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Originally Posted by 95wrangler4life View Post
Me: Here..... then I picked up my phone and called the Barracks (only 10 minutes away and know the Corp)
Whats a corp. sorry stupid question but I'm confused and want to laugh because I think your stories really funny but I'm too confused.

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Corporal.... middle man in the barracks

Its weird that there are so many differences in police departments... Some run as a military structure officer system... some have normal system of Sgts, Lt's, Captains and Chiefs...

Its always a great thing to have friends in the police barracks, and having worked with them on numerous occasions you build great relationships and helps avoid issues with the hardcore rookies!

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I was off to work at 6am one morning and had my stereo really loud. I like my music loud. A officer pulls up to me at a red light and honks at me.


I just looked forward and saw a green light and drove off. Never made a motion towards the stereo.

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Dumbest thing I ever heard a cop say " only cops should have guns " 2:00 a.m. Shark fishing in Texas off the beach.
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sad but true - a few years back I pulled over to the side of the road maybe 50 ft short of a stop sign to answer a call from my wife, I hated the ear plug thing back then. I stopped, answered the phone, finished the call, put the phone away and pulled back onto the road which was a quite rural road, no traffic had come by at all. I noticed an unmarked car across the intersection from where I had stopped. As I traveled through the intersection, the lights come on - I get stopped, I was dumbfounded. The reason he pulled me over turns out he said my drivers front tire was not completely off the road when I picked up the phone. He said my tire was still touching the pavement.

No kidding. Guess I should have driven into the ditch, or not answered the phone.

$175 plus points, plus State Farm cancelled our insurance. This is my only ticket in over 30 years of driving, no accidents.
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This is the funny thing, I wasn't even DRIVING my CJ when I got pulled over. It was the day I bought it, and was in the process of towing it back to my place in 29 Palms. I'm doing the retarded law of "Autos with trailers 55mph max" (I know my 08 Ram w/ the Hemi can tow faster than that) Long stretch of nothing, I'm crusing at 55, when I see the lights behind me. I pull over, get out all my info, and wait patiently. CHP trooper comes strolling up, stops next to the CJ on the trailer for a second or two, then comes up to my window. He asks for my paperwork, so I hand him my license, registration, and and insurance card. He examines it, then says, "No, for that heep on the trailer."; to which I reply, all I have for the Jeep is the title signed over to me, the bill of sale, and a boat load of receipts. He starts saying that he can write me a ticket for not having it registered, no plates displayed, and only having one tail light. At this point, I'm getting seriously miffed at this guy, but I keep my cool, because I'm not going to risk my career because of a moron.

I calmly explain to him that I just picked up the Jeep not more than 45 minutes prior to him pulling me over. I knew that it wasn't in a running/registerable condition when I bought it, which is why it had no tags or anything like that. He looks at me like I have some "unmentionables" growing out of my forehead. Finally gruffly hands me back my paperwork, and says that I should have done my homework before I brought a bucket of bolts like that on the road. My reply was simply, it's not on the road officer; it's on the trailer. He then proceeded to give me the death stare, turn on his heel and head back to his patrol car. I was in the process of putting my paperwork back in the center console of the truck when he goes roaring past me.

I'm still trying to figure out who pissed in his Post Toasties that morning......

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I had a oklahoma highway patrol officer come up and ask me " so what is that? A Jeep or what?
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EDIT: Deleted because I thought this was for everyone, not just for CJ' bad
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Originally Posted by WranglerBurg View Post
EDIT: Deleted because I thought this was for everyone, not just for CJ' bad
post it anyway man. theres already a bunch of non-jeep stories, never mind non-CJ. it started that way, but now its just a fun thread to read
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Yeah, now ya got us curious!!!


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Doing 87 in my cutlass. Glass pack. subs. Day before prom. i was an idiot. My first time being pulled over and i couldnt even remember my birth date. "calm down son." He gave me one for 80 because somebody had done the same 15 min before. I laugh about it now but it was pretty scary.

