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OfFtHeWaLl 03-04-2002 10:41 AM

I need help finding a part!!!!oh and thx
Hay ppl I need help!!! I can't seem to find a heater shroud for my jeep the one i have is all busted up... (any ideas)
Ok I fixed all that stuff that was wrong with my CJ all my gages work now and she is running like a champ thank you soo much everybody..........

:p :) :D ;)

OfFtHeWaLl 03-04-2002 11:21 AM

Man!!! I have looked and looked I cant find the heater covers anyplace i need a new shroud bad!!!! please help!!!!! I need repacement frm blower to the defrost duck

Dustin Maschino 03-04-2002 12:17 PM

hey, what does it look like? i might have an extra from mine...

OfFtHeWaLl 03-04-2002 12:43 PM

hummm how to describ it... on my passenger side under the dash big black lol. um lookes like its cracked from the defrost to the out let looks like a big square cilinder that bends up. right hand side connects to the blower side the left side goes up and too the defrost.. hope that helps i have no pics of it sorry.... and if it was a crack i could probly fix it but a chunk bout the size of my foot is missing....

OfFtHeWaLl 03-05-2002 10:23 AM

Well I found sombody who actually sells the original shroud for my heater $100.00 used..
But i cant complane at least I found it maby I can put some paint on it and itll look new.. The guy said he only has 3 any NOBODY ELSE HAS THEM, OR MAKES THEM AYMORE! So if you do have the part im looking for let me know and well come up with a price that I can buy it from you with ok??? thx Jeepin'It

coopcj7 03-05-2002 12:16 PM

I have a heater shroud for a 77 jeep. you would need to modify your firwall a little but if you want i wont charge 100 dollars

OfFtHeWaLl 03-05-2002 12:57 PM

Thx for the thought coop butt im really trying to stay with the original parts LOL it'll cost mor butt it'll be worth it later.
I am looking for other parts i'll list them so you can let me know what you got ok?
1. hinges all hinges (door Windshild/mirrors)
2. Valv cover (not pklastic)
3. Windshild sprayer w/pump
4. Stuff to restor my hard doors (gskets,innerds ya know the whol shabang)

Well thats about all I can think of right now so let me know ok...

boredstiff 03-06-2002 10:11 AM

I think I might have the whole heater unit from my 84 still laying around... have you check four wheel drive hardware for that part? Let me know if your interested in the heater....

KeenCJ7 03-06-2002 12:50 PM

Try and give them a call, thay are in Antelope Ca and have tons of Jeep parts But I must warn you He is a little on the high side on the price, Our saying for him is "Old Parts At New Prices" We Only go there when we have to, I bet he will have it though
Hope this helps

coopcj7 03-07-2002 01:05 PM

you got mail

boredstiff 03-13-2002 09:37 AM

The time now is 06:15 PM.

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