Axle Play Question? Shop is trying to bull-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= me... -
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Axle Play Question? Shop is trying to bull-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= me...

Okay well I started having a rear axle (amc20 2piece) after having a shop which has done several other plainly wrong installs on the vehicle during the same and previous visits. There is suppose to be as I understand .8mm and .10mm play on each side or something, and there is a good 2-3 inches of movement. I had a spun hub, and it was cheaper and easier on time (i thought) to just have them replace the shaft and hub. It didn't fix the problem either.

The shop that gave me the second opinion on my former brake problems, and they acutally fixed the brakes is owned by a former jeep dealership mechanic who worked there for 13 or so years. So I'd say he is probably more of an expert in this type of vehicle than the general, chainstore shop that installed the shaft and hub.

Well the store that installed it first said they would warranty it out and replace it, and then told me straight up they wouldn't do that because they don't feel that is what the problem was, nor do they feel the need to refund part or any of the cost of having it replaced.

The jeep mechanic guy says it was plainly installed wrong and even though when you move the shaft on one side it should move the otherside and they are just trying to say that to rip me off even more than they already did.

mind you this same chain shop recieved 4 reman master cylinders and never bench bled any of them correctly, which is why they never worked. and i acutally had to replace the power booster later because one of the wrong bled cylinders leaked fluid and ruined the seal. so this is why i have no respect for them anymore among other reasons

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Don't go back, tell your friends, and make sure you tell the shop that. If you have a friend that's a lawyer you might get him to write a threatening letter, if not, you got screwed and you're not out enough to justify getting a lawyer if you have to pay for one. I know that sucks but that's the way it is. One of my friends is in a lawsuit against a local shop. The owner of the shop quoted him work done and prices in writing. He had the jeep for over a year and Tim finally got pissed and went and picked it up. He gave the guy $5K up front and another $2500 when he picked it up. He was told he would get a new/used frame, new/used tub, Dana 44's from a scout (rebuilt), new tranny and Tcase out of a 1 ton ford wrecker (rebuilt), and dual rancho RS5000's (new) on all 4 corners. What he got was a frame and tub (both good), worn out dana 44's, tranny, tcase (none was rebuilt as promised), generic shocks, exhaust held up with bungee cords. Brakes worn out (since nothing was rebuilt), steering dangerously loose. The shop had $5k and did NOTHING until Tim's lawyer buddy sent them a letter after 8 months giving them an ultimatum. They then halfassed everything to get it done. Tim's been without his jeep now for over 2 years (it's not driveable and the lawyer said he couldn't get it finished until the suit goes through). He put a $4500 BUILT 351 in it the year before so he's got about $14K in a jeep that he's driven once (home from the shop) in 2 years. There are a lot of crooks out there running shops, sounds like you got one. I understand something being a little more than you are quoted, but when you give a guy half what you promised him you better watch out........

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Well but my thing is, its a rather large tire/brake chain that is the one screwing me not a small local shop. There is about $1000 invested into that shop right now, and another $300 at the other shop (who is the small local shop that I acutally feel comfortable going to for a change). None of the money was acutally paid up front for the work, just the work sucked and it broke and now they aren't honoring their warranty because they don't feel that it was their fault it broke. I had only gotten to drive it for about 3 hours MAX since that axle got changed, and only about 1 hour since I took it out of that shop.

Good news, the work was done under my stepdads name, and I am still in highschool and living at home, so my stepdad thinks he is going to be able to get a JAG officer to deal with the matter. My stepdad is on orders in Afghanistan.

But once again, its a corporation screwing me, and I've already called the corp. office and they even gave me a run around and had me call the store which did nothing but create a further hassle. A week later when I go to drop off the jeep for them to take a look at the jeep (yesterday) there was an almost entire new staff (2-3 of the employees were the same)and all new management working at the store. So I guess there was probably more than 1 compliant about that store. and even the new manager told me he wouldn't refund the money. Eitherway, I am getting a statement from the local jeep mechanic guy and he said he would take pictures just in case, and also going to call back to their corporate office and boy am I mad. It wasn't the wait that really pissed me off, it is the fact that they don't work on the cars that have been in there longer first, they do the quickest jobs first and put off the longer ones. That is why I had a 4-5 month wait. And they tried to tell me it was my fault? Not my fault it would take them 3-5 days to call me to tell me whats up. And most of the times I had to CALL THEM OR GO UP THERE.

