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Wow, wasn't my intention to kill this thread because it has made me laugh.

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I was 16 and in my moms Delta 88. Girlfriend and I were at an old warhouse parking lot on a January night. Windows were fogged up thick. Had a tap on the window and saw the officer outside so I got out. He asked what we were up to. Told him "just parking". Asked our ages and I told him. Then he asked "Does her mother have any idea what ya'll are up to?" I told him "Its 11:00 at night and she aint home. Im sure Momma has a pretty good idea." He laughed and told us to take it off somewhere other than Private property.
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Another trucker story

Coming out of Shakey (California, earthquake central),
a 40,000 lb propeller shaft from a ship on the deck.
Headed to Red River Arsenal in Arkansas.
Linked up with another super trucker in ElPaso.
Got the move on, 800 miles+ on the logbook,
Outside of Dallas, were making pretty good progress.
Came upon a 4 wheeler, got over in the hammer lane to pass,
And this jackwagon jumped over in front to fukc with us.
We played road rage for about 20 miles when the other trucker
jumped out beside me and made the move to pass.
I quickly got behind him and held the assclown in the granny lane.
When I got beside him, I rolled down my passenger window and lobbed out a full piss bottle.
Landed right smack on his roof. Oh the feeling of "pay-back".

Let me pause a moment to fill in some of the blanks:
While this jackwagon is playing "road warrior", his wife is beating his *** trying to get him to stop playing with the truckers. There are kids in the back seat, and this guy is "real cool".

Ok, back to the story.
We get past this obstacle, and get back in the hammer down mode.
Another 20 miles go by, we are on the cb, still talking about the a$$hole.
When out of nowhere, 6 to 8 state police come up from behind and surround us.
We get pulled over, and the dickwad pulls around the front and parks about 100 ft in front of us.
They called the popo when the piss bottle made its landing.
This weenie-washer couldn't identify which truck it came from.
I showed that I didn't have electric windows. The other trucker said the same.
We explained how this boner was acting and that his wife was whoopin his ***.
So... the police decided we win this one, and send super turd on his way.
The senior troopers decided to let the rookie do clean up.
He asked for my log book and I gave it to him.
He was about to win one for the team.
He said "ElPaso to here in 8 hours".
I was like " it's only 300 miles"
Rookie said "oh".
Actually, its over 800 miles, but.... he's a rookie.

I was so over my hours, but hey...gotta make a living.
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great story, my dad is a trucker but he does mostly just day trips around the state with crane equipment and other oversized stuff and i always get to hear the stories of all the drivers that drive like morons just because they are trying to get around the truck with a large load
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Not Saying that it's still a law in VA, nor do I know whether it is a law anywhere else, BUT - I know for a fact (Knew a trucker that was charged, and sat there in court and watched it adjudicated) that, back in 1989, in western Virginia, you could be charged with a misdemeaner of "Making a statement or gesture that should (reasonably) be known to likely cause a breach of the peace" (Maybe it's, in short, "Inciting breach of the peace") when you flip someone the bird. In the case in question, there was a photo clearly showing him doing it, and a "victim/complaintant".

As I said, it was a misdemeanor charge, with a max fine (as nothing else happened) of $75.

Point is, giving the finger to anyone, esp an LEO, MAY be a chargeable offense in some jurisdictions. Stinky, America-hating liberal a$$#0les may get away with a lot, but, those of us just trying to live our lives and stay outa trouble will most likey get the rare priviledge of a thourough, first-hand, self-sponsored (read $$$) education in (some) local legal system's workings.
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Okay, so mine is not Jeep related but the best I have ever dealt with and I have been pulled over quite a few times! Let me start by saying that I have ALWAYS had major respect for LEO's as one of my Uncle's, friends Dad and now my Father-in-Law were/are Cops. I have never been anything but friendly and respectful each and every time I have been pulled over except for this time I will relate to you. I am this way not just because I know so many cops but that I have been let go with warnings more often then tickets! Pays to be nice! On to the story...

It is late fall in Northern Rural Iowa about 2:30 - 3:00 AM and I am driving my Ford Taurus (that thing always surprised me with its abilities). I am driving home from my friends house who went to college a couple towns away from mine, I had enlisted in the Air Force a couple months prior and was waiting for my go date so I was making sure that I stayed out of trouble. When I was just about 5 min from home I was on a lonely 2 lane road (as almost all Iowa roads are) and had not seen any other vehicles for about 20 min. So when I saw headlights I was kind of surprised especially when I realized they were in my lane! Hoping that they would notice me and get back in the proper lane I waited til the last minute to swerve, taking almost all of my car onto the shoulder and missing the on coming car by mere inches I looked over and notice that it is a LOCAL POLICEMAN! Got the adrenaline rushing I tell you. I shake my head, right my car and go about my drive when all of a sudden there are blue lights flashing behind me!

Yep this yahoo pulled ME over then proceeds to ask if I have been drinking.

I look at him with probably the most disbelieving face I have ever managed and ask him "HAVE YOU?? You were in my lane!"

