craigslist.

The time now is 01:58 AM.

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