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agear 06-26-2013 03:39 PM

Ball joint positioning for grease fitting.
I recently installed some ball joints. And wanted to make a reference for people who are doing theirs. Instructions tell you to install ball joints so you will be able to access the grease fittings. I did try to do this but still installed them so you can get a grease gun nozzle on the fitting because it was hitting the knuckle. So Im posting this picture showing you a reference point to install the ball joint in the right position for grease fitting access. I bought this cool needle injector grease gun tip ,which is normally used to poke through the rubber boot and grease that way. I found that it will also fit into the hole in the grease fitting but these needle injector tips are very fragile and you will bend the needle , ruining it first try , so you have to be extremely careful. I recommend buying two in case you mess 1 up. I also found another option-you can get a long grease fitting. If you're able to get the regular size one you can't grease , out then you can screw the long fitting end and you will be able to get the grease gun on it.

agear 06-26-2013 03:42 PM

Here we go

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