He just stares at me for a minute and then tells me to head on home but to be careful there are a lot of drunks on the road at this time of night...and deer. I just drove away shaking my head.
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I remember that odd/even thing! I dated a girl that went to UIowa and I came up to visit while I was stationed in South Carolina and parked on the wrong side. Thankfully, she let me know right away and then I ended up 2 blocks away. Stupid law.
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Originally Posted by dadsdream85 View Post
He continued by telling me that up on College Hill (university town) it's odd/even parking. They transition from od to even is at 8 pm. The PD routinely is there at 8:15 every night issuing tickets.
sorry previous post was supposed to include this
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Back when i Had my 89 still, I was driving through our town, small as hell also. And I work at the Jail so of course I know everyone. Well I get pulled over by our local super cop. He proceeds to inform me that he had seen me open my door and throw out a coke bottle and then slam it closed. I'm clearly sitting there doorless and topless at the store. I get this look on my face of complete disbelief and after four or five motions of looking to my non-existant doors and to him, i finally say. "Richard, Im not riding with any doors buddy." and he gets this angry tone and demands that I "take him to the place where i threw my doors out at" Again after a moment of complete disbelief and astonishment I look at him and say. "Well I suppose I could take you there, But if you seen my throw out the coke bottle you would know I was at the Jail when I did it." He looked at me for a minute before saying "You know maybe it was another Jeep that I saw. Lets just forget this ever happened man, okay?"

He never asked for license or registration, nor did he mention my 5% window tint, nor did he mention the fact that I had no seat belt on. Or maybe even the fact that I had ACTUALLY LITTERED at the Jail...

Needless to say he doesnt often mess with me now.

The world is yours
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When I first bought my 75 cj5 it had no top. My buddies and I were out riding around. Within the first hour I got pulled licence plate... since I only had temp tags. I had taped them in the windshield on the inside. The cop ask me where my tags were... I pointed to my windshield on the passenger side where it was taped. The cop told me.." that the temp tags are to be displayed in the rear window" and then stared at me...I looked to the rear of the jeep and said " I don't have a rear window"....more awkward silence. I then said "technically since its the only window in the vehicle and it is displayed I'm legal..." more awkward silence... then he said have a good night stay out of trouble and left us alone..Thank god we hadn't started drinking....yet.

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I got a great one....
Got in a car accident this weekend (and totaled the jeep ) and when the cops showed up at the scene I was asked "which car did the red camery hit?" as my jeep is sideways in the middle of the road, basically bent in half from being t-boned.... And to add to the stupidity, there were no other vehicles around! me and my passenger just looked at him confused for a few seconds till his partner pointed out that he thinks it was the jeep

I will never understand how some cops made it through high school....
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This was a LONG time ago, like 30 years(1980 or so). I would not even think about doing anything like this with todays police( pluss i grew wiser). Any way, a few of us would make a run from so cal to vegas. The trick was you had to start at 12am. Get there and back and gamble 600$ before the sun rise. With scanners and Cb running with about a mile from each car we ran in packs first car was the recon. Well i was slowing down coming off the rise into barstow, back then i was still a small town, one Chevron gas station just off the freeway open. I was in my 71z28, then it was a five speed with 2:73 rear and 27 inch tires and a built 454 Ls7 45 gal fuel tank(12.5 cr). I had slowed down to about 150 and was on the binders. from up on the rise i see the CHP RUNNING to his car(must have been coffee time. The second he hits the seat the lights are on and hes leaving that gas station like something out of smoky and the bandit movie and heading for the on the ramp. I knew it was going down so I had stopped just after the on ramp waited. There was no one on the freeway but me and a few cars just minutes behind me. So I had turned the motor off, called back to warn them to back down fast. anyway, the cop pulls behind me walkes up and says," Did you know that you were going over 150mph? I heard you slowing down( gear changes at 7000rpm), in all my years I have never heard anything like that comen down the road". Me. "yes sir, i was doing about 175 and i was slowing down to come through barstow"( big grin on his face and mine.) Right at that second three cars go by at 55(thats was the posted speed in those days) all built, 1 vet, a stang and one porsche turbo.

Yes I got a ticket, for 75 in 55. He did not want to arrest me and loved the car. I had to turn it on he had to hear it at idle. Nice guy we talked about a hour. I lost the run. But i did get back before sun rise.
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"Sir, are you aware your windshield is not in the upright condition?"

Thank you officer, I had no idea...

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This actually happened with some guys from Maine (or so I've been told).

They dressed the truck up with the guy dummy spread eagle on the roof of the truck.

The driver and passengers put on Moose Heads.
Down the Maine Toll interstate they went causing about 16 accidents.

They went to jail.
(some cops have no sense of humor)

" I love this country, it's the government I'm afraid of"
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not what he said but what the ticket said.

i pulled up behind a car at a stop sign. saw the car start to roll so i looked left and started rolling forward (i dont remember why i looked left). for some reason the lady decided not to go and so i rolled into the back of her. didnt do anything to either car b/c i hadent even hit the gas. cop saw it and pulled us over in a parkinglot. after an hour there were 5 cop cars there and the guy who "writes tickets for wrecks" had finally showed up. in the end the ticket basically stated that i hit MYSELF at 12mph while the other car DROVE AWAY at 0mph. i have no idea how that would have held up in court but i decided to just pay the ticket and go on with life.

btw, no cop said anything about the fact that the ladies 45lb daughter was not in a car seat and was not wearing a seatbelt:/
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