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I have a few friends that are police officers. When ever my one friend pulls a car over on a Holiday, he never give a ticket just a verbal warning, a happy what ever holiday it is, and a piece of candy. On an everyday basis if he pulls over a car over, and the driver has kids or a dog in it, he will always give the drive lollypops for the kids and treat for the dog. Weather or not they get a ticket it alway lighten mood, and kids seem to feel better about the police.

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NO! NO! NO! Can't call cops 'PIGS'!

They don't produce ham or bacon, so that's just wrong.

I do call them silly, goofy, dopy, sometimes courageous and close to heroic...
There are several you can call ego maniacs...
They don't see to differentiate between respect for the badge they wear,
And respect for them personally as a human.

It's a difficult job for low pay and long hours. I tried it and couldn't hack the back biting, paperwork, virtually nothing for pay...
And for me to resist the urge to slap some idiot that desperately needed a good smack was more than I could take.

NON-Jeep related, but you have to remember I have 'Race' cars, Harleys, Jeeps,
And the guys that hang around those things here all the time,
So when I moved in, the little old biddy (Every neighborhood has one) called the police when I loaded guns to go out to the range...

The locals showed up IN FORCE...
We wound up at the range shooting my toys!

I set a fig tree on the front porch, and she called the police telling them I was growing pot.
The local detection dog and his handler showed up, and I let him use my house and garage as a training ground...
They have a hard time coming up with new training areas, so it worked out fine.

The handler was the guy I sponsored his Scuba Rescue training, and I lend him Scuba gear when he need it for rescues/recoveries, so everything was cool.

When I put a new roof on the garage, I bribed the local kids into picking up the shingles that missed the trailer, and to find nails before I ran over them.
As a treat, I passed out the IBC root beer and creme sodas...
You guessed it, she called the cops and said I was giving beer to 10 year olds.

Two units responded, sat on the porch with us and had a root beer.
While the cops were there, her hat backwards, droopy pants, stereo blasting punk grandson blew the stop sign and T-boned another car which wound up in my yard...

Two cops watching! Funny as hell!
I just happened to be looking the other way and didn't get to see it,
But the officers found a pot pipe and booze in the car, along with an unregistered handgun, the kid was 19 and no handgun license.

What goes around, comes around!


I've been stopped NUMEROUS TIMES for no brake lights, one head light, what ever...
Not an issue. I even had one cop stop me for no tail lights, so I asked him to kick the back of the Jeep to get them working again and he DID!
They came on and he didn't give me a ticket, just told me to get it fixed so he didn't have to kick my Jeep every night on the way home!

Older guys can differentiate between 'Joe Average' trying to make a living, pay his taxes, take care of his family, get back and forth to work....

It's the 5% that have an attitude, can't connect the dots, and treat the locals like 'Suspects'...
They don't realize that we are the volunteer firemen, first responders, ect. that will patch them up, get them to the hospital, back them up if they need it,
And they act like we are NOT their friends & neighbors.

In my short span as a Deputy (8 months), I gave a kid breaking a closed store windows a GOOD talking to.
Threatened the usual, taking him to 'Jail', ect.
His GRANDMA called me at home and gave me a serious cussing out!
Turns out, she lived right behind my mother, and both of them were PO'ed about me giving the kid the riot act...

They didn't mention we put him into the LEO program for 'At Risk' youth and he attended at lest 3 summer camps...
Gives them something to do besides break windows and smoke pot...

That kid is now a Marine that has been deployed at least twice, so I don't feel one bit bad about putting some common sense talk into his head...


There is also the time a female state trooper pulled me over leaving a liquor store,
Wanting to tell me there was a tail light out, and checking to see if the passengers were underage...

Also mentioned she was new to the area, and had seen me at the local weekend watering hole and wondered what we did for fun on weekends around our town,
So I wound up with a date with a trooper!


Since we have 'Race' cars that are uncommon on the street, we get pulled over a lot in them also...
Bumper height, DOT approved tires, when there is a blower sticking out the hood, obstruction of vision, ect. is the excuse, but it's always just to look over the vehicle closer...

