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Jub Jub
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Roll-On Paint Job.... beefsteW style!!!

********PAGE 8 FOR PICTURES OF TRUCK 8 MONTHS LATER, notice how well the paint has held up********

Member beefsteW has decided to show the general public his project for the past week....

Earlier this year, roughly September 24th of the O-Eight year, beefsteW purchased a vehicle for the unbelievably low price of one thousand U.S. dollars! Said vehicle was for the most part a 1990 GMC K/1500, Sierra. The Truck that was now a possession of beefsteW had a custom five tone primer paint job.... Member beefsteW loved his new mode of transportation and all the character that came with it, but felt he needed to do something about the appearance, since to the untrained eye it would appear to look like a pile of scrap metal.... member beefsteW decided to name his new truck Frankenstein, a fitting name considering Frankenstein was made of many many parts of other trucks, put together to make one impressive monster beast!!! Also, member beefsteW really really enjoys saying "ITS ALIVE!!!" when Frankenstein eventually starts up... Pictures of said Frankenstein can be found below....

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Frankenstein!

So, to get on with things.... member beefsteW was now on a mission to paint Frankenstein and make it more appealing to the general public. But beefsteW was in a dreadful conundrum. It was winter time and and too chilly for a typical cheapo spray bomb paint job... not to mention member beefsteW is a college kid who spends what ever money he has on beer, thus ruling out the idea of a real high quality paintjob. So what did beefsteW do you ask??? Well he stumbled upon a thread in another car forum that spoke of the legendary 50 dollar paint job.... that was rolled on.

These are member beefsteW and Frankenstein.... and this is their story...

First, member beefsteW removed all of the trim from that Frankenstein o so loved and cherished, such as Frankenstein's ultra rare custom alteza/euro taillights and super nifty rain guards for the windows!

Once beefsteW stripped down Frankenstein, he gave Frankenstein and exfoliating sand bath... or as the general public may understand, beefstew sanded and prepped Frankenstein. Frankenstein is very ticklish and did not like this at all....

During the previous process, beefsteW realized how truly chilly it was in his tiny uninsulated garage.... He resorted to producing some sort of heat.....

Below we shall see a ceramic heat lamp that is intended for domestic reptile heat.... From this day forth it shall be known as a hanging human heater!

Here we can see the worlds smallest space heater... From this day forth to be known as a waste of beefsteW's money....

and finally, here we have a light.... truly a beauty!!!

Yes... now things where heating up!!!!

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Jub Jub
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Since member beefsteW had finally created heat.... He felt he should see what kinda heat he was generating.... he then took a terrarium thermometer and converted it to an outdoor thermometer.... see below

With Frankenstein and beefsteW now comfortable at a warm but incredibly chilly fifty degrees that seemed to vary greatly throughout the week.... beefsteW was now ready to gather the ingredients to accomplish such a painting job!

BeesteW made a great journey at the expense of all of his friends to drive his cute little toosh all over town to find adequate traders who he could barter with!!! After making transactions at a large market known by the locals as "Home Depot" beefsteW was now ready to begin.

ingredients to said paint job are below...
they include the following:
foam brush rollers (high density)
Painters Tape
Mineral Spirits
sandpapers.... lots of grits...
and clearly paint (Rustoleum)

BeefsteW then took his newly aquired mineral spirits and mixed it with his newly acquired paint.... see below

BeefsteW then wiped all of the dust and dirt that was left over on Franky from the extensive sanding... Using mineral spirits on a rag beefsteW was able to clean Franky very well.... once dry the awesomeness ensued.... see below

first coat on Franky's hood

Making progress

first coat

Frankenstein would also like to take this time to explain to the general public that he wanted to look like a pumpkin.... that is why he decided to have member beefsteW buy the special ALLICE CHALMERS ORANGE.... for those of you who want other colors here is a link to said colors offered by Rustoleum....

Also, beefsteW would like to mention.... You can have them tinted so you can pretty much get any color you want....

Member beefsteW would like to take this time to explain what a pain in the toosh it was to do this job... Since Frankenstein was soooo dang big and beefsteW's garage was itty bitty.... there was just inches to spare.... both height and length! ... see below


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Jub Jub
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After every 3 coats of paint rolled on ever so carefully.... member beefsteW then wetsanded Franky.... Franky, again did not enjoy this due to his hatred for being tickled... but he allowed it since it was not as bad as dry sanding....

BeefsteW then repeated said process over and over... applying a total of 8 layers of paint to Frankenstein.... BeefsteW did not prime Franky before rolling said paint on.... He simply sanded using 80 grit then 220 grit... this took him quite some time since Franky was an old dirty bastard... not to mention the blemishes on Franky's body... BeefsteW found himself with bondo stuck all over himself after doing surgery and repairing all of Franky's bad spots...

To recap, the process was as follows....
1. Sand and prep...
2. roll on paint.... do not forget to thin it very thin with mineral spirits....
3. every few coats, wet sand and progressively use finer grits... finishing with 1500
4. Buff using a polishing compound... then apply a wax... member beefsteW prefers the original turtle wax!!!
5. Enjoy...

there is no clear coat and there is still a very great shine... Franky's shine may not be as deep as some fancy show cars, but for fifty bux it is damn impressive...

beefsteW just finished waxing just a few hours ago, and as such, Franky does not have all his awesome and cool accessories currently on... see below for final pics...

member beefsteW is concerned that the general public my not truly get a feel for the true quality of this paint job due to the pictures not giving it justice... it is very shiny and very strong... member beefsteW prides himself on how strong his fingernails are.... he was unable to put a scratch in his 50 dollar paint job when he tested in a very inconspicuous place...

here are more pics with and without flashes... more pictures shall come tomorrow when Franky is put back together and is outside in the snow... perhaps the pictures will yield better shine in the sunlight!!!

It is almost 6AM for member beefsteW... he is going to go to bed now...

feel free to ask any questions, and he will be more than pleased to answer them....

Thank you all, and goodnight!!!!

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Actually looks pretty good. Not bad at all for roll on.

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Texas ZJ1
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beefstew should be proud of smeagil...sorry beefstew.


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Looks damn good to me... Good write up too.

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I have to admit for roll on its def. not bad

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Looks like some of the redneck trucks that drive around here with a giant "20" on the side with a bunch of sponsers on the fenders. Looks great for $50

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member beefstew needs to drop the latent worship of former member WenieD . . . he wasn't funny and thus neither are you

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Looks like he spent more in beer for the windshield protection than the paint job.

Lovin' the Keystone Light!!

Nice job!

A quote from my wife: "I don't even want to know how much it cost, I'm not in the mood to be that pissed off today."
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it looks good but is that a drip on the windshield?

does Frankenstein like that
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Beef...looks good man, i'd shake your hand but....oh that's another thread
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after reading your post all the text on this website looks tiny!

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Originally Posted by vitapimp View Post
after reading your post all the text on this website looks tiny!
now you know how all the guys in the locker room at the gym feel like when I walk in the room

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Originally Posted by martinsburgjeep View Post
now you know how all the guys in the locker room at the gym feel like when I walk in the room
After reading "I HAVE A SMALL *****" in big letters on your t-shirt, all of the words on the locker room signs look small?

Originally Posted by GasAxe View Post
The lesson for today is never steal a Playstation from a Baltimore Samurai.
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