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bakerja95 08-26-2001 12:04 AM

oil filter study
Hello all!
Guess I kinda painted myself into a corner here, I had to have my 'puter re-everythinged and forgot to save my links.
Well, I had that famous Oil Filter Study bookmarked for referance and it got erased.
If anyone could please send me the url or address, it would be much appreciated. Thank you all.
James Baker
:mad: this is me, in that GD seattle rush (24)hour.

bakerja95 08-26-2001 12:17 AM

Well, I found it not 10 minutes or less after posting! I guess those things lost are always found the last place you look! ;)
Here it is for all you folks out there who didnt know what in the heck I was talking about!
Pretty useful and thought provoking information! Read it!

nullOil Filter Test

thank you all!
James Baker

wrongway 08-26-2001 03:25 AM

You started it. Whats the best oil and filter for these 6 bangers?

The time now is 05:29 PM.

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