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webdr 02-19-2006 05:36 PM

CJ ROLL CALL!!!!! Lets see them all!
Newbie here...I love seeing others rigs....Its great to see what people do to their CJs and it gives me good ideas about my own.
Heres working on a full cage and some other goodies.

Achped 02-19-2006 05:41 PM

HAHA OMG, where'd you get that "Bail" sticker???

outdoordad@comc 02-19-2006 06:35 PM

no kidding i want one too

webdr 02-19-2006 07:03 PM

right here

John Strenk 02-19-2006 07:19 PM

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Yeah but get the right picture

webdr 02-19-2006 07:22 PM

yup, mine is a pic of a tj.......only YOU would notice :)
I tell the average passenger to read before entering. Ive gotten some strange looks! HA!

mxg342 02-19-2006 08:26 PM

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Oh well here's some before and after pics. The first is when I bought it in 2003. 2-1/2" lift and 33's. It now sits at 4" sua and 35's with the help of TJ flares. The leaky 258 and T5 are being switched now to a 360 and T176 combo. I'm probably two or three weeks away from that being done.

No_Bs 02-19-2006 09:08 PM

The seller of that decal's gonna see a sudden spike in sales

schmoken 02-19-2006 09:09 PM

That sure is a purty engine! :drool: :drool:

Lethl_SS 02-19-2006 09:23 PM

Here is mine

BigYellaJeep 02-19-2006 09:43 PM



(Minus the shocks/lift/swaybars)


(On first pic, before engine swap and other minor things)

only in a jeep cj 02-19-2006 09:49 PM

John, thats great! You even moved the diff to the correct (I mean passenger) side.

mxg342 02-19-2006 09:56 PM


Originally Posted by schmoken
That sure is a purty engine! :drool: :drool:

It's a shame you have to cover them up with so much stuff.

gumby 02-20-2006 07:36 AM

built from the ground up this last winter

Aphelion79 02-20-2006 09:06 AM

Very nice color choice :)

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