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MB83CJ7 03-13-2002 06:12 PM

4.3,4.2,4.0 what 6cyl reins supreme?
I own a 83 CJ7 w/(carbed)258IL6, 2.5 trailmaster lift,M30 3.54ed front, yukon one piece M20 rear w/3.54's and a lockright locker and 33/10.5in TSL swampers.Im want a fuel injection setup whether it be an MPI kit or a completly different engine(4.3 Vortec,4.0 IL6,or 4.2 DMPI kit).I figured this would be an excellent place to recive the most knowledgeable, well rounded opinions please any Pros/Cons would be greatly appreciated
thank you all in advance.

1. upgradability,
2. performance,
3. fuel economy,
4. reliability,
5. power,
6. best tranny combos,
7. personal exp.
P.S. The jeep is eventually going to have 35's,4.56's,front lockright to match the rear,F/R axles trussed, 4/1 low Dana300 kit,CJ to YJ shackle reversal gives 1.5in lift,will be using 2.5in YJ springs, 1 inch body, full cage,paint,etc...

:D :p

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