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Haven't been pulled over in the jeep very much, but I have a ton of stories when I was 16 and was handed the keys to a Mazda RX7. Which my parents got me instead o a jeep I really wanted, because they thought a jeep was not a safe vehicle. Where is the logic in that I do not know.

But sticking on topic. When I was 19 I finally got my jeep. I went to the gym to work out. It was in the dead of winter( northern Michigan). After my work out I was hot and sweaty, so I decided just to wear my shorts and t-shirt on the ride home to cool off....

Almost home in a 25mph hour zone and I get pulled over. I was not speeding. Cop comes up to my car, does the usually license registration deal, which I produce. Then asks me to step out of the car( remember winter t shirt and shorts)At this point he has yet to tell me why he pulled me over. Being a young kid, I don't want to give him any lip, and get out of the jeep. He then friskes me down?!?! I still don't know why he has pulled me over!?!

He has to go back to his car to run my info, I ask him if I can get back in the jeep because I am freezing. Tells me I have to wait outside where he can see me. Ask if I can grab my jacket, he says no!?! At this point I am now pissed. I ask him why he pulled me over, does not give me an answer.

So now I am turning blue from the cold, and there he is in his warm car doing who knows what? Seemed like I shivered in the cold for 30 mins. He finally comes back and hands me my info back and tells me I am free to go.

I ask, why did you pull me over then????

He responds, your license plate is crooked, you should fix that!


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I've probably been pulled over about 10+ times for jeep related stuff, pretty much always because of no mud flaps (I have mud flaps now). But my favorite has to be when I was driving over to Eastern Washington to head back to school, and I was kinda zoning out (long *** boring drive), and got nailed in speed trap.

He pulled me over and went through the motions as far as the speeding, but after that he said "So how about these tires?" I had mud flaps at the time, but I knew that he was going to say something about the flares not covering them. So I just looked and the tires, looked back at him, looked at the tires again, and then said "well, they are round..." He just cracked a smile and tried not to laugh, and then informed me that I should *technically* have the tires covered by the flares. Ended up with a speeding ticket, but no fix-it tickets.

Pretty much every time I have been pulled over for mud flaps or flares the officers have been pretty chill. I think most the time they just happen to be bored, hoping to find a drunk red neck, or find somebody with warrants. So every time they just kinda mention in passing that I *should* get it fixed. One guy even said "You might want to get that fixed in case you ever get pulled over by someone that actually cares..." lol
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Wow, great thread thus far. To the VA officer, chillax. I am an officer as well, and while I don't appreciate people down right being disrespectful to the job we do, this thread is all in good fun.

I myself was recently pulled over (in my own town by a Super Trooper) for swerving within my lane (not an actual law broken, but whatever). Informed him I was a police officer, yadda yadda yadda, lets me go. HOWEVER, not before trying to read me the riot act about how my tires were not street legal and any other officer would give me a ticket. I have Super Swamper TSL SX's. (35x15.50x15). He felt that since they are a mud tire with big lugs, that the did not offer adequate traction, and were no different than driving down the road with drag slicks. Of course, he was nuts, and I informed him of such. Sometimes you get a bored cop, sometimes you get an inexperienced one. Unfortunately, alot of us have drilled into our heads that even if we mess up, don't let the other guy know, and he will be none the wiser. Most of the time that works, but you can't always BS your way through things. I had the young inexperienced guy that was out looking to come up with stuff. Pfffft, rookies......


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...I am in an MP Company, have been in the same company for the past 2 years. I am a dinosaur here. Everyone knows me and doesn't mess with me.

I am in a 1151 and I just come on post after driving from the dmz all the way back down south....12+ hour drive with on 15 minute stop to fuel and water the grass. So I'm kinda tired. I was in the field for the past month and a half and out of smokes, I was in no mood for stupid people..

Anyways, just pulled on post and I am driving to turn in the weapons, we had a 2 squads worth of weapons in the thing. Multiple 249's, 240's, M2's, mk19's, m4's, m9's and a ammo trailer with some left over. Why we didn't finish it all I don't know.

Just seconds after leaving the gate I hear a faint sound of sirens, its a MP pulling me over. I think to myself, why are they messing with me, they know my truck numbers, this is my truck they know me and I wasn't doing anything wrong.

I pull over but have to back into a small spot to avoid blocking traffic. The MP in the vehicle starts screaming over the PA as to why my passenger got out and went to the back of my vehicle. All the while he was only going to ground guide my into this spot. At the same time this MP is throwing a absolute hissy fit. Finally get the vehicle parked.

