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Originally Posted by vadslram
Admiral Farragut Naval In Pine Bush NJ. It's gone now and should have been gone then. Biggest waste of years I've experienced.
I live ver close to where that was. Im in bayville
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Have something to add but let me first say its definatly not the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened but its jeep related and happened like a half hour ago. Ok so I live near a marsh, and as most people know marshes are very wet and soggy, even more so when it rains. Im sure most of you already know where this is going. So i was driving down one of the roads out by the marsh, and stopped to watch some company that was cleaning up after sandy. I watched for a couple minutes then went to leave. This road in particular is very narrow so i did a half butt k turn. I was backing up, distracted by the traffic guy who was gesturing something at me, and my back wheels rolled into the shoulder. No this road is pretty badly crowed and im pretty much perpendicular to it at this point. So i have the whole construction crew watching me and now a car coming down the road. Needless to say i eventually got out in "2lo" because my front axle wouldn't engage. However i did this not without throwing quite a bit of black mud and leaving two massive mud tracks all the way to the intersection. Oh and on the main road i was greeted by a few bikers and a couple girls walking who all were watching my stunt.
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2 of the most embarrassing moments I've had would probably be :

1. My mother-in-law walking on me and my wife (g/f at the time) Doing something like this on Christmas morning

2. I was doing a burnout in my 83 camaro Z28 with a mildly build 350, After the original Fast and Furious movie let out when all the honda owners were leaving the parking lot trying to get one of them to Race me. Well I had a piston decide it belonged outside of the engine block.

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I was at my Aunts funeral.
My brother and I were talking to my Cousin before the funeral.
My Cousin is much older than us and is a "big wig" at John Deere.
I could feel a fart building up.
Had to let it out, lucklly it was one of the silent ones, but very deadly.
My god it sunk!
Really did not know what to say.
I hoped they could not smell it but could tell by the look on both of their faces they could.

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Nothing beats a good fart story!
While it's not the most embarrassing, it is a funny fart story..
A couple months ago, my wife & I went down to Florida to visit with her aunt. My wife was in the living room & her aunt was out of my view behind me. I forgot for a moment that I wasn't at my house, snuck up behind my wife & let out the biggest most loud fart ever. The juicy sound it created echoed throughout the whole place. Right away, I realized what I had done. All her aunt said was "Oh, Now I feel like my sons are home"
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epic thread...

I'm forever grateful to Speedycat and RnEmOvr for their generosity
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I used to do funeral honors in the naval reserve for navy veterans. At the time I had a cast on from a broken wrist, hit by a car long story lol, so folding the flag was kind of out. So the Captain that was in charge of our detail had me "play" the bugle. Well, we don't actually "play" the bugle, it has a sound box in it that plays taps when you push a button. You can get really good at pretending you're playing after you've done a few of these funerals. Anyway....

It was probably my ninth or tenth funeral I had done. When I went to push the button on the bugle I was facing away from the funeral party as always, taps started playing and then about thirty seconds into it, the battery died in the bugle. Two men from the funeral party walked over to see what was going on. Discovering I was using a recording and not actually playing. The other sailors there said I was beat red. I felt horrible, but apparently I wasn't the first person this has happened to. We all apologized for the incident and offered to redo the ceremony. Needless to say, I put a new battery in the sound box every time I had a funeral to do after that.

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My brother, my friend and I were hooking up our heavy *** trailer up to my dads truck. They were standing around talking and I was tired of waiting, so I said "**** it, I'll lift it myself" I reached down started lifting and grunting, then let out a huge asz fart. Pretty funny now thinking back at it.
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Me and this girl were gettin down and a ripper managed to find its way out. Tried holding it, but have you ever tried to hold one in while going through the motions?
Another time, me and my buddy were racing bikes around the block. I come around the curve doing probably 15mph and I'm looking back to see where he's at. Well, seems a neighbor had decided to park their car in the street and I ran smack into the back of the car and flipped over the handle bars, on top of the roof, and slid down onto the hood.

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When I was a kid I was playing basketball and the a kid on the other team (happened to be my beat friend) had a fast break and I was sprinting step in step with him. He went for a layup but I was running too fast to jump. Ended up slamming, full speed, into the padded wall. Tears followed the crowds gasp, (and probably a few giggles) and to this day I still believe that my rib cage got reversed during the impact.
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We had just moved, my parents joined a church.
The church had a parents against the kids softball game.
I was playing center field, I had never played on a field with a fence.
One of the parents hit the ball over the fence, I was fast after it. Ran into the fence. The ball still had not dropped so I started climbing the fence.
Realized what I was doing.
Felt pretty stupid. At the time it really did not occure to me that it was a home run, just that this stupid fence was in my way.

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Never had any embarrasing moments honestly..

I guess when i was at a Junkyard recently and my pants tore from top to my knees showing my underpants was kinda embarrasing.. but honestly i dont get embarrased easily because I always think.. eh who cares

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I won't post the most embarrassing thing since it's far too personal for public domain, but the second most embarrassing thing that happened was pretty bad since it scarred me for years.

When I was in second grade, I took a massive **** in a stall that wreaked to high heaven. Other people were in the bathroom, but I didn't pay them any mind, because my **** was phenomenal. When I exited the stall, about six older boys were standing by the sinks holding their noses; they were waiting for me to come out so they could make fun of me. They all burst out into laughter and started saying how badly my **** smelled. I was really embarrassed, and couldn't go number 2 in a public bathroom until college because of it (dead serious).

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When I was in high school me and my girlfriend were at her house after school. Well no one was home, so we thought it would be a good time for a quicky (this was mid the 80's). We are in her room doing the deed, and her door opens. I hear her little sister say "Oh my GOD!" Of course my bare *** is shining in the sunlight coming through her (girlfriend) window. Never got into any trouble, but her mom did ask me about it (her dad was an associate warden for department of corrections). I did eventually marry the girlfriend (now my ex), and she didnt ever know her little sister ratted us out till 3 years after we were married.
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Bump, come on guys. Nobody is really ever going to see you in real life. Spill the good stuff.
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