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ok, got a heap of pics, no mean feat when lying on your back upside down 2" from the car!, anyway.. ill post the pics and number them and then ill describe what i did and what i found or what i sort of found to be more honest..



Pic 3

pic 4


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Phew, sorry for the slow loading..

ok pic 1, bad shot of rear tranny on its side, its not, i am, but you get the gist.

pic2, shot of shaft running from rear trans to center, now you can see some seepage going on there,

pic3, v bad quality, its showing seepage from rear tranny ring and also if you can notice from the bad pic pic, that ring doesnt appear to be seated against the T case, bust id say it looks like a 1 or 2 mm gap all the way around.

pic 4, again bad quality, but its the connector on the rear drive shaft, now i noticed a little play in this with my hands, not much, about 1mm or so left to right between the two so the connector is showing a little play.

pic 5, main rear driveshaft joint, didnt get any play here at all, not 100% sure what i was lokking for but trying to twist either side seperately didnt show any movement in this joint in the way of play.

pic 6, same joint, i think i was trying to get a better shot!

pic 7, showing front trans housing, now this shaft when i twisted it didnt give any play in the joints, but i did feel movement, (slight) in the actual tcase, a little bit of play in it, not huge, but it was there.

piv 8, cant honestly remember!! LoL! some part of the drive train..

pic9 front drive shaft u joint, didint feel any play through this trying to twist the two halves, no play felt.

pic 10, ok here is an interesting thing, im guessing its the differential, now see the leak, its not huge but it definately has been seeking, from the looks of it i would say probably from behind the brown cover plate.

pic 11, same component, different angle, couldnt see how the shot before cam out so retook it, again you can see the brown cover plate clearer, but less of where the oil is actually coming from.

pic 12, same again.

Lastly, i checked tyre pressures, they were way down at 18PSI, now up at 23 all round, no big difference to clunking though, still as bad, however car ride feels a little more smoother,

Ok, last thing, i noticed when car is idling and i put it into forward or reverse, when the slack is taken up it is clunking, not as bad as when turning, but still a big clunk, so im guessing now (have been all along just more so) but Im guessing that the transfer case is either bone dry or the teeth are worn, comments?

Last question, if T case was low or even dry, why would it make such a god awful clunk, surely it wouldnt make that much of a difference, as in how can a coating of oil stop such a huge clonking noise.

Thanks all for your time and patience looking through this..
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Mr. Popol,

Let me start by saying that I am not a Jeep "expert" or certified Jeep mechanic nor do I play one on TV. I am merely a guy who has owned a couple of Jeeps and been down similar roads and had similar problems as the ones you describe. My only goal is to provide you with information that may or may not help however in either case I can say I tried.

As for Mr. RustyCJ, he may very well be a Jeep "expert" and/or a certified Jeep mechanic and if he is, I suggest you listen to what he says. The only thing I was trying to convey with my previous post was that I did not like being dismissed out of hand, that's all. No big deal, this is the internet, it ain't the real world anyway .

In looking at your photos, I hope you don't plan on spending your vacation there as your wife will be mad(har-de-har-har), I can surmise the following:

Pictures 1, 2 and 3 clearly show that your rear pinion seal is leaking. Since you are under there, or were at the time, I'd have checked the gear oil level in that rear differential just to be sure.

Picture 2 also appears to show, near the top, that you may have a bad output shaft seal on the rear of your T-case or it could leaking from where the speedo cable screws in if fluid has made it's way up there. Once again, while you are under there, check the fluid level in that T-case just to be sure. It isn't hard to do and very well could be your problem.

Pictures 10, 11 and 12 show the PTO cover located on the back of the gear reduction unit. That cover has a gasket that appears to be leaking. Once again, check that T-case fluid level.

Your description of basically no play in the driveline is good. More than likely it is not your u-joints or drive shafts, although it still could be. The reason is that the engine puts a lot more torque on these parts than you can with your hands and the problem may not be evident until a certain amount of power is applied however no play is a good indicator that your problem lies elsewhere.

On a side note, I'm not sure if someone has mentioned it, and if they have props to them, but have you checked your motor mounts and tranny mounts? They are an easy check and may be the culprit. I just thought of this as my buddy had a 67 Chevy we used to drive around in with a broken motor mount that caused a similar problem. Once again, just a thought.

How about your front and, more particularly, your rear suspension parts? Broken, cracked or loose springs, shackles, shocks, etc. can all cause clunking and clinking, especially when dropping it into gear.

Beyond those things, I've ran out of options. If you can't find anything externally wrong and the fluid levels are all okay, you may have to crack something open and look inside. I, personally, would start with the rear differenatial unless you can determine specifically where the noise is coming from. Why, you ask? Cause the cover gasket is cheap as is the gear oil. If I look and see nothing wrong, I am not out a bunch of cash. Also, gear oil and a diff gasket are usually pretty easy to get.

I would then move on to the T-case. Draining and replacing the T-case fluid may do the trick, but then again it may not. How many miles are on your Jeep? Has the drive chain ever been replaced? Also, if you do get to this point, when I had the T-cas drained I would check the chain tension through the bottom inspection hole. I've read that anything over .5"(1/2 inch) play means the chain should be replaced. Remember, QT T-cases use special fluid, TCL-1 available from Crown Auto. If you use motor or gear oil, you will damage the case.

I hope I have been of assistance and if I haven't, well at least I tried.
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Popol, you posted this question not knowing wether your TC has any fluid in it, not only once but brought it back up a second time and still havent checked it? has it ever been checked?

kilrain, i wasnt trying to flame you, put you down, make you look bad, or however you took it. at the time of my post i was figuring it was his front axleshaft u-joints and if he quit looking for the problem believing it to just be stick-slip, could have had a bad accident if it was a u-joint and one decided to let loose. yanno the safe is always better then sorry idea.

Popol, i am still going to assume its your front axleshaft u-joints since you didnt take any pics of them or say if you checked them. because of it being a QT and the front always turning they wear out pretty quickly. this would account for the clunking noise when just shifting into gear with the brakes applied and for it getting really bad while turning. i dont believe this will be all of your problems now that you said you have been driving it not knowing if it had fluid in the QT or not.

the QT case isnt like others in it acts like a limited slip diff rather than just gears and a chain. the front and rear output can turn at different rates with the QT. you could prolly run a gear driven case for quite some time empty before burning it up, the QT wouldnt last very long at all if it were dry. if the emergency drive switch is hooked up and functioning, try switching it to emergency drive then shift into gear, it might not clunk depending on the shape of your u-joints. the front and rear TC outputs will be locked together so since the rear cant turn because of the tires on the ground then the front output wont turn and cant make the axleshafts turn enough to "clunk" them. or a simple way would be to just look, if there is enough play in the u-joints to cause a "clunk" you will beable to see they are bad.

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