Same car. couple of months later. Going to film this "haunted" house for a school project. Step out of the car. Get a call from my uncle about a jeep he just got in (the one i have now) and asks me if im interested. I get off the phone and i see headlights coming up over the hill. I yell at my buds and we all get in. Its a dead end road and its 11:30 at night. I know it is a cop. I speed up after i go by him and watch him whip a s***y and follow me. As im trying to get back on a main road another cop flies in and blocks me off. I feel like im on an episode of cops. Turns out just some local cops that thought we were going to commit arson?! If i wouldnt have gotten that call about my jeep i would have been boned. All in all got experiences with LEO.

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not in my jeep but couple yrs back i was on vacation with the family for a wedding. Heading back from TX we were driving through Oklahoma, im sure we have all heard stories of OK cops, and i stop at the turnpike tollbooth and take off to merge back into traffic, which mind you it was about 12am so traffic wasnt all that bad. i barely get past the merge and i see cherries in the rearview, great. so i pull over and get all the info out. remind you im driving my wifes pontiac G6. officer comes up and says driver get out of the vehicle... WTF?? is this standard procedure in OK? so i do and walk back to his truck and get in. i get drilled about why im driving kealys car...its my wifes officer. can i ask why im being pulled over?? "dont worry about it" again WTF. so after about 30 min of checking my info, with wife and kids in the car freaking out thinking im being arrested, he says you pulled out of the toll booth too fast?? are you freaking kidding me!?! so he let me go with a warning. my guess is he saw out of state tags and was hoping to get me for something. thanks for cutting an hr out of my trip and freaking my family out for nothing!
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dumb stupid story of me being in my TJ

back in 07 i went to dollar beer night with some friends and proceded to take advantage of the dollar beers after 9 innings we all were in rough shape. so of course drunk logic, lets go to the bar and drink more....stupid. load the jeep with some girls and off to the bar we go. having a fun time it gets towards bar time and i decide to leave, upon leaving i remember there is a pretty sweet ditch/retention pond that was dry behind the bar. again drunk logic...lets try it out! stupid. i start driving through it, in low gear, this will be important later, and all of a sudden nose dive. a week prior we had a nasty storm and it washed out the bottom pretty bad. when i hit it threw me into the windshield which shattered it and knocked me out i woke up to a kid knocking on my window i say get the F out of here. so i get out look at the damage realize im stuck bad so i get the winch all ready with blood pouring down my face, awesome. just as i get out i see cherries on top of the hill... oh S*&^!! so i throw the cable on the hood and take off. climb out the other side and make it to the bar parking lot...not realizing i popped the front tire off the bead i try racing through the parking lot, crap why wont my jeep go above 25 mph???? low gear dummy. next im surrounded by 5 squads. crap im screwed. im told to get out, i do with hands in the air remind you. now its bar time and everyone has gathered to see what the heck is going on. i weigh only 160 lbs but apparently it took 3 cops to arrest me, no i was not resisting, but witnesses said they heard the cops say quit resisting which they then slammed me to the pavement, again quit resisting, officer im not just cuff me. and bam! tased... not once TWICE! ill save you all the field sobriety testing, i didnt do so hot. i go to hosp to get stitched up then off to jail. i get charged with DUI, reckless driving, fleeing and evading, and reisisting arrest. long story short because of witnesses i got everything dropped due to the police using exessive force, was i wrong yes, did i deserve the treatment i got no. needless to say i dont go to dollar beer night anymore!!
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Cop pulls me and a buddy over for speeding. I'm driving. Here's how the dialog went.

Cop: "Do you know how fast you where going, sir?

Me: "I have no idea, officer."

Cop: "You where doing 65 in a 55."

Me: "That doesn't surprise me because my mouth was doing 90."

Cop: "LOL. Well, sir, try to talk a little slower." And he let me off with a warning.

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Here's another.

A young officer pulls me over for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. As he's walking up to my vehicle, I notice he's got a nice set of sunglasses on. Here's how the dialog went:

Cop: "Do you know why I pulled you over, sir?"

Me: "To show me those cool sunglasses? Where the heck did you get those?"

The cop proceeds to give me a lengthy explanation about how there's only one place in town that he can find those sunglasses, and why he preferred the yellow lenses over the darker lenses, and blah, blah, blah.....

I acted genuinely interested in his sunglasses story. When he was done, I told him I was going try to find a set for myself, which I actually did, once, but couldn't find them.

Another warning.

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