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Accountdiablo 09-10-2011 01:53 PM

258 Exhaust Manifold Issue/Question
I have an 84 Cj7 with a 258 4.2, put new fuel pump and fuel lines all the way back to the tank. I just took a trip from Washington to Oregon, while on my way down I hit a rather steep hill, this being its only 2 second long drive. I couldn't make it over 45 mph and about half way up my exhaust manifold, either gasket or manifold itself went. Sounded like a well tuned lawn mower for the new 212 miles.
Right before this trip I found that there was a leak, rather was not tightened at all at the exhaust manifold flange. I tightened this up.
Now here is the issue I bought a fel-pro gasket kit and installed but when I went to realign the manifold it won't line up if I start from one side half the bolts fit if I start from the other side the opposites will fit. I've read about the warping of the manifold and how some people just file the holes a little to fit. These are less then an eight off. And only two bolt holes I would have to file.
I'm about to go pull it back off and check for cracks. The manifold is a little over $200 and would prefer not to have to replace it as soon I'll be doing a swap for my amc 360.
Also is it possible to do a repair on a crack other then tig'ing it.
Please treat me as if I'm on the peanut system. I'm new to Jeeps and my usual reliable source is out of contact at the moment.

Cutlass327 09-10-2011 09:04 PM

If the manifold and the intake are bolted together, than you will have to separate them before bolting it on. I broke mine last month by not separating them. Just use a lot of penetrate and heat to loosen the bolts, or they will break off..

Accountdiablo 09-12-2011 01:46 AM

Did the exhaust/intake manifold gasket. Unfortunately I didn't have this thought until after the fact...

This doesn't sound like an exhaust manifold leak. It sounds like an header blown gasket or worse warped head. :(

It sounds like a very loud, numbing almost lawn mower.

I'm about to start working on getting the head off. So the question now is what is the likely hood of it being warped verses blown gasket?

Little details, did a compression test and 1-5 were great, number 6 is 40 psi. There is no water in the oil and no oil in the water.

Any help would be appreciated.

The time now is 01:43 AM.

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