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This isn't a "stupid statement by a cop" story but was a rather interesting encounter.

Last year I returned to the US after seventeen years in England. My US spec'ed BMW still had its UK plates on it. Forty miles into a 2600 mile drive I'm approaching a town and the speed limit drops to 45 as a cop pulls in behind me. When the limit dropped to 35 I slowed. When it dropped again to 25, I slowed and the cop lit up. As there wasn't an immediate place to to pull over I waved in acknowledgement and pulled over as soon as I could. I pulled out the British registration and my Virginia driver's license as he approached. As he requested I handed them to him. He said, "I can't get a read on your plate number." I said, "I'm not surprised since it is a British registration." The conversation then goes on about importation of the vehicle and how did I get it in the US and was I going to register it in Virginia. I stated that I was driving to Colorado and would register it there. Then he told me that some folks buy European plates and put them on their vehicles; proper number but wrong dimensions and that it was a $141 fine per plate. I assured him mine were legit, had the papers to prove it including those for the importation. No other encounters the rest of the trip.

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Not in a jeep or even me driving, or even dumb saying, still funny in the end.
So 21st birthday out with friends in Pittsburgh and It's time to go home, 6 people in a full size sedan. Female driver all pissed off about some chick fight at the bar doesn't see the stopped geo tracker at the end of the liberty tunnel (there is a light at a major intersection). Hit them at about 50 or so, threw the geo across three lanes of traffic. Luckily just bumps and bruises. Cops arrive 5-6 cars deep, birthday buzz is wearing off, have us sit on the sidewalk getting our info and I'm the last one in line, takes my drivers license starts writing down my info and he pauses when he must have read my DOB and looks at his watch then at the license then at me and back at the license. Hands it back to me and says Happy birthday and have we been drinking. Yes officer we have and my girl and I could really use another one right now, asks how far I lived from there ( was less then a mile) said ok come with me puts me and my girl in the back of his cruiser and drives us home! Let's us out in front of my apartment wished me another happy birthday and said We should be all set about the dangers of drunk driving and pulled away. I know I'll never forget my 21st.
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I have a TJ but this is still funny.

I was on my way to the VA and I ran a red light right in front of a cop. He pulled me over right away. My first comment to him was "officer I am sorry I ran that RED light, I don't know what I was thinking", his reply, "did you know it was RED". Being the cocky person I am, I said, "that was covered in my first words to you". He said, "ya, you did say that didn't you. I feel like an idiot, have a nice day, watch the lights, like it maters to you", he walked away laughing and drove off.
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No jeep, no funny sheriff's, and I did nothing funny, my brother in-law, however, did something I still find amusing. I had been in Idaho for a few months and my California registration expired while I was there, well Idaho allowed me

two 30 day temporary registrations, I returned to CA a few days before the second expired, and on the afternoon of the last day (Halloween) I went to the DMV to renew my plates, when I finished I realized all my screwdrivers were in

storage, and the DMV kept my Idaho papers, so I decided I could wait until the next morning to put on my plates, after all, the plates were behind the seat, and the new paperwork and tags were in the center consul.

That evening my wife asks me if we could pick-up her brother from a party about 10 minutes away. about five minutes after we pick him up he starts to get mad at one of his friends from the party for stealing his recently

purchased bag of (non-tobacco) smoke-able vegetation, as we near his driveway (still flaming mad) he asks me to stop at the 7-11 maybe 300yards up the road, so I do, he and my wife get out to get a soda, but I don't want

anything so I stay in the truck, about the time the sheriffs pull up across the street, I realize I'm sitting in the drivers seat of a running vehicle, without license plates, at 10:00pm, on halloween , while my passengers entered a convenience store.

Well they get back in the truck, and as soon as I pull out the sheriffs follow, and as soon as I hit my turn signal, the red and blue lights come on, no surprise.

The sheriff asks what I expected him to ask, I hand him my paperwork, and tell him the plates are behind the seat, he asks us all to step out of the vehicle and sit on the curb with our knees locked, while he looks for my plates.

