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Jamesromeos 11-15-2013 11:12 PM

Fiberglass Tub Roll cage options
What do I do, was thinking of having a full custom cage installed in my CJ. My question is how do you do this with a glass body? do you install the same as a steel body? I feel like it would be almost pointless to drill the plates through a glass floor and think it will have any durability in regard to safety. If anyone has pics of a full custom cage in their jeep please post them Thanks.

John Strenk 11-16-2013 03:48 AM

I would make sure the cage attaches to the frame and not the floor. I've seen kits to do this with various roll bars so a cage should be just the same.

Some people sandwich the tub floor between the frame mounts and roll bars, others cut the tub away.

There are a lot of posts, here is one:

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