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CaliScram 10-04-2002 11:09 AM

Cracked Manifold?
Just bought an 82 Scrambler, 258I6 in her. She has a mean exhaust leak type sound that only happens when I am on the gas and in gear. Gets louder and louder the more gas I give her. She is also backfiring. Any suggestions on where to start? Anyone else with these problems?

jadams68 10-04-2002 12:47 PM

Give it gas and have someone listen to try to pinpoint where it's coming from...could be the manifold, BUT more likely the bolts holding the front exhaust pipe have broken off at the flange near the manifold....or maybe you just have a hole in your exhaust.

Your backfiring could be a few things...
a) Check your timing.
b) Check the firing order.
c) Are you running the Carter Carburator? Could be time to replace or rebuild.

rustyCJ 10-04-2002 01:25 PM

My 258 use to make this put put noise that would get louder and faster the more gas i gave her. It was also backfiring while idiling. A leaky head gasket was the culprit. It was also the last thing i checked.

CJ7Danny 10-04-2002 01:53 PM

I would definitely start with the exhaust manifold bolts...check for tightness. They could have simply backed off. Not likely though. Prolly a blown gasket! What they said on the backfiring!

CaliScram 10-04-2002 03:07 PM

I'll check it out this weekend. I hear the 258 is notorious for cracked manifolds. Hopefully not too hard to replace. Thanks for all the feedback. This is the first time I have used this message board. Im suprised as to how fast you guys reply. Doesn't anyone work anymore? Or is everyone doing this on company time like I am. Nothing better than working on your jeep & getting paid to do it.

CJ7Danny 10-05-2002 12:27 AM

Ah yes... the beauty of a home office! Good luck on the hunt for "the sound".

If I can just figure out the source of my rattling sound! Perhaps timing chain or lifter.... dunno!

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