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xnodesirex 07-05-2013 10:21 PM

Engine Dies with Starter Fluid?
Been trying to dial in my engine and get it to idle right ('78 304, holley 470 T/A, Team Rushed) before I log any miles on it.

Been suffering from low vacuum (15") and high idle (1150+) and I can't quite dial it down. Tonight after messing with the timing and float levels, I got the idle down and vacuum higher (950 idle, 17.5" vac).

So better, but not ideal - engine SOUNDS good though - so I'm wondering if the PO put in a new cam? Any great way to tell this?

Second, and more importantly, in checking for vacuum leaks I sprayed some starter fluid in the carb and the engine died. Shouldn't it have rev'd instead of bogging down?

xnodesirex 07-05-2013 11:02 PM

Also, has anyone thought of a jeep help hotline? Cuz I would so pay .99/min (or a solid retainer) to have someone like JeepHammer or JohnStrenk on call. Haha.

The time now is 10:51 PM.

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