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Grewe02 05-12-2011 03:41 PM

Dash ideas...
Just throwing this out there, not expecting anyone to like it. I know there are many purists who would rather see a stock dash, but I am going for function over form here.

Give me any and all feedback / ideas you might have.

Coiz was polite enough to send me a bunch of pictures of his dash, this is a good reference picture so you don't have to run out to the garage

Here is my idea so far,

Edit: Adding these links here so I don't have to search over and over again

LSUtiger 05-12-2011 03:47 PM

Hard to tell from your drawing but there are defrost and duct work to the right of the original speedo location. Is the grab bar really that close to the radio stuff? Above the radio can be a tight fit.

kickingprop 05-12-2011 03:48 PM

you planning to remove all the ductwork behind the dash? I think that HAM and CB would be too deep to coexist with the heater ducting....

yahwhy 05-13-2011 05:55 AM

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i ran into duct work issues with my dash layout, so i made a fitting to do away with factory defrost duct, and ran spa tubing for the defrost

Grewe02 05-13-2011 07:22 AM

Definitely didn't think about that. Maybe I'll put all 3 of those into a center console.

Yahwhy, that looks great. I think I could make that work if I use something like that

Jeep_Stat 05-13-2011 07:32 AM

Post pics if it works!! I wanted more for the middle of my dash too, the tubing looks like an awesome idea!

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DocThirst 05-18-2011 12:17 PM

Just out of curiosity, is there room to move the speedo up enough (all else remaining stock) to move the stereo to the left (under it)? Like yahwhy has done, only with a stock speedo and less the custom duct work (which looks awesome by the way)?

JeepHammer 05-18-2011 02:28 PM

I have issues with 'All In One' gauges.
If one part of the gauge goes, you are either out the information you need, or you are stuck buying a totally new gauge (Overpriced with everything in one).

I know they save space, but like I said, they have to be replaced as a UNIT, and they are costly to do when only one part gives up.


I prefer mechanical gauges over electric gauges.
I've seen mechanical gauges from the 1930's and 1940's still working, and you will never be able to say that about electric gauges.

There is the issue of electrical failure to consider...
I've limped home jeeps that had electrical failure by hot wiring the ignition...
The gauges won't work in that case.


Consider dual gauges if you have electrical in the cockpit.

I have an oil pressure gauge under the hood, as well as an oil pressure gauge in the dash.
Same thing with air pressure gauges, volt gauges, ect.

There are a lot of times I'm under the hood and I can't read the dash gauges, so a little gauge under the hood helps out a bunch!
Secondary under hood gauges gives you a 'Second Opinion' if the dash gauge reads stupid.
More than once I've had electric gauges give up, show zero oil pressure or lack of charging, and the under hood (usually mechanical) gauge shows everything is just fine...


If you install a fuel pressure gauge, do it OUTSIDE the passenger compartment.
Fuel lines should NEVER be run into the passenger compartment!
If the line springs a leak, you can wind up with a blazing fire in a big hurry,
But more dangerous is a slight leak...
Small leaks let the fuel vapor build up, and vapor is EXPLOSIVE!
ANY SPARK, even a clock cycling will set off vapor.


Don't cheap out on the lines to your gauges if you use mechanical.
Make sure you put in 'Vibration' loops so the movement of the body/frame/engine doesn't work the line until it cracks or breaks.

CowboyT2 05-18-2011 02:34 PM

I like the layout and that Spa tubing is opening doors in my mind for future projects.

DocThirst 05-18-2011 02:43 PM

Jeephammer, I'm totally with ya about the all in ones. I must be the last computer programmer on the planet that still has a mp3 player, a phone, and a camera. I hate that we've seen this push to cram as much functionality into one box as we can, not only are you out everything if you're out one, but I think there is value in doing one thing, and doing it well.

So I'm assuming you're talking about the linked gauges above, not the original equipment speedo (speed/temp/gas)?

Personally I found it a bit hard to read at a glance, but I'm sure that's something that doesn't translate well into a picture, and after a day or two in my dash I'd get used to it.

LOVE your idea about gauges under the hood. I'm all over that.


Originally Posted by CowboyT2 (Post 11564018)
I like the layout and that Spa tubing is opening doors in my mind for future projects.

Yeah for sure, I see pics like that and I'm glad I ride the train to work. Otherwise I'd be out in the parking lot every half and hour checking out ideas I've gotten here.

Grewe02 05-18-2011 06:57 PM

Yep, my current idea is to hook up water temp and oil pressure mechanical gauges under the hood, and feed the rest to the dash electrically. I've been putting it off because I'm going to have to drill and tap the head for the water temp, and I haven't even started looking at the oil pressure.

Taking your advice about the all in one things, combined with the heater issues, I'm probably going to whip up another fancy Auto CAD drawing tonight. I know you're all pretty jealous of my dash picture up top so I'll try to keep it basic. ;)

chooster5000 05-18-2011 07:16 PM

i like the looks of them gauges might have to get them if i every need them

Grewe02 05-18-2011 07:35 PM

Alright fellas, I know you've all been excitedly awaiting my next drawing, so here you go.

Keep in mind, where you see the stock speedo will more than likely be the Auto Meter MPH / Speedo you saw above. Where you see 2 volt meters and 2 oil pressure meters will be 1 of the following: water temp, oil pressure, voltage, fuel quantity. And in the empty CD player slots hopefully I can fit all of the 3 mentioned above, the regular radio, CB radio, and HAM radio. The gauge above the wiper knob, picture that as an analog clock.

And again for reference so you don't have to scroll very far:

So, please continue with the critique. As before I am open to any and all comments / suggestions. Good or bad. Keep in mind I have no idea what I'm doing here and you guys are figuring out the hard part for me :D

Jim1611 05-18-2011 07:47 PM

You have allot of things to fit in there Andy. I'll be watching this for sure. :thumbsup:

Skerr 05-18-2011 07:58 PM

I'm with you on having everything at your fingertips, but I think you will be under-satisfied with your dash when you're done. First thing that comes to my mind is all the weight from the 3 radios and the very limited support the dash will give. So you'll need to brace everything up pretty well to keep from warping the dash. The other thing that comes to mind is having two mike cords hanging in a jumbled mess. They're going to get tangled and look pretty bulky. I think at least one of them should go into a nice console, preferrably overhead.

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