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Wheeling alone

so who does it and what do you do as precautions?

I dont go for the wheeling, but i fish and hunt in quite a few areas where you need to do some decent wheelin to get to so there's really no way to get around it for me. I'm sure i'm not alone in this...

I try and:
-tell people where i'm going and when i'll be back
-always carry water and an extra coat in the back
-just bought a Warn winch as well.
-first and foremost, always make sure the stupid things won't leave me stranded. This includes a COMPLETE check before each trip.
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If you must, let people know where you are and when you'll be back. Have some kind of radio and cell phone. Have food, water - basic gear if you are stuck overnight at the worst case.

And I agree with thedirt. First time I went out with my friend, it took both of us to move a rock that was going to destroy my tie rod. I would have been screwed. The rock was huge, and both of us just barely got it out of the way.

So that's why you wheel in groups. So you don't go back on the trail for miles and get stuck out there without any means of getting out. Plus, vehicles can help other vehicles.

If you must go by yourself, make a winch a top priority.

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When I'm just exploring an unknown trail alone, I'll ask myself if a Honda CRV can make it through or not, if it can't I'm not risking it. So I usually just tend to stick with scenic firetrails and logging roads.

I have at all times(even when not wheeling/exploring):

Treesaver strap
Leather work gloves(people always over look gloves)
Gallon of water
Various candy bars, oatmeal, granola bars and cookies in the glove compartment/center console
Large heavy duty trash bags(good for making a rain parka or shelter)
Standard Jeep tool set - sockets, pliers, wrench, multimeter, torx sockets, 12-14 gauge wire, hose clamps
Quarter of engine oil, paper, duct tape, zipties, rope/twine.
Multiple ways to start a fire - matches, lighter, highway flares
Small blanket that's stuffed underneath the driver seat.
Flash light
CB/Cell phone
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Winch, extra winch line, 2x tree savers, 3x snatch blocks. That will give you enough pulling power to tear your jeep out of solid concrete lol...

2 days worth of rations

Details of where you are going, how long you'll be gone, when you'll be back, and instruction to your loved ones about when they should start to get worried

extra clothing, overnight bag, small tent, matches/lighter, WD-40 (to reseal a bead the redneck way)

first aid kit, burn kit, large trauma patch.

Cellphone, cellphone car charger, CB.


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I just stay within boundaries of whether or not I can walk out. All the trails in my town are less than 3 miles to the nearest road and they all have cell coverage. Ive only gotten stuck once and that was when I was stock.

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A bottle of Jack Daniels - keeps you warm over night while waiting for friends - also gives you courage to fight off the roving marauders.

Blankets (wooly and space)
Duct-tape (to build shelter out of space blankets)
First-aid kit (includes after-bite, needle / thread, asprin, advil, feminine pads, splints)
Power foods / drink (Gatoraide, power bars, etc)
Tools (screw driver, wrenches, sockets, knife, mechanics wire, fuses etc)

Recovery gear:
Winch, snatch-straps, tree savers, D-shackles (aka: pin-shackle, screw shackle), snatch-blocks, highlift, gloves.

Communications equipment

That is my basic list - depending on weather expected, I might even have x-country skiis, snow-shoes, mtn.bike, extra clothing (shorts, pants, shirts, sweaters, boots, etc).

A "day-trip" usually gets the gear required for a weekend trip. If you have room under the hood - it is a great place to mount ammo-can's for gear that you want with you, but, don't need taking up space inside the Jeep. Using roll-bar storage can keep soft-goods out of the way, but accessable.

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you forgot the kitchen sink


Seriously, I think most people on here forgot a good, sharp knife x2, preferably one that is a multi-tool like a leatherman. Without it, some of your equipment isn't going to work very well in a wilderness survival situation. I'd also add fishing line and a flashlight (pocket LED one to save on space and batteries).

If you jeep gets stuck or broke, everything better be able to be packed in a backpack so you can hike out, which means that you're not going to be able to pack out everything, so choose wisely what you take as most Jeeps don't have a lot of storage space for a complete tool kit and survival gear.

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GPS (one that can be used as a handheld)
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After my experience last week. If you are going to get stuck...its going to happen no matter what line you decide to take and how careful you are being...so follow what everyone else has said and hope to God it doesn't happen.
Oh and if does happen, hope that there is an awesome Jeeper in your neck of the woods like THEDIRT to come help you out!

