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The first time I got pulled over was for "running a stop sign" It was at an intersection on our main st. about 10 at night. Our stop signs are set a bit back off the road and we have parallel parking on the main st. I was on the cross road. I pulled up behind a car who was waiting to make a left. After awhile of waiting the car finally made it past the stop sign line but not into the oncoming lane. I pulled up behind the car, RIGHT at the stop sign line. The car in front of me got a break and went, and I followed right behind him. There was a cop coming down the road from the left and saw me pull out from behind the other car and decided to flip around and pull me over a mile down the road after calling for back up. I pull over in the parking lot next to our fire station and go through all the "license and registration" and I get let off with a verbal warning.

Another time, I was driving down the highway at 55 mph, speed limit is 65. We had 40 mph cross winds and a highway patrol pulled up behind me and saw me weaving in and out of my lane. The cop is driving a charger, so he isn't getting as much cross wind as me. Anyways, he pulls me over, gets out, see's that I'm only 17, watches my eyes and all that stuff and can tell I'm not drunk. He lets me off with a written warning for failure to maintain lanes... during a windstorm. I just thought it was kind of stupid, but I can see he was doing his job.

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This is my favorite JF thread ever!!!!

Every story makes me smile. Keep them coming!
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Favorite jeep story about being stopped.

My first jeep was a true Frankenstein jeep. It was obvious that somebody really loved I at one time but the guy I bought it from musta been dropped on his head as a child. Anyway, I had it for about 2 weeks when I was driving home one night on a rural road. My buddy and I are cruising along when all of a sudden we head this huge BANG followed a metallic bouncing sound. We saw a set of headlights pass us going the other way but didnt pay much attention because of the loud bang. My buddy looks at me and says, " don't go back. Whatever it was the jeep still runs and we'll figure it out when we get to your house". Made sense so we keep going. About 5 min later I see the red light in the rear view. I pull over and can't really figure out why we're getting stopped.

The officer walks up with my starter in his hand and says, "I think you lost this" while trying hard not to laugh. Evidently he saw it drop off and bounce out from under the jeep as he passed us. He said the show was pretty good because it shot sparks as it skittered down the road. No ticket and thank god I didn't turn off the jeep during the stop lol
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About 6 years ago, i was making the 35mile trip home from work at around midnight in my '79 CJ5 (I drove it to work that day to use the shops lift to fix the sending unit) about 3 miles from work, I pass a gas station with a state trooper setting there & he quickly pulls out with his lights on. I pulled over & had my license & stuff ready & he says, "you have no tail lights" I explained I was working on my jeep & may have done something. So as he was running my information, I looked around the rear drivers side & found a skinned up wire that I wrapped with tape, & i then replaced the fuse (while he held his flash light for me) & they worked. He issued me a "warning" for which he apologized & said he had to cause he'd called it in or something, tells me "nice jeep" & sends me on my way.
Almost home (1 mile to go) & i get pulled over by a COUNTY cop who walks up & says "your tail lights are out", i explain that 30 minutes ago I was pulled over for that & that i "thought" i had fixed it. I even handed him the warning. He walks back to his car & writes me a ticket & tells me how serious this was & that if i kept running my mouth (i was pretty hot) he would arrest me & impound my jeep.
Took it to court & when my case was called, the judge dismissed the case before i could even stand up.

1978 CJ7, AMC360, D30 front, D44 rear, lock-rite lockers front & rear, 3.73 gears, Dana 20 transfer, T-18 4speed tranny
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Back when I was in high school I had an interesting run in with the cops and high school officials. One day we had a fairly siginificant snow storm. Now at my high school, parking was a pita. There never was enough spots. So when they pushed a huge mound of snow in one of the front spots, I was like, heck yea I'll park there being right in front! So I proceded to park my jeep on the snow mound with it parked at probably at least a 50 degree angle. But, it was all the way in the parking spot and I had the right parking pass. Well, needless to say, when I was leaving school for the day, they were waiting for me. Right as I got into the jeep, I see a finger tapping on the window.(I'm sitting a good 3 ft higher than the officer so I can't even really see him.) He then gets me out of the jeep and tells me that I parked illegally and he will tow it if I don't move it or park there again. I ask him whats wrong with where I parked and explained I had my pass and it was a legal spot and he freaks out saying that it is on the verge of rolling over and might endanger other people. I then start down telling him this is what jeeps are made for but of course being a non jeeper he didn't care or understand in the slightest. The funniest part was that all this was right in front of the whole high school when school was out so needless to say I had a ton of people asking me what happened. lol.......I almost parked there the next day just to see how they would have towed it but decided it wasn't worth it. haha

1985 CJ-7 with 4bt Cummins Turbo Diesel, nv4500, dana 300, 4.56 gears in stock axle housings just waiting to blow up with the extra power!

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What an ***... I would've parked there again. Was it a real cop? Or parking enforcement? Either way... I still woulda done it again. I would've made up some scenario like... well officer my jeep is blocking the snow mound so kids aren't tempted to climb up it and risk slipping and falling!
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Originally Posted by I6CJ7 View Post
What an ***... I would've parked there again. Was it a real cop? Or parking enforcement? Either way... I still woulda done it again. I would've made up some scenario like... well officer my jeep is blocking the snow mound so kids aren't tempted to climb up it and risk slipping and falling!
"Sorry officer, I was s0oooo stoned before class".
Or the *** kissing....."I've never, ever been tardy except that 1 time in kindergarten when my puppy died ....on our way in for show and tell , and this was the only spot left".

