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Majkowski 11-08-2010 05:45 PM

1973 CJ-5 Water Problems
So I have a 73' AMC CJ-5 and we recently had a new differential and locker installed into the rear axle. Not even 1000 miles has been put onto these parts and already a failure? As our mechanic has explained it to us water has gotten into the rear differential and rusted the locker to the point where its stuck 'on' and the water has worn the differential wrong and now it has to be replaced. I know there is a vent on top of the axle but isn't it just a one way port? Any thoughts, concerns, advice on how to fix the water proofing problem is greatly appreciated.

Also our gas tank has been dropped three times due to water and mud leaking in? I'm not exactly sure as to how this is possible. I do enjoy the occasional mud run when it rains in Arizona but I have never been in water deeper than 3/4 of the way up the tire. Slightly perplexing to me on how all this water is getting into everything...Again any thoughts, concerns, or advice is welcome.

And as I am new to this forum sorry if this is a re-post.

schoolwork42005 11-09-2010 07:30 AM

the axle vents on the front and rear a supposedly a one way valve how ever water will get through them and you should run new rubber hose to the highest point you can on the jeep (front axle you can run the rubber house up by the radiator) on my jeep the rear axle front comes into the cab and is as high as my head. this way it ensures they will be no water even at the one way valve

your gas tank probally the same thing there is a vent line for that too and it probbally sucks up water when you get in a deep hole

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