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diablo_666 01-09-2010 07:29 PM

74 CJ5 paint estimate????
Hey guys, I bought my first jeep last week, I have given her a tune up, replaced broken marker lights, fixed electrical issues, bout to put in bedliner and take out carpet, wanting to get her fresh paint. I am curious to see what a rough estimate would be, she has a few dents on hood but I am not worried about them, gonna get a new front fender, so with minimal body work what you think for a single tone paint?

gmakra 01-10-2010 06:11 AM

That really depends on a lot of things some of which are the amount of body work necessary, are you changing color? Is the current paint that is on the Jeep original or a shoddy repaint that will need to be stripped off. I know I am going through that now. My bedliner is peeling away in big massive chunks and when I remove the flake's I see that my adhesion to the paint is good but that the paint itself is pulling away from the primer.

The type of paint you use will dictate the cost. A decent single stage enamel will cost you a couple hundred dollars just for the the paint and reducer. If you go with a high end paint such as DuPont Imron your looking at 500-600 in paint, activator and reducer . But it is a far superior paint its used on fire trucks, air craft and fleet vehicles. But its some nasty stuff to shoot.

So this question is hard to answer with out seeing the Jeep or what you really want for the end result.

The time now is 12:27 AM.

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