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TxJeeper20 09-12-2011 08:01 AM

air filter suggestion SBC swap
I am swapping a TBI SBC in my 5 what is a good filter setup I m havign a small hood scoop for looks put on so I was thinking the hot rodder round element would be good I dont plan on mudding often but if I do is there a way to keep water/mud from hitting those elements and drowning your engine ?

also I saw ads for an air filter like the regular round elements nut even the top was filter media are those things worth it or is the existing chevy filter housing usable as its in ecellent shape

do the exposed round (hottrodder) elements flow better than the OEM filter housing its the round metal with a hole for air to enter

could i have the hot rodder filter for street and the stock intake if i ever go offroad

hopefully I made sense lol

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