MP walks up and starts screaming in my tiny opened up-armored 1151, looking like a total idiot cause I can't hear a word (still wearing my headset lol) and he wouldn't let me open the door. He then opens my door and my m9 was sitting there...holstered. He flips out and thinks im going to kill the guy so he orders me to remove it...I comply.

He then proceeds to search my 1151, from there interrogates me as to why I have so many weapons and ammunition. All the while thinking I am a terrorist/impostor because I don't have a hair cut and am dirty beyond belief. The guy tries to write me a ticket....and CONFISCATE my weapons!!!! I tell him he can have them once I sign them over to him. He flips yet again....

Proceeds to call back up, back up arrives running code. The guy didn't specify that it was a military vehicle in question with backup is thinking armageddon is here. Back up simple says on the PA for the kiddo to do push ups....and to give me his duty belt while he does.

Turns out he was a brand new private that was more gung ho then ghengis khan on steroids, and the idiot didn't know who he just pissed off. He was one of those..."my uncle is a SGM, Im better then you" privates.

He learned his lesson when I asked patrol supp. to make sure he "learns how to conduct patrol duties". He went from days one day, to mids the next then to swings....for about 2 weeks straight. He learned quick!!

Who pulls over a hmmwv!! Let alone for no reason, he never gave me one!!

Not so much something stupid a cop told me, kinda long and drawn out. But it just shows, some people are stupid!!!

Your not pushing the limits of your jeep until your on your side, then something breaks and it's time to go home.
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Originally Posted by adamsclarke View Post
To the original poster...I am a Cop..your scenarios are funny...but we have a job to do, no matter how little you like us. Easy on the flame and my advice to everyone is loose the attitude when it comes to dealing with any LEOs. We are all different and deal with every situation differently.

FYI, the reason the cop likely didn't ticket the lady for saying she went 100 to catch up......misdemeanor that didn't happen in his presence....can't write a tix for that here in VA, you have to go get a warrant.

I agree with you 100% as long as you are not a fairfax county cop.

/l o[____]o
l---L --OlllllllO-
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I'll be glad when our REAL COPS get back from the sand box!
These new trainees/recruits are driving us NUTS around here...

When did they start letting 14 year olds become cops?

Anyway, proving you don't have to be smart to move up in a civil service job, the cop that stopped us many years ago wound up chief of detectives, then chief of police...
Had to resign when he, the mayor and the superior court judge missed a cruve and put a Mercedes into the lake at the local golf course with two drunken underage girls in the car, one 15, one 16...
Then tried to bribe the tow truck driver into not reporting it to state police.
The reason was, the CHIEF of city police was on the scene and would 'Take Care' of it.
They actually tried to bribe him with a hand full of note pads and ink pens, RE-ELECTION stuff!
(Guess how that election went! )

The cop that gave me the 'Talking To' and tried to have my Jeep towed will probably be in the next rotation of firearms training since he's not been to law enforcement academy yet (He has a year to complete it),
And since they use a local private range... I'm the range safety officer...

95% of the cops I deal with are great guys!
A master trooper I ride motorcycles with a bunch is the easiest going guy you've ever seen, but he's on his 5th deployment to the middle east right now (Gods Speed Stu!)

There is that 5% of 'Super Troopers' and IDIOTS that just can't connect the dots!...


Cop: "Where are you coming from"?

The answer should have been,
"My palace, I'm the Emperor of America, don't you recognize me my loyal subject?"
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Well to start off - I live a small rural town. I have a 81' Scrambler with half hard doors and a bikini top. Last year I was taking my Daugher to school on a kinda cool(60ish) Florida morning. Pulling up to a redlight I see marked and unmarked Troopers sitting on the opposite right of way watching traffic.(remember small rural town) As i get to the redlight, I am the second in line, I start to stop and the Light changes to green so I proceed. I look at my daughter then withing a 1/4 mile the unmarked trooper in on me flashing his pretty blue/white lights to pull over. So I pull into a tire shop parking lot, since it is before any business' are open , we were the only vehicles in the parking lot. I Stop and take the Scrambler out of gear and sit and wait. He walks up ask for the usual license. I ask what is the problem and he reponds - "You don't have seatbelts on" - to which I say "Yes Sir I do (pointing to my lap) I have Lap belts". The trooper then replies "What year model is this". I reply "81 Sir".
He gives me back my License and says "here you go" and turns and walks back to his car.
I look at my Daughter (which is laughing now) and say "that was Fun!!!!
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Kelly, think what I go through. Mine never came with belts. At all. But since about the only noticeable difference between my '55 and one that was supposed to have belts is the tail lights, I give the cops a little leeway about pulling me over for it and having to have it explained to them...