I've also learned that sometimes... when people don't agree with you .... its best to hold them down and kidney punch them till they agree with you
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That is awesome Medunwoody!
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This wasn't in our jeep sadly, but it's a funny story. My brother, his wife, me and my brother's friend were in a 1977 toyota celica. We were pulled over and the cop walks up to my brother and says "your car is a bit shaky have you been drinking?" (it was during graduation and all of the graduation partys) my brother says no but because of how much this little car was shaking he had to do the tests for drinking. Of course he passed and the cops says good night and stuff....ahhhh the memories you can get from messed up cars!
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Not really a story but all the town cops wave to me, at first I thought I was delusional but it kept happening.
Now I wave to more cops than I do other Jeeps lol, I'm afraid one day though that one of them is going to interpret my wave as the middle finger, so I always make sure its the "mentality disabled wave" not the "peacesign wave"

Originally Posted by chris87xj View Post
Sometimes a restoration project is a labor of love, at which point cost, time, and labor involved become irrelevant.
Originally Posted by BorderC View Post
I see you also twizzled your scart lead. Well done! :thumbsup:
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Sooo, back in my "yute", a Wedding meant a 3day bender. My buddy and I decided to duct tape the batchelor party, (totally diferent story w/Russian "Ladies") blow-up doll.... on the hood of my Jeep. Then cut in front, and lead the wedding party through our little Hamlet. I figured leading the Limo, and all the borrowed Caddys, Benzs' and whatnot w/ this nekkid obscenity out front ought to class thigs up a bit. So here we are, on the side of the road, 1/2 mile away from the church trying to fasten it on, and it was very windy. Next thing you know there are about 6 cop cars from all 6 little towns, screeching up, guns drawn, screaming for us to hit the dirt in our Tuxedos. Neither of us were drinking yet, but very hung over!
Apperantly, the little old ladies' house we stopped in front of, called 911, to say that 2 guys were raping a woman on the hood of a car! At 1 pm on a sunny spring day. When the cops realized what we were doing they almost pee'd themselves laughing. Except this 1 humorless cop who had a slew of charges for us, ready to go. Obscene this, indecency that. He actually wanted to have it tested to see if it was used. He actually back-handed me when I asked him to give it a whiff, if he wanted. So the other cops calm him down. As the cops decided to let us go, and un-cuff us, the Wedding party drives by at the slowest possible speed, faces in windows all agape. While the doll is still on the hood. I can't be sure, but I'm almost positive I didn't get a dance that afternoon and night!

I've also learned that sometimes... when people don't agree with you .... its best to hold them down and kidney punch them till they agree with you
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OK I just have to add my own,

when the us-60 comes though Phoenix it used to have these large 6 way intersections with 6 lanes of angry overheated drivers going across like drag racers.

So one after noon I'm on a little 500cc crotch rocket, and as I come screaming up to the intersection I see the slow lane is wide open so I move over as I start to slow down. Anyone who rides knows it's very easy to stop a bike that small on a dime, so I hadn't even hit the brake yet, thinking I had plenty of room to stop. I was probably going about 55 when I hit an oil slick from a car that had blown it's tranny, the entire lane was a big puddle. Both tires lost all traction and I was literally dancing around on this thing trying to keep it balanced, while in my mind knowing that there was no way I was going to be able to stop in time to keep from going into the intersection. needless to say I shot through the red light, through traffic, managed to keep the bike up, and finally got it under control and stopped about half a block past the intersection. As I was siting there wiping tranny fluid off my helmet and leathers (and checking my shorts)three cars with pretty flashing lights on the top pulled in behind me. I thought " great this is just what I need after all that now I'm going to get a bunch of tickets".

All the cops gathered around me and started saying things like "man that was impressive, I thought for sure I was going to be cleaning you up off the road, how did you keep that thing up?"

It turns out I had slid right past all three of them while they where waiting for the light, one of them even showed me where I had splashed his car with tranny fluid as I passed.

They hung around for a little while even got some cleaning supplies out of there cars and let me clean up a bit and wipe the tires off. then one went and parked blocking the lain and oil slick until a road crew got there. We talked bikes, hand shakes all around and I was off no tickets.

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damn man you lucked out for sure

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i have a self serve car wash very near me. about 100 yards across the main drag.
i pull my "juggy" out of my drive, and drive across the road to wash it.
its a 70 something cj front clip, on a tube chassis, with tons, 42's, and coil overs.
as i get out of it to wash it, a local city cop pulls up in front of the wash bay.
most of the local cops they are usually very cool. this cop i had never seen b4.
he looks at me kindy funny, rolls his window down and asks "is that even legal?"
i respond "not even close". he seemed kinda at a loss for words. he just rolled up his window, and stared at me.
a few minutes later 2 other cruisers pull up. the 2nd officer on scene tells me to drive it to the car wash at night next time. i respond "no problem, thx" they were there for about 20 mins looking at my "juggy".
they know me, cause i always have a few big jeeps. ive never been in any legal trouble of any kind.
they always wave at me. i wave back.

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Wow! I'll bet that was a jocky shorts-changing experience if there ever was one... I remember reading Hunter Thompson's book about living with the Hell's Angels. He said if you go down on a busy highway while riding a bike you're lucky if you get run over only twice. Kind of tempered my desire to get one... God bless.
Jon In Tucson.

Jeremiah 17:7 "But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence in Him."

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panic." - Mike

"I may not be a smart man, Jenny, but I do know grounds."
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