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Originally Posted by severous01
all i gotta say is:

NON independent front diff
excellent transfer case options
extremely aftermarket friendly

and if it were me...and i had an option of a xj or some other'd be a durango, not an explorer.

i hate ford...try changing the plugs and wires on one of your 'explorers'....should be called an exploder. front wheel bearings MIGHT last 60k miles, engine might make it to 125k, and the trans WILL blow by 100k. costing you thousands to fix. and if you're thinking v-8 power...i hope you like to waste 6.5 hours changing plugs. and dont even get me started on water pump and alternator changes...ugh.

but on the good hand, explorers are cheap, the rear is great, comfort and ride quality are good, i like the style and feel of the interiors, and i do like the wheels.

Thats all I gotta say...
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Oh yea, my parent's 2000 mountaineer is a gutless pig compared to my xj on 31s. xj has more ground clearance. xj is lighter. xj has better t-case options(no push button electronic garbage).
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theres a reason the old jeep is as expensive as the new ford..quality

big lift, sick tires, awsome accessories, alot of custom work.

my jeep won the war, your honda mows my lawn
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Its all apples to oranges.

You are comparing two different vehicles with two different ideas. a jeep is off road oriented, and explorer is more on road. I had a 93 explorer with 215K on the clock for 6 years, and no issues at all until I was running around rabbit ears pass in CO, and tore off my flex plate. I can rebuild any FORD transmition for about $350. Thats not expensive. My 1992 XJ is a solid piece of ****. Hasn't left my driveway since the day I bought it. It all depends on the condition of the vehicle when you buy it, and how hard you are going to drive it. My Explorer went many places people said it couldn't go. Alot of driving is all about the driver, not the vehicle.

I like the look of all jeeps, but so far, I am NOT impressed.
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Originally Posted by 91YJ4X4
OK guys just from reading the title you prolly wanna kill me for asking. But just hear me out. I'm a jeep guy all the way, had a few wranglers no XJs tho. My brother is looking for a 4x4 SUV, under 3000, and American . His best options seem to be a XJ or an Explorer. I see that a lot of guys throw the 8.8 in your jeeps. So my question is what makes the jeeps better than an explorer, Ford obviously has a better rear, seems to me the V8 would be more desirable. Anifi may ask, I know I am on a Jeep site, but can I get a least a few un-biased opinions, I am just trying to have my bro get the best vehicle for his money. Thanks alot guys,

I think it depends on what year he'll be looking at in either make. Some model years are better then others in both brands.

Having owned a '93 Explorer many years ago, and comparing it to my '96 XJ, the only things I can think of that the Ford had up on the Jeep was ride and interior space.

I'm not sure I'd opt for a V8 these days, with gas prices as they are, especially if he's going to be driving alot of highway miles. Not that either will win any MPG awards.

In my opinion, an XJ is going to be much simpler to own and maintain, especially with a brother (you) who has a strong background with Jeeps.... Just a thought.

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Originally Posted by CanadianJeep86
True the solid axle has its advantages, but it all depends what your trying to do.
In some situations IFS is better, look at those rally trucks that run through the desert for example. They are running over 500hp, jumping 10, sometimes 15 feet into the air all day long and never break down. Could an ordinary solid axle do that? Hell even the Army uses IFS in their hummers and what not.
So while you may be entitled to your opinion, it all depends on what the person is trying to do with it
those trucks are also 2wd, i gaurentee youll never see a 4wd ifs truck/suv ever come close to a jump like that, the torsion bars will most likely snap in half, along with the cv shafts breaking...

the hummers in the army are much different than a civilian vehicle. they have geared hubs so theres alot less stress on the axles

big lift, sick tires, awsome accessories, alot of custom work.

my jeep won the war, your honda mows my lawn
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Coming from the mustang world Explorers are good for one thing: parts. Aluminum 4.6 blocks and intake manifolds/heads for the 5.0s.