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Great thread so far guys! I have plenty of stories, unfortunately none pertaining specifically to me and a jeep. But mine will be finished soon and I'm sure the stories will pile up!!


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I had a 75 CJ5 years ago when I was just out of college. Medium size rural town, rookie officer that I didn't know. On the main street pulls me big deal. Makes me aware that I have no doors on my vehicle....yes I tell the officer, Jeeps come from the factory with removeable doors. Asks for my license and registration problem I've been taught how to act with LEO's. He calls in my information on his portable radio.

Response from dispatcher "you pulled over the chiefs son for no doors on his jeep!!??, you are going to have a very hard time living this one down!"

At this point he looks at me and says "this is one of those lessons in life that stick with you". We both laugh a good bit and had a cup of coffee later. He was a really good guy, but it was too damned funny!

1982 CJ-7....not perfect but still alot of fun!
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a few years back I was going home from work at 3am, stop at a 4way intersection and see a state trooper stopped on the other side on the road. wave and take off. the officer does a U-turn flash's his lights at me and I stop. the officer walks up and asks if I know why he stopped me and I say no officer, I stopped looked both ways and then started back up(while saying this Im looking in my mirror and just stopped talking(it was a stop light) Lol the officer starts laughing so hard from the look on my face he cant talk. asks how far it is to my house and tells me to be care full and walks away.
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A guy I know was pulled by a young state patrol here in NC and was asked why the wipers in his CJ were blocking his vision and would except no explanation, prompty wrote him a ticket for improper equipment....was dismissed in court.

1978 CJ-5, 360 with t-150 and M20. long duration cam (10" vac @ 850 rpm).shackle reversal w/ 4" lift, fenderwell headers w/4wd parts side pipes. Stock axles.
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I just hate when cops won't listen to you logically. I guess I just see a reckless driver more dangerous then my tires sticking out past the flares, so I feel like me being stopped is a wast of time.

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Originally Posted by Viencent View Post
a few years back I was going home from work at 3am, stop at a 4way intersection and see a state trooper stopped on the other side on the road. wave and take off. the officer does a U-turn flash's his lights at me and I stop. the officer walks up and asks if I know why he stopped me and I say no officer, I stopped looked both ways and then started back up(while saying this Im looking in my mirror and just stopped talking(it was a stop light) Lol the officer starts laughing so hard from the look on my face he cant talk. asks how far it is to my house and tells me to be care full and walks away.
Same with me, same time, moving into a new house all day.
I stopped for a red light. Waited until the car on my left started moving. Couldn't really see the light. About 10' From the light I got pulled over and the officer asked if he knew why he pulled me over. I didn't really know I stopped for the red light. Finally it dawned on me the left turn arrow came on first and I drove through the red light :EEK:. It took me a good 5 min just to figure it out.

Believe it or not, he just gave me a warning. I was glad because I didn't want to let go of the death grip I had on the collar of my 100 pound Akita. She didn't like strangers when she is trapped in a small space like a truck cab. She looks like a small bear. But the officer didn't seem at all concerned about the dog.

Another time I got pulled over for 30 MPH in a 25 zone. But since I have to go to work when the bars start to close I think he was just checking for drunks. You know how CJ like to weave a little.

Another time I got stuck behind a drunk driver who was weaving all over a 2 lane road. He was going, on the average, about 25 in 45. He had a tough time making the curves. Finally on a straight section I figure I could pass him. It was still a double yellow section but I could see no one was coming. I put my blinkers on and as soon as my tires went over the line, my rear window just lit up in blue and red. I pulled over, but he passed me and we both followed the drunk for the next 10 miles. The drunk was finally stopped by traffic at a red light. And still tried to drive away even with the officer at his window.

And still another time my wife was hit by a Wrangler at a light. Really messed up the Wrangler but not to bad to the Liberty. When the officer opened up the passenger door, 2 partially empty bottles of vodka rolled out.
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I also got pulled over in FL for no seatbelts but they are lap belts. so then he tried to get me for no doors. he let me go telling me to put the doors on.

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