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probably could have but never looked into it. a number of friends in san antonio are police officers and i hear about hte stuff they put up with so me getting stopped for a different car is worth what those guys put up with on an hourly basis.

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Originally Posted by mylittlecj5 View Post
^^^Now why can't you make a complaint about that kind of stop? The police don't know that maybe you are in a hurry to stop a suicide or something, not even breaking the law, and they are so bored that they stop you to find out what kind of car you are driving? Its BS and an abuse of the powers we grant them as civil running over the speed limit to get to the donut shop.
Seriously??? This is the reason that cops always feel the need to find a "Reason" for pulling you over and sometimes ticketing you, real or not. just be happy you didnt get a ticket and move on with your life. that stop mad up for about .000001% of the time in your life. is it really worth spending more of your time to file a complaint or something against them
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In reverse

I just gotta tell this one, but it's in reverse and it had nothing to do with Jeeps or dumb things a cop said. So please bear with me.

My youngest son was a sheriff's deputy at the time and I was fortunate to be able to ride with him one day. We had spent the day doing traffic stops and it was just about the end of his shift. As he prepared to turn around to head home, the radar indicated the vehicle on the opposite side of the four land highway was doing in excess of 15 over the speed limit. He did a U-turn and pulled the vehicle (a black Ford Expedition, with dark tinted windows) over on the side shoulder. He got out and proceeded to the drivers side window, while I sat in the car and watched. Because of the tinted windows, I could not clearly see the driver, but I could see the shape. The driver suddenly leaned over towards the passenger side, as if they were reaching for something. At the same time, I hear the Ford's horn blow. Immediately, this person sat back up straight. Then they leaned over again towards the passenger side of the Ford and the horn blows again.

Finally I see this hand come out the drivers side window and hand him license, reg, and POI. As he turned to walk back to the patrol car, I couldn't help but notice the smirk on his face. Once back in the car, I asked him what was going on with the horn.

He said the driver is a woman and her purse was on the passenger side. He went on to say that she is huge and each time she tried to reach for it, her breast would blow the horn. We both had a good laugh about that and he said he wasn't going to write her a ticket, but was going to wait for dispatch to call him back. A moment later his cell phone rang and the dispatcher told him she had several felony warrants. In summary, she didn't get a ticket, but she did get to visit the county jail.

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not me but a friend, he is real good friends with McGrath (all those car dealerships...yea) and he had taken his ariel atom out for a spin and, it was pretty late and he was doin probably 120mph with his buddy behind him in an uninsured car. He pulls over in the atom after a about 15 min to wait for the other guy and about 2 min later about 6 cops come flying up behind him. he was being chased and didnt have a clue. they all run up pistols drawn and attempt to drag him out of the atom, in which its dark and he is wearing a 6 point harness. they finally get him out and the other guy pulls up behind the cops and stops and he gets pulled out at gunpoint as well for being associated with the suspect. both of these guys are fantastic at talking their way out of things and they both get away with a warning and the cops telling him not to take the atom out for awhile because every cop in the area is looking for it.

not something funny that a cop said but an interesting cop story atleast

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Originally Posted by Badshot View Post
My Dad was a Texas state trooper when I was young. He told me to be as polite and honest as possible. Have all the necessaries ready for the officer when he reaches your window. I have followed his advice explicitly and gotten away with it. When I was younger, I was pulled over numerous times. Every vehicle I had was of questionable quatity, and worthy of suspicion. I was polite and accommodating and never got a ticket. Used to drive my friends nuts.
ive been pulled over 4 times in my jeep... im 17 and never gotten a ticket, just be respectful and honest and most of the time they dont really wanna write you a ticket, so dont give them a reason to

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i had a 1994 xj and i back halfed it, and i was driving through aurora ohio, and i got pulled over the cop asked me the ususal, liscense,etc.,etc. and i gave it all to him, he then proceded to ask what kind of vehicle it was i told him , he didnt belive me, so i showed him the pictures of me back halfing it and everything, the cop told me he could wright me up for the vehicle being moddified, tirees too wide for the fender flares, he let me go, but didnt even notice my spider webed windshield, then i got pulled over last week in my 96 cherokee for my stereo too loud, i didnt even have it on, it was on mute, i explained it was on mute, and that the noise he heard was my pinion bearing screaming, because it took a crap, he didnt belive me, so i let him get in it and drive it around the parking lot i pulled into, and he told me to get back and and handed me my info. and then let me go, but before that he told me how theres a noise limit on stereo systems and how he can confiscate them( rip them outout) and i proceded to tell him off saying that it was damanging private property,etc. and i told him my family tree(my great uncle was a state rep. and my uncle is a police chife, and 2 cousins are staties, and he didnt like that, but after driving and hearing my pionion screaming, he let me go, i think it is funny because he thought my pinion was my sub, lol

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I got pulled in my dads 05 Wrangler Unlimited driving down some back country road. We had 33-12.5 tires on it, so it was sitting pretty wide. Well I'm comin down this hill with no roof, doors nothin. Bag of Ice on the back seat. Cop walks up to the window after I had brake checked him(Around 1am, no idea it was a cop). Asks if I knew why I had been pulled over. He said I wasn't fully in my lane. Looked at him and said "This is a nice Jeep. I'm not inclined to break a belt in the tire from driving on a busted shoulder, so I was driving down the middle of an empty road" He took a step back, looked at the Jeep, and said "have a nice day now". Only cop that has gotten along with me. Turns out I almost bought his CJ5 a few weeks back.
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Didnt get pulled over, but i had a county mounty do the old fashioned pull up real close as to get the license plate number, the jeep has classic plates, then back off and then fallow me for 5 miles to see if would do anything stupid. came up to a stop light and the cop pulled up next to me and gave me a thumbs up. nice to see that some LE's know what a classic is

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Oh I forgot, one time my family and I went camping, and we took our truck(towing the camper) and the tj. Well it had turned out I had forgotten some medicine, so I drove the tj two hours back home. When I was leaving the campgrounds, I took the normal exit. I saw a cop, so I was careful. He saw me and he proceeded to follow me. He got really close to my jeep and then fell back, and he got close, and then fell back. He did this for about 5 miles until he saw another car speeding or something and he pulled them over. Weird experience.