Most of the time they just want to break up the boredom of the day, and most cops are also 'Gear Heads' in one fashion or another.
So we always raise the hood, let them look around, answer questions, ect.

Cultivates good relations between the 'Car Guys' and the police.
They don't look at us as a threat anymore, but just a bunch of guys that have common interests. Good not being the 'Menace To Society' the 'B' movies of the 50s and 60s tried to portray Hot Rodders as blood thirsty virgin killers Hollywood spread...


All in all, I have NOTHING against police.
There are 'Andy Taylors' and there are 'Barney Fifes', and everything in between...
I was just passing along a couple of 'Barney Fife' stories!

EVERYONE has some screw ups in their life,
Around here, the cops give the 'Jeep Wave' to us, we have 'Jeeps In The Park' every year and they do the patrol since it's in a public park,
And we do everything we can to be polite when they are there...

We get the 'Bike Wave' when we are on motorcycles because of the annual bike show in the park and for the same reason.

Amazing what a cold bottle of water and answering some questions about this or that will do for relations!
For the most part, they are just 'Guys' too, I don't have a problem with law enforcement, I donate time as range safety officer, do some gun smith work for the locals, always spend a day or so with the LEO 'At Risk Youth' camp each year, ect.

I scuba, and I've been asked REPEATEDLY to join the rescue and recovery teams since I have all the scuba gear they would ever need.
The LAST THING I want to do is find a dead body underwater,
So I sponsor the crew (Lend Equipment, sponsor training since the local guys have to pay for it themselves, ect.)

I didn't intend for this thread to turn into a cop bashing thread,
Just thought it was funny a couple of times in the past 40 years of Jeep ownership, and since the forum was slow, thought I'd give you guys a laugh or two...
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My son and I were on the way to our deer lease last year, late at night thanks to a tough day at work. Got pulled over out in the middle of nowhere for my trailer lights not working. I got out, wiggled the ground a little, and they came back on. He didn't write me a ticket, but he did spend 20 minutes talking guns, deer, and hunting with my son. His attitude and discussion left a really good impression on my teenage son. Despite making us even later getting to camp, I'd do it all again to get that kind of impression of LE on my son.
Yeah, the guy was bored and needed someone to talk to. Yeah, we hit deer camp at about midnight. But it was worth every minute of it.
God bless those guys.

'76 CJ7--304 V8
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Yeah no reason to pull out anything hateful. LEOs are just people and some people are good at their job, others not so much. At the end of the day I am glad we have them no matter how much my butt puckers up when I get one behind me.
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Hear Hear... Hammer - thanks for all... You've saved us a small fortune on our project and taught us a ton... On to the stories..
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My older brother whom passed away a few years ago of a brain tumor was a State Trooper for about 15 years had a tattoo on his right arm of a "boar head on a cop's body" he always said PIG stood for Pride, Integrity Guts. He got more po'd over coffee & doughnut comments than pig comments..... damn i miss him!

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About 6 years ago as I'm finishing phase one of bringing the '85 back to life, i had just finished cleaning the inside of the tail light lenses. Asked my wife to hop in and go for a quick cruise. It's summer in Iowa and the Jeep is yellow with black trim....(go Hawkeyes!) I was excited cuz everything was working on the Jeep! On our way out of town we drove down the main drag with stop lights at each corner. Saw a State Trooper behind me by two blocks and just smiled because I knew there was nothing he could pull me over for. Pull away from the last light, up and over the bridge, ST still behing me and the lights come on..........Huh? I pull over and start for my info. He walks up to the Jeep and says...........nice Jeep...........go Hawkeyes and yur drivers side lens is on upside down..........have a great day! Nice Police story!

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Originally Posted by Bow-hunt-er View Post
My older brother whom passed away a few years ago of a brain tumor was a State Trooper for about 15 years had a tattoo on his right arm of a "boar head on a cop's body" he always said PIG stood for Pride, Integrity Guts. He got more po'd over coffee & doughnut comments than pig comments..... damn i miss him!

