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Lookinsketchy 05-17-2013 05:26 PM

84 CJ7 Ball Joint Install Issue
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Having a very hard time getting the new ball joints in far enough to get the snap ring on.

I can only get it in to this point:

Attachment 627834

Attachment 627836

What am I missing?

skizriz 05-17-2013 05:38 PM

They don't use the snap ring. You are fine like it is.:cheers2:

Lookinsketchy 05-17-2013 05:52 PM

That's strange. The new ball joints came with the snap rings in the kit.

skizriz 05-17-2013 05:59 PM

They are made to fit about 50 different vehicles. Some of them actually use the snap rings.

A quick forum search would have given you all of the information you needed.

Lookinsketchy 05-17-2013 06:20 PM

Thank you for the reply.

skizriz 05-17-2013 06:26 PM

No problem. Been there myself when I put new ball joints in mine.:cheers2:

Lookinsketchy 05-17-2013 06:37 PM

I read so many Dana 30 threads and just assumed no one mentioned the snap rings because it was remedial! lol.

CSP 05-17-2013 09:01 PM

What you should see is that shoulder of the balljoint in contact with the knuckle. If they are in contact there's no way to press it in further and it's seated as far as it will go.

Lookinsketchy 05-17-2013 09:13 PM

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From this pic, it looks like they are in as far as it will go:

Attachment 627905

Thank you for your help/comments.

CJ7KAHUNA 05-17-2013 09:58 PM

Not to high jack this thread but - what are the best ball joint to get? I was looking at Orielly's site and theres a few different choices. Is there a "better than stock" ball joint that has better performance/service life? Or is just a stock replacment fine??

hutch1200 05-17-2013 10:12 PM

I like MOOG.

CSP 05-18-2013 12:24 AM

Yep Lookinsketchy, that's as far as it can go without grinding material away (don't do that!).

I'm a fan of XRF balljoints and steering components. The machine work is hands down better than Moog. I recently rebuilt everything under the front of my F250 and was stuck buying a few Moog parts that XRF had on backorder. There's no comparison. I get my XRF parts at The price is better than I can get Moog at locally or someplace online like RockAuto.

Lookinsketchy 05-18-2013 07:32 AM


I did get on that one trying to get it in further but it looks ok.


After some research, I picked the premium joints from Napa which I was told are made by Moog. I was looking for ones I could grease.

lucdog 05-18-2013 07:40 AM

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Pay close attention to the location of the upper greaseable ball joint, and where the zerk goes.

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Lookinsketchy 05-18-2013 08:06 AM


The joint I bought has the zerk coming directly out the bottom. However , the package came with a small insert that could be installed on the upper ball joint in case the axle could not rotate without hitting the zerk.

Thank you for your information. I found out it was important to pay attention to zerk direction when I replaced my drive line u joints.

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