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FLHT_FXRS_YJ 06-29-2001 10:31 AM

What should I do? Transfer Case Problems!
In addition to a cracked rear case to my np231, which has now been welded, the bearing retainer for the rear shaft is cracked around the bearing, and the synchronizer is screwed up!

Here are my choices - -
1) Rebuild
2) Junk Yard replace with a 231
3) New/Rebuilt 231 with a sye
or go for it all with
4) Atlas II twin stick w/gear reduction

I'm leaning toward 3 or 4, with the idea that a Atlas will help my overall gearing and power since I'm still running stock ring and pinion with my 89' yj - 4.2 - 5sp. - 31" tires - 2 1/2" rancho lift.

What's your opinion guys? I'll be deciding soon!!!! Like probably today! Help!! :confused:

93YJ 06-29-2001 10:38 AM

The best thing I have ever bought was an Atlas II. Can't go wrong with that!


FLHT_FXRS_YJ 06-29-2001 11:09 AM

What's involved with the swap? New driveshafts? Any problems?

How low of gear reduction should I go if I want to help my stock gearing? I use my yj mostly as a summer daily driver, pull boats and hoists out of lakes, & play in the sand and mud. I have never been on rocks and I don't think I really need a rockcrawler. :confused:

osburn 06-29-2001 02:13 PM

The Atlas is not going to be any different on the street you realize? It's high range is the same as the 231, 1:1. You have three choices on the low though. 4.3:1, 3.8:1 and the new 3:1. Your 231 has a 2.7:1. The new Atlas 3:1 is for the guys that aren't looking to get any lower, but want the strength you get with the Atlas.

Yes, you will have to modify your driveshafts. One, if you didn't have a SYE in your old 231, you'll now have a different type of driveshaft. Two, even if you did have a SYE, the Atlas is a couple of inches longer than the 231. So the rear shaft needs to be shortened and the front possibly lengthened.

FLHT_FXRS_YJ 06-29-2001 08:17 PM

I found a new NP231HD with SYE already on for $750 at JB Conversions. The new driveshaft and cv coupler for $290. How's that sound price wise? Anybody know of any place else I can check?

NaeKid 06-30-2001 01:12 AM

- NP231 out of a wrecked Jeep and do the SYE (strong enough for what you are doing now)

Atlas II

It all depends on what you plan to do. The NP231 is a fairly strong T-case for a stock / slightly modified beast .. and with a decent (not amazing) low range .. it should do alright

FLHT_FXRS_YJ 06-30-2001 11:16 AM

Thanks for the info guys - now I guess I just have to decide what to do and then get it done before to long!

The time now is 08:15 PM.

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