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Rubicon Closure

Time to get pissed!

Matt Osburn

Matt Osburn
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I saw that yesterday. Land closure's are happening everywhere, doesn't surprise me at all. I think we will have to start buying land to wheel on, like TMTC and such are doing.
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I'm with Feep, you almost have no choice but to buy your own land to wheel on. This trend of closing off land to 4x4s will continue. Soon the only places to wheel will be private land. So buy it why you can. Or you can always pay to go into a private park. This trend sucks but it is inevitable that all public land will eventually be closed to wheeling. This sucks.

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I'm new, and just read this. My thoughts are that if people would learn how to do it right and stop screwing around and destroying the land, then maybe they'd stop closing it off!
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I live in Michigan, and any trail worth driving a bicycle down has been closed, with the exception of Silver lake sand dunes, which is controlled and made profitable by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
I'm not going to just stand around looking at closed gates, or worry about tresspass tickets. private land, I will leave alone, but all of the public trails should have remained public. Let them try to take my Jeep, and they will find their econo boxes like this(sorry about the pic size, I'm pissed!)

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since some people spray grafitti on govt buildings, should we close those off to the public to? punishing all of society because of the actions of a few sounds like a good idea just not to me. If my logic is flawed please feel free to point out my stupidity but until then I will live happily in my ignorance.

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I agree with Sport.

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It will be a truely sad day if the the Rubicon closes.

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There will allways be a battle between granola munching tree huggers and us wheelers. Pardon me but didnt I get into a fight with some of you on this issue before?
Seems that I was like I thought right all along about hippies.
Ohh and for you folks that belong to the Sierra Club and other groups of that nature your money only goes to government agencies that close down parks.
Use that cash and put it towards some land.
Moab is on the list of closures to.
So again I reiterate, I hate hippies, I hate bleeding heart liberals and worst of all I hate rich bleeding heart liberals that buy TJs for thier pozer punk kids!
I dont care if you dont agree with me, I dont care if you go out and fish while you wheel. I really really dont. Enjoy yourself now because thier wont be anything left for future generations.
Clinton admin and the socialistic democrats that are still in office today have closed down much of the land in these last 8 years.
Next time instead of being armchair warriors go out and vote right. Their are 20 people who dont vote because they think well of course such and such a bill will be passed, but you have to remember this folks.
The plain and simple fact of the matter is that the middle class are out numbered and our numbers are getting smaller with each generation. Not to be racist or classist but their are more poor and ethnic people out there who vote democrat. Also too many people are getting to the point where they just dont care and roll over. Vote hard and strong to get the word out, because a bill is going to be passed that wont allow any group of any sort to support any politician two months before the election. Make what you say and do stick like glue!
I have pounded pavement, painted my political opinion on my Jeep,and supported those in politics that will do the least damage. Republicans are turning tail and switching over to the Demo-Demon side, this for those of you who are not in politics is a political coup ( pronounced Kuu like kuu kuu not like coop, where you can hear cluck clucks)which is a tiny revoulution. Wars in our own country have started over less than that.
C'Mon people, if I can do it so can you.
We can sit here and email B*tch letters back and forth but really does that accomplish anything? Does replying to me 6 dozen times to tell me how much you disagree with what I have said get anything done? Use that energy and write your congressman a letter.
I have a huge pile of letters from my reps, so many that I could probably wallpaper a good sized bathroom with them.
So if I offended you take that anger and put it towards a political effort.

Stop all this silliness stop it I say!! And now for something completely different.
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Eddie H.
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It will truly be a sad day when the 'con is closed. Unfortunately it is going to happened more and more often. We need some way to stop it or at least a way to protest it. Is their someone we can contact to argue this or petition to?? If anyone knows please post. I'll definetly put my 2 cents in. If we band together maybe we can make a difference.
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Here some helpfull links:

1-202-456-1414 Switch Board

1-202-456-2461 Fax

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C 20500

The petitions I use for the Right To Carry are a dime a dozen on the net, so no one has to use any brain power or jump through the legal hoops of writing up one.
If you need some help or some links let me know, I would love to help.


Stop all this silliness stop it I say!! And now for something completely different.
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I forgot all aobut this thread. Well there's good news on this issue. The Rubicon is not going to be closed nor even gated for part of the year as was proposed. Instead, several four wheelers have gotten together and formed a group called "Friends of the Rubicon." FOTR has worked hard with the government agencies tasked with curbing the runoff problem and worked out an agreement.

For the straight scoop:

Matt Osburn
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Ya know, I may be a relatively new face around here, but I've been wheelin for years. even before I got my liscense and was on 4-wheelers. I HATE the idea of a bunch of tree hugging, salad eating, grass kissing anals deciding when, where, and if I can go wheel. This is a free country as that ******* in the whitehouse wants us to think. So why am I not able to use my freedom as I see fit? I think we should start our own group. If it works for the hippies, it can work for us.

We could organize events like the million Jeep ride or something and show Bush whats up. Tell the government what we want and that we will do whatever it takes to get it. Face it, Even president retard would have to listen with a couple thousand Jeeps parked in his front yard.

Honestly, these tree hugers think they have it all figured out. do they stop and think about the environmental impact of the cannabis they smoke? or of the other mind altering drugs they use. Do they consider the fact that those granola bar wrappers and coffee cups take like a gazillion years to bio-degrate? Hell no!!! All they care about is ruinin others fun because they are too anal to enjoy themselves without the aid of illegal substances.

Ok, I'm Done. Vent suit off.

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The biggest problem is the people who don't know better. Writing letters to the government won't change those people. The best defence is a good offence .. take your message of safe 4wheeling to the streets, to the schools, to congress in mass demonstrations.

The enviro group that I belong to is called Alberta United Recreationists Society (AURS) and we spend our time and energies getting the elected officials out to the back country to see what we enjoy. We also spend time with schools teaching responsible usage of the back country.

What we all need to do is:
  • Have large organized cleanup days of our play grounds
  • Invite ministers of environment, mla's, heads of state and such out to your cleanup days
  • Invite the media to show that we care
  • Write letters and petitions
  • Teach!!!

This isn't the be-all and end-all of the things we should be doing .. just a start. Visit our organizations website and see what all we do (lots of great pictures too!)


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