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Ask Mr. Owl
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XJ by all means. The Chrysler 8.25 isn't a bad axle, try to find one with that.
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1. 4.0 is unstoppable- reasonably powerful too
2. 2 solid axles
3. parts are easily accessed and reasonably priced
4. better looking
5. for 3000 you can buy more xj than explorer
6. better durability overall
7. retains better gas mileage w/ lift
8. has this incredible forum answer every question known to jeepdom

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XJs suspension is VERY flexible and forgiving just like the Wranglers, only it has a slightly longer wheelbase for more room...XJs also weigh less than Wranglers, CJs and Explorers, when you combine that with the similarity of Wrangler flexibility you have an SUV that will go damn near anywhere. Jeeps are the oldest and most popular offroad vehicle for one reason and one reason only.....anyone that's serious about 4x4 capability buys one. Not to mention that the 4.0 is one of the best and most durable six cylinders ever made, it rivals a lot of V8s but can still get 15-20mpg when well $3.00+ gallon fuel usage is VERY important. I would compare Explorers to something like Grand Cherokees, they're nice trucks but they're less brawn and more foo-foo...XJs are simply built to get the job done.


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Originally Posted by lifted92xj
the hummers in the army are much different than a civilian vehicle. they have geared hubs so theres alot less stress on the axles
Very true, they also don't have hub mounted disc brakes, so less weight and rotational inertia. All said though, HMMWV's aren't all that great. They are just as easily broken, and a 10-15 foot jump is likely to kill you as well as the HMMWV. We "accidently" had a 5 foot jump in one, one time, and blew all of the cv's at the same time. Even at the low speed, the impact hurt, bad. It's also a 12K lbs truck armored and full of ammo and troops. Its still all apples to oranges folks.
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Well, I has a 92 Explorer 4x4, 5 speed. Great vehicle. It was also pretty decent offroad. Not the cheapest thing to lift. Wasn't the fastest SUV on the road but a great work horse. I'd still have it but at the time I needed the money.
It was the auto Trans that had the problems, the manuals lasted much longer.

Originally Posted by 5-90
This is an online forum, and the written word is the primary method of communication. If you make an effort to communicate clearly, people will be willing to communicate in return. If you don't make an effort, I don't see why I should - write like an idiot, and I'm going to think you're an idiot, that's just how things work.
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i had a 95 explorer with the 4.0 it was a good suv to have.
it ended up leaving me at 176,000 miles original engine trans etc it never gave me any real problems besides brakes wheel seal tensioner pulley.
i never changed an alt or ps pump or anything like that not even water pump..
the trans if auto are a little weak..
they are bigger than an xj they are heavier they will tow more you can get a v-8 in them.. but if its gogin offroad you might as well get a jeep that why i bought mine.. and i had already done the shackles and torsion bar twist and was gogin to put 31's on it.. sold it for my xj and im happy wish the cargo was a hair bigger but ill get over it..

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Originally Posted by 91YJ4X4
good to know, thanks.

forgot to add he will be doing some light wheeling with it, maybe susp. lift a few inches and 32 or 33. but alotta highway driving as well
As many have said, it's not entirely fair to compare an XJ with an Exploder. A ZJ would be more compareable (midsize, avail. V8, price range, etc). Either way, get the Jeep if you plan to do any wheeling. The only desireable part of the Ford is it's rear axle (which you don't even need if you get a ZJ with a D44A rear). As mentioned, torsion bars suck big time, and even though theoretically the Ford should be able to take more abuse being body-on-frame, it's strictly a paved road vehicle, as compared to an XJ/ZJ, which we be able to take on 'light wheeling' bone stock, and are virtually indestructible ().

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Looking for a WK2 full size spare tire and 18" rims
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I had a 93 explorer with 6" suspension and 33's. It was a beast, i absolutely loved it and it never failed me off road.

I would love to discuss why so many people claim the explorer is a strictly on road vehicle, my guess it they've never seen one off road or if they did it was probably stock. No one will argue a stock explorer vs a stock jeep. But a modified explorer can handle itself very well.

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