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It gets better

So four years ago i drive the Jeep to the post office and park across the street. Get stamps in a minute or less, come back out and the meter maid is behind the Jeep, obviously writing a ticket. Ask what's up and she says I've parked too close to the stop sign! What?! Too close to the stop sign? Asked how far away is legal? Response.......20-40 FEET! What? I asked are you sure, seems like quite a wide margin. Answer: yes. If you read the DOT regs when you got your license you would know this!!!! So, I pace it off and I'm 13 feet from the stop sign to my front bumper.
Now I'm fuming as it's insinuated that I'm stupid. 20-40 feet still seems like a huge margin! Run home, google Iowa DOT regs and find "legal distance to stop sign" is 10 feet, print it off and head back down town and find her writing a ticket on a Grand Cherokee (Jeep hater?) for being more than 18" from the curb. Politely told her that in fact she was misinformed on the distance ticket she thanked me but the $5 ticket was already written.........I paid it......

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Two nights later

It's still summer In IA and off for a quick night cruise. It's just before 9pm and I decide to stop for fresh squeezed lemonade at the coffee shop. Pull into a parking lot. Parking is nose to nose with concrete curbs at the end of each island. Park there, run in and back out is 3-4 min and I have a ticket for illegal parking??!!!!!!! What -why? There was no sign "don't park here", no yellow paint on the curb etc. My ire's up from the meter maid deal so the PD is only 3 blocks from the infraction. Walk in, show them the $10 ticket and wonder why it was issued. They tell me I parked in a no parking zone. I ask for the officer that issued it abut SHE was out on a traffic stop. I said I'd wait. Now here she comes at 10:30pm. I asked why the ticket and she tells me I was illegally parked. Asked her to show me the statute and off she goes in a huff and comes back with another girl cop with verbiage about proper parallel parking, stay between the lines etc. Clearly not applicable. I argue and she stands's not the $ but the principle and her very aloof attitude (PS estrogen is more powerful than testosterone!).
So next morning i'm still miffed and drive by the cop shop and see an officer in his squad car and pull over to talk to him. I explained the circumstances of my ticket and he started in......"oh yeah, "they" (the night beat officers) are down there every night issuing tickets. No one ever challenges it so they keep writing tickets.....its a quota thing. He continued by telling me that up on College Hill (university town) it's odd/even parking. They transition from od to even is at 8 pm. The PD routinely is there at 8:15 every night issuing tickets. I showed him my ticket and he said that the issuing officer's citation was incorrect and did not apply.
Really fuming now as this was the PD's revenue stream. Called city hall and asked if there is no parking at this island why there was no sign/yellow paint. They were not aware that it was illegal. I suggested that if the PD was writing tickets to unassuming parkers it was incumbent on the city to paint it yellow. In three days it was yellow and no more tickets! I win!

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A few years ago, I had just finished working a 14 hour day and still had a 2 hour drive home. I pulled on to Hwy 395 near Ridgecrest and didn't ever bother looking at my speedometer as I headed home. A few minutes later I passed a CHP officer going the opposite direction and he almost broke his neck when I went by. I couldn't figure out why he was so intrested in me when I passed, until I looked at my speedometer. 95 MPH in a 65 MPH zone!

I was stunned but knew the CHP officer would be coming for me as soon as he found a turnout to head the other direction. I immediatly pulled over, got my licence, registration, and insurance card on the passenger seat and put my hands where he could see them. When he came up the my car he barked "Do you know how fast you were going???!!!" Which I barked back "I didn't until I saw YOU! I looked down and I was doing 95 F***ing MPH and I was as shocked as you were! I knew you and I would be talking REAL soon, so I just pulled over here to save you the extra time of catching up with me."

The CHP officer cracked up and told me to slow it down. Told me he was just giving me a warning because I was the first guy that had been honest with him all day.

