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KnoxButler 06-25-2013 01:36 AM

81 CJ7 Exaust Help
Hey guys, iv recently bought a CJ7 from a guy that had done a lot of aftermarket work to it, and I would like to return it a more original state. Currently it has a "Cherry Bomb" exhaust on it that's just a little to obnoxious as well as there being no cat installed (required for me to pass emissions).

My goal is to obtain an stock or close to stock exhaust, I'm on a tight budget so wouldn't mind getting one second hand, to replace the Chery Bomb. Then pick up the cheep generic cat from AutoZone that will fit the replacement exhaust.

Here's where I need your help. I don't like the obnoxious Cherry Bomb but I do like a clean, deep, burble of a good exhaust. So I was looking at paying the extra cast to get the Flowmaster 40 Series muffler. Will I get the effect I'm looking for with just this muffler or do really need to get the whole flow master exhaust system? Are there better options for my situation?

Also I have never messed around with the exhaust system before, any tips on how to connect the sections of the exhaust system? Welding vs clamping? Hanging the systems?

Misc. Details:
258 i-6
Carter BBD Carb.
Also I still have the stock exhaust manifold.

Any tips, experience, etc. is greatly appreciated!

The time now is 12:40 AM.

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