My wife and I were happy to comply I Knew my registration was valid and this stop wouldn't take long to sort out, however my disgruntled brother in-law somehow felt unjustly persecuted, and he just would not shut his mouth despite

numerous warnings from my wife, myself, and the female officer keeping an eye on us, he just kept running off at the mouth to her, until finally she had had enough and bent him over the hood and frisked him, guess what she found in his sock,

his missing contraband, sitting 100 feet from his front door he found and promptly got arrested for his "stolen" bag of weed, five minutes later, the first sheriff handed me his leatherman, asked me to install my plates, and then

sent my wife and I on our way, no harm no foul, if he had just kept his mouth shut he would have spent the weekend enjoying his stash, rather than downtown

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I just got pulled over for my first time, driving the cj a little after 9 in the middle of a 3 car group. we were alll doing the speedlimit so i figured seatbelts or some BS. trooper just wanted to see if my lights were working, it was sunset? I tell him sorry and pull the switch and he walks around to check that they went on. no bigie, what i'm surprised he didn't notice is my lack of front bumper, rearview mirrow, reverse lights, side markers, didn't say a thing about the belts or anything, not even a fix-it-ticket when my stupid friend told him the reason the lights weren't on was because when they are on the turn signals don't work

lucky break I guess

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Sounds like the marke lights need a ground - they are grounding thru the turn signal circuit, which is why they aren't working when the lights are on, and why the markers aren't working..


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a few years back i had a 88 chevy cavalier. she was no beauty but one of my favorite cars. rusty on the bottom and gold above that. i had just bought the house so my commute increased about 30 minutes. needless to say my foot got heavier. i was getting pulled over it seemed like weekly. one po goes ur muffler is to loud fix it, it was a wrist pin wrap. late night coming home i get pulled over for speeding po goes were u trying to run from me i've been chasing u for 3 miles, i can't believe this thing goes that fast. been driving my 05 dually lately and blow be patrol cars 20+mph over, never get pulled over. funny thing is i train with a couple of po's and my partner's a sgt. and i don't get the chance to drop names.
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I once went through a checkpoint with a bit of mud on the Jeep from some wheeling that day. Officer said it looked like I got held up a bit and I said no sir it'd be a lot dirtier if that happened. Laughed and waved me through.

I've also had the "those tires make your speedo off" speech, which I said I knew that but apparently I underestimated how much. Tires easily paid for themselves with 1 verbal warning.
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Originally Posted by theskier74 View Post
last septemeber(homecoming) i left a party with my girlfriend. i was getting gas at a cumbies at 11:10 at night. i see a cop go down the road and i was like whatever, then he turned around and pulled in the gas station. he then positioned his car in front of my jeep and turned his lights on. once he realizes im standing there pumping gas he moves to the other side of the gas pumps and leans out the window and starts talking to me.
cop:"How old are you?"
me:"16 sir"
cop"you have a provisional license?"
Me:"yes sir"
cop:"any adults in the car?"
me:"no sir"
cop:"anyone in the car?"
Me:"yes girlfriend"
cop:"any adults?"
me:"no sir"
cop:where are you coming from?"
me:"a friends house"
cop:"are there any adults in the car?"
Me:"no sir, just my girlfriend and i"
cop:" then can i talk to your girlfriend?"
at this point, i was up to my jeep and tell my girlfriend to come with me and go talk to the cop
cop:"how old are you and do you have a license?"
girlfriend:"i am 17 and yes i have a mass license"
cop:"do you have it on you?"
cop:"alright what is your name and DOB?"
my girlfriend tells him her name and her DOB...but when she gave him her DOB, she messed up the year she was born. i was about to slap myself in the head.
cop"alright, so here is the deal. (to me) once you get back in your car and pull out of this driveway, im going to pull you over, write you a ticket, and tow your vehicle. the other option is to have your girlfriend drive you and your vehicle home. i dont want to see her pull over and you guys switch. OK?
me and girlfriend:"OK sir"

he never gave a reason for any of this...