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well when you're out hunting/fishing it's gonna be a bit more then a 3mile walk to the nearest paved road
So that pretty much renders my Cellphone useless. I do pack some of the tools mentioned above like gloves, basic wrenches, tire puncture kit as well as spare! Common sense stuff like that.

Nine replies and i've already got some good ideas for things to pack .... 1) Snatch Block!!! 2) Tree saver!!!
Also i think i will take a good look at my first-aid kit and see what's there since it hasn't been used in a long time (if ever)

Ever since i ran into a stranded ford explorer last year with 2 dehydrated kids inside i always carry extra water. They may not be ice cold all the time but they're wet I also carry water for the jeep as well in case i lose coolant.
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I spent a ton of weekends in my early 20s not alone, but with no other vehicle. The amount of times my buddies and I had to dig out the Jeep, cold, muddy, intoxicated and tired......

..when i first got my Yota I took her straight to the 'con. Made it easily but we had no winch, no spare parts, and no other vehicles with us. It is generally busy enough that it wasn't a concern.

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I have wheeled with no other vehicle usually just the wife and I . Same as ecvMatt, spent a lot of time ona shovel, or cranking on the come along, or the hilift. Each time we had a blast. Yes we were dirty and tired when it was over but it was fun. Will I do it again? Yep in a minute. I usually have all I need to get me out. I did learn one item that I never thought of (a pen spring to repair a distributor). But usually I am well prepared for a night on the trail shoveling , or jacking, or repairing. The most important thing is to use your head and not get in over your head. Discretion is the better part of valor.

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I have a nice horror story and we took 2 vehicles.

We went snow wheeling on Bald Mtn. in the Sierra's east of Fresno. We planned for the snow but not a blizzard! So we get up to the trail head the hard rain we encountered at the lower elevations had turned into a steady snow fall but having driven 3 hours to get there we weren't about to turn back. So we get back into the trail and are having a great time. (snow wheeling is fun). We come up to a rather steep hill and I proceed to make several attempts to make the climb at one point dropping the clutch with my emergency brake on and almost completely twisting off one of my rear brake backing plates. Needless to say all of my brake fluid makes a break for the snow and escapes the confines of my master cylinder and brake lines. Time to go... On the way down the mountain (w/o brakes) we came to a stop (barely) behind my brothers yj and somehow, I'm still not sure exactly how, he has a broken shackle. Now the snow has not stopped in a few hours and it is bitterly cold (the whole group starts choosing who will be eaten first) and we have a TJ with no brakes and a busted YJ to get out of the wilderness before the sun sets. With the YJ in the lead we decide to get back to the main road to reacess the situation. We make it all the way back to the trail-head and start down the (Usually non 4wd) road back towards pavement. Now the snow has been falling the whole day and we are having a ton of trouble. I'm behind my bro in the YJ when, due to lack of brakes, I go barreling off the 4ft snow covered road into a small ditch. My brother doesn't notice and me and the group of guys (including my 7 year old nephew) just watch as he heads down the trail out of sight. ****! It was at that point we realized we were entirely unprepared. A couple of the guys start frantically digging at the snow to try and free the stuck TJ but to no avail. Now, of course, my bro notices that we are no longer behind him and turns around to rescue us. By the time we make it down to the pavement my feet are soaked and everybody is freezing. I know I'll get flamed for this but ... I pinched off the rear brake line, re-filled the master cylinder (thank you XJ guy(not redjeepxj)), and headed to a nearby friends house to see what could be done about the broken shackle. We all had a few "I Shouldn't be Alive" moments that day. But even today everybody says it was a fun trip. We headed back home me without any rear brakes and him with bailing wire holding the leaf spring to the frame on one end.

Edit: I tried to get the rear brakes covered under warranty and the dealer ship wouldn't do it.(said they were tampered with) I even offered to replicate the situaton in one of their Wranglers but they would't go for it...

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it really depends how far the trail is from civilization and how often its used. Ill explore places I know are within 10miles of houses/roads and aways bring a cell phone with number ready to my buddy who has a jeep and f650 flatbed tow truck I wont try any crazy paths alone though

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still gotta be careful...I went out once just up a dirt road.....went up a hill and once I got to the top and I had broken a valve stem and the tire deflated way too rapidly, I got the Jeep turned around and back down before it went down completely, but once down the hill the tire was gone. I also found that my factory bottle jack was useless, since the crank was gone. had no cell signal, but you can still send out texts since the signal is bareul enough to get out, and got a fellow jeeper to rescue my sorry ***.
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