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Unstable 01-19-2013 08:50 AM

Grinding noise after speeding up
Well after a hell of a trip, and uhaul rental, I finally made it to my destination. But my cj5 is just sitting.

While on the road my rear seal went out. Went to 6 auto parts stores and finally found the seal that I needed. Dropped the rear part of the drive shaft and left the u joint alone. Removed the yoke, took out that seal and cleaned up the inside. After replaced the seal and put everything back together. Checked the fluid in the rear, front, and transfer case and everything is holding.

Made it about 60 more miles when I started hearing this grinding noise so I pulled off the road and stopped. I couldn't figure it out because I had to be moving around 30 mph for it to start. Gears were shifting fine, so it didn't feel like teeth.

I asked a jeep guy when I got down to north Carolina what he thought. He said possibly when I reinstalled the yoke, I didn't torque wrench it making the ring and pinion slide around in the differential while driving. Does this sound like the problem? If so how much tension do I need? How can I tell if my ring and pinion is bad without dismantling it ( don't have a garage right now ).

Its a Dana 300.

Thanks guys, sorry using my phone to type!

MoC 01-19-2013 09:17 AM

By rear seal I am assuming you mean the rear axle pinion seal correct? If so you friend is correct, do a little searching and you will find the proper procedure for replacing this seal. It's more complicated than just yanking the pinion nut and putting it back on. I would not drive it until it is fixed. You can pull the diff cover and check the ring and pinion to see if its damaged.

The time now is 06:35 AM.

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