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Wow. Not flaming anyone here, but to say buying a new vehicle is "always" a stupid decision just reeks of misinformation.

I bought mine new, and don't regret it one second. I've maintained it and know it's a good running vehicle that I'll have for another few years. Is it completely practical? no, but like someone else in the thread said, I love it and that's just how it is. I've had it for 7 years and It's still worth a decent amount.

I had a '93 before my '03 - and to me, the value of the new vehicle was it's reliability in driving 35 miles to and from school 4 days a week after work. Nothing goign wrong on the '93 was hard to fix, but having it down for a day to get the part and missing school was not an option. So, it worked best for me.

I understand being 'frugal'. And I don't think the OP said anything about not being able to afford the vehicle (without re-reading the whole thread), he just thought it was a lot for the little enjoyment he got from it.

Regardless, there are instances where buying new is a good option. Interest rates, if you are using for business, there are tax treatments that would help you, etc.

But you guys are right, thank God not everyone thinks the way you guys do.
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I don't regret buying my TJ new as I wanted it as my toy, and not my daily driver.

My other two vehicles were also bought new. I take care of my vehicles, like my wife's KJ is almost six years old and is in perfect condition! So many people do not take care of their vehicles, which I've had used ones that I was always working on and replacing this or that, and never knew if I'd get across town or not without having to pull over? I use to have AAA on my speed dial.

Within reason, new vehicles have their place. With my daily driver Civic, it gets 34 mpg, drives great, and I won't be late for work. I bought it when gas was $4 a gal., and at the time I figured it would cost me $200 more a month to drive it over my TJ (including insurance and plates!).

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[QUOTE=mooseknuckle;8734145]Wow. Not flaming anyone here, but to say buying a new vehicle is "always" a stupid decision just reeks of misinformation.

True. There's rarely an always or never for any situation, and I'm not implying that everyone should do what I do.

The only vehicle that had me ready to buy new upon unveiling was the TJ-based Gladiator pickup that never was....So, I'm now eating lettuce for lunch and turned the house's thermostat to 40 while I build my Brute.

I guess that revokes my "you're wasting money" finger pointing privelages.
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If I was making payments on my Jeep then it would probably bother me... Since I paid cash for it and then paid for the mods out of pocket I am not bothered by bills. There are days (now with the economy in the state its in) that I wonder if spending so much on a toy was wise however.

I enjoy my Jeep less during winter months as I don't get to drive it much.. It just stays in the garage. But in the Spring during our trip to Moab followed by 5 or so months of warmish weather there is little that makes me happier than driving my TJ around - on and off road.
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I don't have many expenses with mine due to it's age, no loans on it, and only having liability insurance.

However, if I were making payments I'd have an awful hard time justifying wheeling it.

I'm still a young feller, but after a few business classes I've realized that I'd never want to buy a new vehicle

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Thats what I feel about my wifes vehicle. 2008 Toyota Tundra. All the bells and whisles, just they forgot the ****ing 4x4 to go with it. So we're paying $450 a month on it, and still owe alot of money towards it. I keep wanting to trade it in for another jeep.. but I would be upside down on payments.. and it just wouldn't be worth the money in the long run.. Things brand new still.. Has 7K miles on it.

Well Least I've got my Jeep to keep my happy!
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I usually always buy new... I order the vehicle I want, not whatever is sitting on the lot. Sunroof cost an additional $1,000...... who cares? If I want it, I get it because my history with vehicles is that I will keep it for 12 to 16 years, at one point in time, I put 30,000 miles per year on a vehicle so by time I'm done with one, resale value isn't an issue
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Originally Posted by Metaloholic View Post
Has anyone had second thoughts about buying their Jeep?

I have owned my '07 unlimited x for 3 years now and love the Jeep but is it worth it financially?

I am paying $300/mo for car payment, $150/mo for insurance(chicago sucks), $200/mo on gas. Seriously $650 a month just to drive this heep????
I also have 45,000 mi and will need tires, brakes and who knows what else soon and I still owe $14,000.

How do everyone else justify the ridiculous cost of owning a new Jeep?

I am seriously considering buying a fuel efficient light truck, like a 4 cyl ford ranger just to be more practical.

I know it's blasphemy saying something like this on Jeep forum but I could use the advice.
I got mine on a 3 year note. No interest. Got one more year left...

No the JK is not a commuter vehicle.

I Justify it by having fun in it....If I wasnt having fun in it, I would get rid of it too....that is Jeepin'

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Other Jeeps...
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I love the jeep and it started to get bad driving back and forth from work. I just ended up getting a used small car and use that now for DD while still enjoying the Jeep.

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Originally Posted by 4pointOH1998 View Post
I don't have many expenses with mine due to it's age, no loans on it, and only having liability insurance.

However, if I were making payments I'd have an awful hard time justifying wheeling it.

I'm still a young feller, but after a few business classes I've realized that I'd never want to buy a new vehicle
I'm in the exact same boat

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Originally Posted by mikebigh View Post
Exactly. 22, and your a finance guru. If you buy a car in 10 years, youll be old enough to realize why it will cost you less to make payments.
At least when I bought my Jeep I paid it off in full. I saved up my money, waited for the right opportunity, and got it when I could. Now I don't have to worry about making payments when now all I want to do is throw in the 8.8 I got a while back!
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I think the novelty of any car wears off. I haven't even had my Civic Si for a year and I'm tired of it. It's costing $510 a month to drive w/o gas(but at least it's decent mileage).

I guess I think like you, is this really worth that much a month to drive? Nope.. going used next time for sure.

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I bought my Jeep cash this year. I bought it for a winter beater/project. Then I fell in love with it, and fell victim to the Jeep modding syndrome. I don't drive it everyday. I have my 2004 F-350 for that. I pay it this year, and you know something. The only thing I regret about it is modding it to the point where I broke three transmissions, warped a set of heads, and over spun the turbo. Otherwise, I'll buy another new truck within a year or so.

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I bought my Jeep spring of 2008 for $2000 I earned fishing the summer prior. I'm currently enrolled at a local community college and live at home. Despite having to live with my parents, I appreciate living at home. I have monthly expenses of like $500, and with the merit based scholarships I pay about $2000 per semester for school.

I'm not a big fan of debt. I could be going be paying $25K/year to go to a big university, but I'm not. Yeah, I went to a tech school, but I was accepted into every college I applied to. I chose not to go; I find it outrageous the exorbitant the cost of going to a big boy school costs, and for what? Just because it's a C.C. doesn't mean there's less information. It's not like the professor stops and says "well, I'm sorry, but because you're at a C.C. I'm going to have to stop here"

There's always an alternative option, you can find a way to make it work.

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i'm a jeeper. i can't drive anything else. rentals at showsites, or while on my infrequent vacations, the cars they bring out for fun, or the ones they bring out to race our jets (Blue Devil, the Tesla roadster thing). well, they are fun for a minute, but i LOVE my jeep. LOVE.

it's a jeep thing, i guess you just don't understand.

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