'91 'Yota 4Runner SR5 4 Door, rides better than the CJ and well, runs! Although, it will never be a Jeep and never be the same...
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Sounds to me like a valuable lesson learned! Not everyone with a toolbox and a roof over his head is a good mechanic! In fact, most are not. Before spending any money on a job that you can't do yourself, ask around. Find other people who have used the shop, and what their results were. Find a local jeep club, and ask them who does the best work in town. After all, it's your money you may be throwing away.

That being said, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. No one ever puts a wrench on any of my equipment anymore!


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Yeah I did ask around and nobody had any objections to this shop. It was relatively cheap, warranty on the work, and was promised it wouldn't take long.
But now that they aren't even honoring the warranty that is what has me outrageous. Obviously the seals are busted that they put in. They are leaking gear oil over my drums. The axle is moving far more than it should.
A large company should hire mechanics who acutally know what they are doing. gr
oh and yeah i had already learned that lesson before when a shop gave me a bogus store about a different car. and that time i didnt let them do the work. ;P

'91 'Yota 4Runner SR5 4 Door, rides better than the CJ and well, runs! Although, it will never be a Jeep and never be the same...
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All this time has passed, and you are still being candid,
LET IT OUT MAN !! before one of us gets screwed too.
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if you read any of my other posts *****ing you'd know.
Hibdons, Tiresplus, and don't know what other stores they own.
They have a lot of shops in the area, not sure if they are spread out to other states or not. Either way, if they have, I wouldn't recommand using them. If not, well don't use them if they ever come.

Urgh so mad that just because they got a new certified tech guy who is the manager that they think they can diagnost something any better than a guy who worked at a Jeep dealership for 13 years. They said "he must have made a mistake." Hibdons only made about 8 mistakes before they finally said hey it must be the master cylinder. And then they could never bench bleed one right. They went through 4 master cylinders, and failed to bench bleed one correctly or even at all.

'91 'Yota 4Runner SR5 4 Door, rides better than the CJ and well, runs! Although, it will never be a Jeep and never be the same...
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I guess I'm learning the same lessons every day. Get yourself a Chilton's manual, maybe even a copy of the factory shop manuals, a Jeep bible and some wrenches. Even if you have to pay to loan or buy a special tool everytime you do something, and it takes you weeks to figure out how to do the easy stuff, its cheaper and quicker than waiting 4 months to pay a grand for a shop to do it wrong anyways.

Besides, If you have a dependant card from your step-dad you can go to the on-post garage and use lifts and all kinds of tools dirt cheap.

Take the time to learn it yourself, especially when you say this place has already done you wrong several times. "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me".

I think I mentioned before on this forum that your shop sounded shady when they offered free labor on a simple project that was very time consuming.

One last suggestion... I saw this done in Kentucky for a similar situation, it was awesome. The guy put a 4footx8foot plywood sandwich board together in the bed of his truck with huge letters reading "Big M Chevy Sold me this Lemon and refuse to make right by their deal. They screwed me because I can't afford a lwyer, don't let them screw you!" Or something to that effect. It was awesome. He drove all over town and neighboring areas, not like a picket line, just wherever he had to go, and his point worked on me, I drove an hour away to go to a different dealership when I bought my Truck. I agree with CJ-5, why are you being so kind to them. I say announce anywhere you can that they shat on you!

Good luck getting her running!

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Well for one, the closest base around here is a good 30-45 minutes away, on the interstate so I don't think it'd be a good idea to take the broken jeep on the highway.

i never did go get a dependent id while he was here, shrug, i never wanted to go on base without him? never have had a reason to go.

and we don't have a garage, which is why I didn't want to do this stuff myself. And during the winter it tends to be cold, rain, snow, or whatever at random. So that would have hendered the process anyway. Yes, if I had a garage I would have torn it all apart myself.

The reason the shop was doing it labor free was because they wanted to try and keep my business and keep me there. And this was because they weren't going to blame me for the problems yet. And they were always helpful when they thought they were going to get paid, but that last time they were *******s after they found out I was unhappy with having to pump the brake to stop. They thought I should have had to live with that?? That is what pissed me off. And something I just thought of right now...they tried to tell me that was a vacuum problem (which they were wrong about) and now they are telling me that rear axle is really the diff (which everybody else is telling me theres no way a diff would cause 2-3 inches of play).

And they will be hearing from me. Monday I won't be too happy if I find out it is that axle and not that differential. A friend suggested I just go pickup a used dana44 but thats not the point. The point is Hibdons should have fixed that AMC20 right in the first place. And the seal was plainly broken and they weren't going to warranty it and fix it. Oh well. Feels good to flame sometime heh.

'91 'Yota 4Runner SR5 4 Door, rides better than the CJ and well, runs! Although, it will never be a Jeep and never be the same...
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