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It's not jeep related, or something funny a cop said but still a funny story. To me anyways. A few years back a few buddys and i went shooting on private land. We all had assault rifles, bumpfiring them into the night. We had also been drinking, knowing guns and alcohol don't mix we had stopped shooting, the big guns anyways. About an hour later a friend who lives about a half mile down the road called and asked if we had been shooting behind his house. We wasn't, he then told us that his neighbours had called the cops. 5 sheriffs 30 minutes later show up, guns (ar 15s) drawn, wearing bullet proof vests and night vision. We had our hands up, laughing at the situation, knowing we had done no wrong. One cop inspects our small arsenal of AK 47s and other weapons he says "we've hit the jackpot". They never asked for any paperwork for the guns or anything! I just continued to drink my beer, arms still above my head, and laugh in awe of the situation. As they left one cop tells us, "guns and alcohol don't mix but if ur gona shoot, shoot the .22s and keep the automatic gunfire down since people live nearby, and its late". I don't think I'll ever forget that one lol.
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Had a cop lecture me about how my jeep (and my friends CJ) wasnt built for offroading since it didnt have an offroading frame
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Not a jeep story, but a silly tid bit from a cop. It was just after I got my license, when I was 16. I worked at the local Mac Shack, it was 5 am and I was on my way to open the store. I lived in a wee town of 2500 people, and being so early in the morning I said what the hey why not, so the very last corner before my store I was screaming around (51 in a 30 it was)

Well I pulled into the lot (not knowing there was cherries flashing behind me) well after I had parked I noticed them. so I rolled the windows down as far as my crappy Grand Am would let me. The cop asked if I knew why I was stopped (I was thinking um...I'm at work) then proceeded to look me up and down with his flash light, wearing my full McDonald's uniform including the hat, asked me if I worked there. I really didn't know what to think, or say. I couldn't be a smart-*** because I was still on my probationary and 21 over which I was doing is supposed to be an automatic loss of license.

Long story short, being honest and not getting smart with the cop, I ended up with a hefty ticket, and kept my license.
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it was the first Jeep Owners of College Station meeting of the year, and because i was the president, i had parked my jeep with my front drivers side tire on top of another jeeps rear drivers side tire. this was mostly to draw attention to our group and to let new members know that this was indeed the location of where the jeep meeting was.

no ****, it draws attention.

5 min later a police car drove up and an officer got out and wanted to know what the hell happened. our response was, "nothing happened. we are trying to conduct a jeep club meeting". well, i guess from across the parking lot it must have looked like i totally crashed into this guy and had drove halfway ontop of him. after much attempting to explain that both jeep owners were willing participants, and that no accident had occurred, the curious law pig issued us a verbal warning and made us park the jeeps with all 4 wheels on the ground.

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Not a jeep story either but anyone ever get pulled over 2x within an hour? Within 100 feet of both stops? I had a 90 Ranger when I was in college, had the gf at the time and her friend with me and it was around 11p, was pulled over for speeding and burnt out tail light. (had just found out about the tail light that evening) i was kind and had my info ready and kicked on the dome light so they could see in better, knew i wasn't speeding cause i woulda heard about it from them. disputed that with the officer and was left off with a written warning on the tail light. We were on the way back from the ice cream run about an hour later and i get pulled over again. This time I had Buford T. Justice, the man waddles up and asks why I was pulled over. (i still kept my hands in plain view and had my dome light on as i always have done and still do) i said i didn't know and he informs me my tail light is out. I told him i know and have already been informed of that and handed him the written warning from the previous officer. The officer looked at it and threw it back in my face and stormed to get it fixed soon as he waddled back to his cruiser. Stuck my head out the window and informed him I would but autozone is currently closed, and we were on our way home. Thought i was gonna get pulled over again another 2 miles down the road, another cop was following me (had my warning ready). I guess this time I was in the computer. Made it back to her place safe and the next day I was putting in a new tail light. Long time ago and I probably wouldn't be a smart *** like that now, but I think he was the type that gives everyone else a bad name, All the LEO's I've encountered, he was the only one who left a bad impression. Several years 2 states and a new jeep later, it turns into a discussion about who we both might know at the shop I'm at, how I like my shift and to have a good night. I'm sure the stops will pick up again for a while after Elvira is back on the road until they learn her too.
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Originally Posted by mattlock1983 View Post
the curious law pig
Probably not in keeping with the spirit of this thread...

Spent my youg years (early 70's) in the company of MEN that did a thankless job - especially after Vietnam and civil rights. They took me on numerous camping and fishing trips to the Keys here in Florida. I was the dishwasher and beerkeeper.

Their stories were hysterical, some were lost on me, but my overwhelming recollection of those years was of safety. It's built into probably 99% of them and probably why they chose the profession.

It didn't suck to be the Chief's son.

None are pefect, and I've had bad experiences but the next time you really need one - try not to call him, or her a pig.

Just a thought.

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