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supersly_jones 06-14-2004 10:49 PM

got my cj-5 today....:D
hey everyone....i finally got my own cj-5...
81' cj-5
black and black hard full doors and hard top
33" mudd terrain tires (5)
pacer rims (5)
32 all terrain tires (5)
black wagon wheels (5)
all original seats
bucket seats
same as no body rust
frame is extremely solid
don't know much about the drivetrain besides its a 4-speed
never drove anything like a cj...the clutch is really funny how it works...grabs at the last second...
needs the carb and valve cover gaskets replaced

now many cj5 hard tops are there...this is the first one i've ever seen

supersly_jones 06-14-2004 10:54 PM

oh yeah,
also...i am going to need a lift when i start taking it offroad..but first i want to get used to it on the street...don't wanna get myself into a nasty mess...know what i mean...i am thinking about the re 4" lift...seems like everything required is included and ahve heard great things about it

tomorrow i'm ordering a full diamond plate kit (like corners and rocker panels and such) and also a set of 61 led taillights and some xezon of them is busted but still works perfectly...but they need replaced to pass code in ks...i'm going to get the interior line-x sometime this summer...i'm getting a CHEAP price for it so its a no brainer...400 with tax...all the way up the side walls....
i am going to be looking for a couple of lockers in the near future and a decent winch and trail accessories...if anyone knows a place to find some cheap please let me know

djfuzzy 06-14-2004 11:59 PM

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Nice looking CJ dude. How much you pay for it? How many miles?

Hale 06-15-2004 12:50 AM

make sure that mechanically its in good shape before you spend a lot of cash on mods, unless you have enough to cover both at the same time :-D cj's are notorious for being rather stubborn and breaking. i got rid of mine because it was 1 problem after another problem and I couldn't afford to keep fixing it all and many other people on these forums can tell you their horror stories as well.

and also make sure you have a t176 tranny not an sr4 because theyre (sr4) a weaker tranny...light duty i believe, as opposed to t176 a medium duty tranny.

if you can just keep the cj running then keep on building. i just purchased a 91 4runner v6 5spd and I find it to a great stepup from the CJ7 but its not the same...theres nothing like driving around in a CJ with the top completely off and knowing that everybody envies Jeeps :) I plan on getting another CJ7 as soon as I can so I haven't completely abandoned the Jeeper life ;) Just moved to an import 4x4 thats very comfy for everyday driving.

supersly_jones 06-15-2004 08:39 AM

hey guys thanx for responding, the guy that had it before me has only had it for 2 months...he's a computer nerd...i'm not kidding he had 13 computers setup in his apartment...but anyways....he just didn't have time for runs great...carb leaks a little like i said...the guy who had it before him kept a log book of all oil changes and fluids and what months and days he got gas and wrote the miles down...its pretty down to the tee...underneath there really isn't any rust because it was in his garage all the time(both of them). The tub is perfect....except the lockdowns on the hard top are worn out and dont latch and just bang around and stuff...anyone know where i can get new ones for it..i checked and with no prevail....the price started out at 4500 and we jewed it down to 3800...seems pretty good since it has brand new tires and starter,battery,and alternator, and i have a brand new radiator sitting in my shop.

supersly_jones 06-15-2004 08:42 AM

oh and also...the miles stopped at 76078...thats also when the log book stopped...the gears in the odometer stripped...we pulled it apart...its no biggy...i'm going to put new gauges in it

supersly_jones 06-15-2004 11:16 AM

oh...quick question...when i get off work today i'm gonna check my tranny and transfer case and there serial #'s on them to tellme what they are or what....i'm going to replacethe hubs soon...just in caseand if i can find a good deal on solid 1 piece axles i'll get them too...should igo with the re lift or look for another one...the priceispretty steep but seems likeit includes everything imaginable...

supersly_jones 06-15-2004 11:08 PM

i was looking at the motor awhile ago and noticed that there is no vacumm hoses hooked up...there is the 4way vac hookup but there isn't any hoses going to them....anyone know what they go to...thanx...also there is a box off of my air filter housing that i don't know what it is either...thanx

Jeepbeeper 06-16-2004 08:53 AM


Originally Posted by supersly_jones
i was looking at the motor awhile ago and noticed that there is no vacumm hoses hooked up...there is the 4way vac hookup but there isn't any hoses going to them....anyone know what they go to...thanx...also there is a box off of my air filter housing that i don't know what it is either...thanx

Sometimes it's just not right to reply to someone who is
so excited who posts soooo many questions..
BTW..we all are happy you have your new baby!
First thing to remember as a new owner of a JEEP, is not to
go insane, but to think out between your budget and what is
Remember, during your upgrades to make sure you are safe
and use all safety precautions..such as ..when jacking up your vehicle, to use two stands also incase your jack fails.
Always work with someone incase you get into trouble.
Use the proper tool for the job.
Don't do today what you can plan to do tomorrow if you are unsure of what you are doing..
Always ask a professional if you doubt your own judgement or decisions.
Never plan a project if you do not plan to do it will only cause sadness.
We all have been where you are, and it is the greatest feeling
to dream of how your new Jeep will grow into your sweetheart.
Just keep a level head about yourself, and cant
get to the trails if you do crappy work.
Keep on Jeep'n :thumbsup:

supersly_jones 06-16-2004 11:17 AM

jeepbeepe, great post!!
my dad and I have restored a 1934 3 window coupe a 49' F1 pickup and a 40' Ford Sedan by now i know to always plan ahead and have everything available to me for the job...i have already set up a budget for parts that know i need...the cb i have to have for the local trails...its just a safety precaution...whichi understand...i think for now formy lift i'mgoing to order the 2inch shackle reversal kit from i have heard really good things about it...i still need to find some rear hardtop lock downs becuase mine are gone and it bangs around a lot going over bumps...i'm looking for a service manual for it but haven't had much luck...ebay has the cd's but i bought one for my cherokee and there wasn't really anything in if anyone knows a goodplace to find one let me know

also...i have a 80 cj-5 sitting behind my house...we are thinking about taking the 304 out ofit and putting it in the good has a dana 300 transfer case but the tranny is missing 2nd...and its gauges work so for now i'm just going to take the cables and gauge cluster out ofit and put it in mine...

Hale 06-16-2004 11:29 PM

there are serial numbers on the axles, i had to sand away a bunch of crap getting to them.
thats where the front axle serial number should says right on it what the ratio is
there is for the rear if its the stock amc20
it has a 2 letter code which you have to match to the site for the gear. if the axles are stock they would be narrow trac for an 81. its important if they are narrow or wide because the 2 letter codes are different.

transfer case should be a dana 300

i cant remember how to tell the difference between the sr4 and t176 but i think they had different shifters...sr4 curved maybe? the t176 is a straight stick.

you can get no name 1piece axles off ebay starting around $170. superior and moser are going to run about $300.

i have 1 complete and 2 near complete computers in my room and a laptop, about to have another barebones computer too ;) but then i'll finish off the 2 partials and sell them for whatever to pay for the new one hehe.

maybe theres a link between building a computer and a car...but i just suck at the latter :-P

supersly_jones 06-17-2004 08:32 PM

thanx for the serial number stuff..much appreciated...i have the straight shifter...i'll check it out later...

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