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1971CJ5v6 08-06-2013 08:40 AM

1971 cj5 v6 running lean and spark plug questions!
Alright so my 71 CJ5 is running lean I was wondering what I should do to fix this? I put on a K&N after market air filter when I did my oil change. The distributor and plug wires are good, but I do know it needs new spark plugs. What gap should they be at and what kind do you recommend?

jeepdaddy2000 08-06-2013 06:11 PM

Where is it lean? On acceleration? cruise? Can you give us some symptoms?
The stock 2G carb should be jetted right.
Could be debris in the carb
Bad accelerator pump
Vacuum leak
Dwell off
Timing off
#1 plug wire not on the proper(#1) tower

Stock plug gap is .035

I dislike K&N filters. I don't believe they filter well.....
Much better to use a stock style closed filter housing and reattach the heat stove for better cold weather running. You can get them from a junk yard with larger snorkels that will breathe more air than your carb can pull. You can connect the snorkel to the heater cold air inlet (if your not running the stock unit) or plumb it down next to the grill for a nice cold air intake. They also help keep your filter cleaner longer.

1971CJ5v6 08-21-2013 09:31 AM

Hey sorry I got extremely busy and forgot about this... Yeah it's stock, I gapped the spark plugs at 0.35 so that's good I got that right. And it runs great you can just smell it like its running a little lean. And whiteish smoke comes out when you first start to accelerate but that's the only time it does it.

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