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ferday 05-18-2013 12:20 AM

Clutch replacement...what else?
Dropping the tranny / t case (in 2 pieces) this weekend in prep for a clutch replacement when the parts arrive. Ordered an OEM clutch kit (I.e plate, cover, bearing) and will get flywheel surfaced

The tranny mounts look good but will replace anyways, the torque arm mount was not there so those are on the way with the mounts. The clutch linkage seems ok, I'm replacing clutch because of massive shudder when releasing the clutch (bearing...?) it's actually undriveable. Are the fork/ball good idea to fix?

Any suggestions to do anything else while the tranny is pulled are appreciated, BUT....I'm trying to keep this in budget both time and $$, want the jeep on the road in a week tops so I'm not going nuts. Just little stuff that I would like to have parts on hand for...dropping this weekend then putting back together next weekend. Never done a clutch but looks pretty simple, I foresee some frustrating parts though ;)


Matt1981CJ7 05-18-2013 05:04 AM

Just a couple of things that I learned the hard way...

1. Don't forget to block the engine under the oil pan, first.

2. When re-installing, make sure both bell-housing to block alignment dowels are in place. Without them, you can ruin a clutch, starter, or flywheel pretty quickly.

3. Don't forget to re-install the throw-out lever pivot ball.

4. Don't use the bolts to pull the tranny tight to the bell-housing. When you get everything lined up correctly, it should slide all the way into place before bolting.

It's not a very difficult job, but you are wrestling some heavy parts, so safety is key.

Good luck,


RenoF250 05-18-2013 10:13 AM

I am doing mine now and took it out with a shop crane through the floor, much easier than dealing with jacks etc. and it is hanging so it is easier to maneuver.

The time now is 07:41 PM.

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