My Jeep build:

Originally Posted by SaskCJ7 View Post
First off, whoever invented Torx bolts should be shot in the face, burned then pissed on.
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So when I was 17 I bought my first Jeep (79 CJ7). Worked hard to save the money to buy it, and the first time I took the top off it was the best and I was hooked. Had my dad help me weld some new rear seat brackets/support so I could go off road in my Jeep with rear passengers and have them protected by the roll bar. So I had a CJ7 with the rear seat facing backwards. We even moved the seatbelts... This was back in the 80s before cages and such (or at least any I had heard of!). My own version of the family bar that was to come later. :-)

So one night after work I am dropping my friends off (I drove everywhere, because I had a Jeep!)- there were four of us in the Jeep, and it was about 1AM. I am 17 and so is my buddy up front. The two girls in the back were 16 and 15 (we all worked at the same place). I get pulled over for seat belts and unsafe occupants and cerfew. I was polite and respectful and my dad was a good friend of the Chief of police in our town so I knew my dad would hear about this and I would be in trouble...

After finding out that the girls in the back (who were looking at him when he pulled us over due to the rear facing back seat) were indeed in a real seat and had seatbelts and that we were on our way home from work he said he would not be writing any tickets. He was really cool and we ended up talking to him (about what, 20 years later, I have no idea). So anyway, all four of us sit on the side of the road for about an hour BS'ing with this LEO. We found it funny because he pulled us over for cerfew...

Got pulled over by the same cop a couple months later in the same Jeep. He walks up to me and asks why I am impersonating a motorcycle? I did not know it but I had burned out a headlight and tail light, both on the same side of the CJ. We laughed about that one... Still no ticket, but he made me promise I would get it taken care of...

I still miss that Jeep, and probably why I bought the CJ I own now. I had to sell it to help pay for college. I bought a couple other beaters but could never afford to keep them running back in the day.


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the funiest thing to happen in my cj5 was going to see my dad and had my sister with me , and this cop is following us the whole way down a 2 lane highway. It opens up to 4 lanes and he pulls alongside us and speeds up slows down so i speed up with him lol keeping up (55 in 45 ) lol he pulls behind me puts on the lights asks me how fast i was going , I say as fast as u were ovbiously he laughs and says slow it down have a good day ,

but if the cops see me in the old 928 they dont give me any slack a 19 year old in a old black porsche nogo there ( Mabye it was the time the city cop spun out trying to u-turn and catch me speeding , and i just mashed the gas since he was stopped although pulling over and asking the officer how much he had to drink would have been funny)

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Or did I

Two nights later, around 9:30 pm I'm coming back from a cruise and driving down main with lights at each corner. Stereo's on, top's off etc. I see to bike cops a couple of blocks ahead and think nothing of it. As I get closer the girl cop (remember the second cop from earlier?) says something to the guy cop and as i pull away from the light they pull in front of me and point me over. He's in my face that my music was too loud.....??? Huh? Never see the Stingers with booming bass or cycles with straight pipes getting pulled over.....but me???? Oh, and by the way......I'm an OLD BAld Guy!!!! Not too threatening...He continues to scold me and tells me to be on my way.......I drive a couple of blocks and loud is too loud?? so I turn around and start searching for the bike cops and find them several blocks later, pull them over and ask "what is my legal limit so as not to exceed the law?".. Response.........just use your judgement!!!!!!!!! I had been using my judgement and it didn't serve me too well. I played the same song and asked them to tell me when it got illegally loud.........I got to "27" on the volume and that was their "limit". was 26 when they pulled me over..........Wonder why they don't get respect..........

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Originally Posted by Btowntaz View Post
knew you and I would be talking REAL soon, so I just pulled over here to save you the extra time of catching up with me."
I do that exact same thing if I KNOW i'm getting pulled over either way, and it's gotten me out of a LOT of tickets for speeding over the years... But occasionally you do just run into that jerk with a chip on his shoulder. But all in all I agree that 95% of the LEO's out there are just trying to do their job like anyone else and if you treat them with civility, they do the same.

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Phase Three: Waggy 44 front, Scout D44 Rear, 4.56's, ARB's (F/R) SOA with YJ Springs, 35x12.50x15 BFG MT - Not Even Close to beginning

Also a mostly rust-free 1970 Scout 800A That I'll get to start working on someday...

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