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sturgman 01-10-2002 01:28 PM

stumbling and hesitation
hello again, my jeep stumbles and hesitates during driving and its taking me 10 mins. to do what would take me 15 to walk,,Its bad!!Also there is a hissing noise coming from what sounds like the engine, could this problem be related and where do i begin to look??I tried some water eliminator in the tank but it hasnt worked.Any help would be appreciated..Thanks

Atropine 01-10-2002 06:21 PM

See my post on your oxygen sensor...

Kev 01-11-2002 10:14 AM

Hissing noise? Did you check for a snake? :eek: :D

Sorry, I couldn't resist; check for a disconected vaccum line. That would explain the hissing and some vaccum lines are more important than others and could be causing your problem.

manhattanjeep 01-11-2002 10:29 PM

Is your jeep fuel injected or carbeurated? If it is FI, then you might check for a loose hose going into the intake. If it is carbeurated, you might check some of those vacuum lines. Best thing to do, is to find someone to help you, then pop the hood, have them give it some gas, and see if you can tell where the noise is coming from.

turk 01-12-2002 01:57 AM

Check your spark plugs and wires. If they are bad they can cause hesitation and "stumbling".

Best of luck!

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