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Dtsouth2 11-23-2013 01:01 PM

1963 CJ5 Wiring
So I bought a original quality wire harness from Walcks4wd. Its very nice but I'm having trouble figuring out how to hook up the regulator, generator and starter. Anyone have a color wire diagram?

strvger01 11-23-2013 04:01 PM

did you try getting back to Walcks? seems like they should have your answers.

JeepHammer 11-23-2013 05:00 PM

Not all mechanical voltage regulators have the same terminal markings!
There is usually a 'B' (Battery), 'F' (Field), 'R' (Rotor), sometimes a 'G' (Ground), and some will have a 4th terminal (Other than 'Ground')

Is this your dilemma?

I'm looking for my color graphic, if I find it in all the 'Jeep Junk' I have on my computer, I'll post it.

There are 'A' and 'B' type regulators. You need to know which one you have.
You will have to 'Polarize' the regulator before the charging system will work.
This is as easy as making/breaking a connection between terminals with a jumper wire, just for a second, but you will have to know which terminals.
Probably covered in your service manual, if not let me know and I'll try to find it here for your specific generator/regulator.

jeepdaddy2000 11-23-2013 11:26 PM

Something to get you started. will have complete wiring diagrams both in color and b+w. They also can answer any questions you may have both with the stock wiring and upgrading.

Dtsouth2 11-24-2013 09:37 AM

Yes my regulator has 2 terminals on one side and 1 on the opposite. the diagram shows three on the same side. Also the diagram listed above is different than mine. I think there is a I think mine is the older CJ5 one.

Dtsouth2 11-24-2013 09:57 AM

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Here is a picture

Dtsouth2 11-24-2013 10:34 AM

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I found this, but I don't think its the rights one. Some of the colors don't make sense because I don't have them. This is for early cj's and mine is the one after. Like the other schematic

jeepdaddy2000 11-25-2013 05:08 AM

I was going to do a bunch of writing, but instead, here is an excellent link to what your looking for.
It is in PDF as well, so you should be able save it to the Jeep folder on your desktop (you do have a folder to save all your info on, don't you?)

Dtsouth2 11-25-2013 07:37 AM

Whew! that should help. Thank you sir!

JeepHammer 11-25-2013 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by jeepdaddy2000 (Post 17992818)
I was going to do a bunch of writing, but instead, here is an excellent link to what your looking for.
It is in PDF as well, so you should be able save it to the Jeep folder on your desktop (you do have a folder to save all your info on, don't you?)

JEEPDADDY! That ROCKS! :thumbsup::2thumbsup:

That's the kind of stuff that without the internet, you might NEVER see!

Thanks man! That's probably the best collection of service bulletins on mechanical regulators I've ever seen.

John Strenk 11-25-2013 09:47 AM

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Yeah, those are cool.

Searched for the other ones mentioned and found some more.

Dtsouth2 11-25-2013 01:42 PM

How about the wiring on the generator? :O

JeepHammer 11-25-2013 06:50 PM

JeepDaddy found all the generator and regulator wiring diagrams, test procedures, ect. you will need...

Having problems sorting it out? If so, say it and we'll break it down into digestible bites...
This is some ARCANE stuff here, You have a couple of guys listening that can actually decipher this stuff, and you won't find many like that this day and age!

We are here to help, and I'll help if you overlook my lousy spelling... :rolleyes:

JeepHammer 11-25-2013 07:02 PM

Let me see, where to start...

The GENERATOR (DC Armature Rectified Generator) *Should* be marked for terminal connection.
You should see a 'G', Ground.
You should see a 'F', Field.
You should see a 'A', Armature.

Ground is just that, 'Ground'. Depending on what electrical system you have, 'Ground' can be positive or negative, so don't 'Assume', you don't know what 'Previous Owners' have done to this thing...
'Positive Grounding' was the standard for many years, and I still get Positive Ground Generators in here once in a while...

Field is the magnetic field coils, outside of the armature.
Your voltage regulator clicks 'On' and 'Off' these Field Coils to control the voltage output.
'On' means it's putting out more electrical current on the 'Armature' pole of the Generator.
'Off' means you aren't getting any electrical current from the 'Armature' pole on the Generator.

You will find, if you watch this thing in operation, that that 'Field' breaker point relay will 'Vibrate', 'On' & 'Off' very quickly.
This is a CURRENT CONTROL system, not a voltage control system like modern regulators...
Field 'ON' means you get current, Field 'Off' means you don't get current from the Armature.

The battery has to smooth things out, working kind of like a giant capacitor, since there really isn't a 'Voltage' control to speak of to this system.
These things weren't capable of really high voltages like alternators are, and since there isn't any sensitive electronics on board, they didn't mess with it too much...

You *Should* find the same markings on the regulator so you can hook it up, figure out which wire goes where...
Some regulators aren't marked, and that makes for REAL issues once in a while, you have to fiddle with everything to figure out what goes where.
Usually I just get a regulator that is marked and give the unmarked generic one a toss.

The 'G' or 'Ground' might sound good to leave off and not run that wire, but DO IT ANYWAY.
The generator and regulator need a COMMON ground to work correctly. If you don't, you will be chasing charging phantoms for days until you do.
Sometimes there is a dedicated 'G' terminal on the regulator, other times you just wire into the mounting bolt, but if generator and regulator don't share a common ground, you WILL have issues.

What SPECIFIC issues are you having questions about?

Dtsouth2 12-03-2013 07:30 PM


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