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WarnRocker79 03-10-2002 01:00 PM

Frame off Resto.
Hi. I am lookin' into doing a frame off restoration and Iwas wanting to now about how much it would cost me to do it well. Well being sandblasting and coating the frame, putting in a 350 Chevy, new fiberglass body, springover, new wiring, the works, one piece axel....thanks

1911shtr 03-10-2002 02:18 PM

Hey I have a restored 79 CJ7. It costs a sheet load of money. Get a brand new frame that is galvanized. Mine was coated and is still in decent shape, but is starting to rust. If you get a new frame when you have your suspension mounts put on just get them in spring over. I have a fiberglass body, and it sucks. You have to support anything you bolt to it. Fiberglass cracks if anything hits it hard offroading. The fire wall is too thin. However, it does not rust. But the supports they build into them will rot. They are wood. Get a new wiring harness. I didn't replace mine and It is a mess. Mystery wires everywhere. As far as the axles go I would find a set of front and rear dana 44s. As far as the engine goes your right on. With the new frame you will also have new engine mounts put on. It gets expensive, but I wish mine would of been done right. You have to learn the first time.

4wheeler4CJ 03-10-2002 04:31 PM

What a LOADED question! LOL :rolleyes: :eek:

Bill Zebub 03-11-2002 06:17 PM

Yep its loaded -- the question we should ask is how much do you want to spend !
I can agree with 4x4 about the fiberglass body, I've owned several Jeeps and only 1 with a fiberglass body and I can say I truely hated that Jeep, ground wires everywhere, you cant really support the e-brake pedal very well so the glass cracked there. The screws for the door catches pulled out too many times to count and you can't get behind the door flange to use a nut and bolt. And I was never happy with the steering column, the firewall always felt soft and flexy and you could feel that,especially if you grabbed the wheel to climb in. No rust is nice but its easier to work with steel. just my opinion.

4wheeler4CJ 03-12-2002 10:12 AM

Bill's right, there are some issues to deal with on a fiberglass body. My last CJ had a FG Tub, but the problems I had were minor. A lot has to do with the manufacturer. Beware of the "cheaper" manufacturers. Mine was a 4WD Hardware Body, Quadratec's are also good quality, maybe even better. VERY Solid, though, reinforced with wood and steel core in the critical areas.

My next project will have either a Fiberglass Body again or possibly an Aluminum Body! I can't use steel, I live in the Northeast, salt capital of the world, steel is not even an option.

Aluminum Bodies are the new thing, but cost on the order of about $2600 for just the tub (although worth it, a budget issue).

A good Fiberglass Tub will be about $1200 to $2400 depending on the grade you want and whether it is Fiberglass or Kevlar. Quadtratec offers the tubs in 3 grades of Glass, 4WD Hardware offers one good solid tub.

Personally, I would go with Aluminum (now offered by Quadratec), if funds allow it.

Good Luck :D

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