Wait so the cop made your girlfriend drive home even though she didnt even have her license on her?
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Originally Posted by nmiller015 View Post
Wait so the cop made your girlfriend drive home even though she didnt even have her license on her?
yup. he ran her name through his computer and found that she did have a license and she checked out so he made her drive home

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he never gave a reason for any of this...
I'm guessing because here in Ohio, the passenger has to be a licensed adult which means someone 18 or older. With your gf only being 17, she isn't old enough to be your 'adult' passenger. This would mean you were breaking a law, and that he could pull you over. To me, but that would just be being a jerk to wait for you to leave and pull you over after that conversation. That could have been one of those "The law states.. which is why I could cite you" situations, and a warning would have been sufficient.

But who am I, other than a normal citizen that just tries to get to m y destination but still gets a ticket for every stupid thing..


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This is a funny thread. I wish I had a cool story.

The way I see it, a Jeep is like sex-when it's good it's terrific, and when it's bad it's still pretty good!

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Last week, I decided to go a different way home from work to my Apartment. The way I usually go (most direct route) has me sitting at a stoplight for 20 minutes or so.

I took a RIGHT out of my office' parking lot, drove a few blocks and took a RIGHT onto another street. My intention was to go about 10 blocks, make a RIGHT turn onto the street I live on and a [/b]RIGHT turn[/b] into my apartment complex. This route would take me through a TERRIBLE neighborhood.

I'm a computer guy and my car is always full of computer junk (I travel for work).

So, at 5, I hop in the car and take my right out of the work parking lot. Then I take a right onto the street where I plan to go for 10 blocks.

This neighborhood is crawling with state troopers, county mounties and local officers. Bad neighborhood. I'm driving slow trying to save gas with the million stop signs.

About 7 blocks in, I get stopped.

Officer asks for the license and registration, I give it to him.

"Where are you headed?"
"Back to my apartment, I live over on James"
"Is this car registered to you?"
"Yup. Got it March"
"This car is registered to someone that lives in [home town] and your license is also at that address"
- Realized that I never changed my address. Explained the situation to him.

"Gee, you have a lot of computer stuff in the back of the car"
"Yep, I'm a computer guy, travel for work"
"I thought you said you're over on Kirkpatrick"
"Yes, that's my office".

He goes to the car and runs everything.

Comes back ...

"Well just thought I'd let you know that you didn't signal the left turn at the stoplight back there"
"Ok ok. Thanks officer"

For what it's worth, there was NO stoplight and I had NOT made a left turn and was going straight the entire time he would have seen me.

Oh well.

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2 story's, one funny, one not....

In 96' I was driving my 94' 4.0, doing about 70 in a 45 on a 2 lane road....As I passed the hidden cop behind a fence, I saw his lights come on. I was stopped on the side of the road before he got on the road...He liked the jeep and let me go without a ticket.

In 2002 I was up on Pikes Peak in my Grand Cherokee, my future wife was driving when she wanted to know what a 4x4 would do, so off the to a trail that clearly stated "off limits" , needless to say being from South Texas we got stuck in snow with hard ice underneath, just spinning away.... Only thing we could do is call the ranger station. They sent up a ranger who was at least 70 and let into me like his bastard son.....I took it for about 5 minutes before I pointed over to her and said "she was driving"....he said nothing after that and help us get out

Still have a picture..


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There's one cop on my road who had pulled me over a couple times for no fenders. The law is for commercial vehicles only, but he still likes to hassle me. After my motor swap I was test driving it with no hood, had a problem and was on the side of the road. Of course he pulls up and was asking why I had no fenders plus no hood, so I tell him I just swapped in a 5.9 magnum. His attitude did a 180. We probably talked for 20 minutes about cars, Jeeps, and motors. Now I don't get hassled anymore!
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