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Obama 11 15.71%
Huckabee 30 42.86%
other 26 37.14%
no one 3 4.29%
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post #16 of 78 Old 01-04-2008, 12:36 AM
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I caucused for Huckabee tonight. Woot first time! Sad thing was I was the only person there that looked under 20

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PM Thor
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Obama is much more electable nationally than Hillary on the dem side.

Huckabee? I don't know enough about the guy.

This is the point of the primaries though. It lets people find out more about the candidates, get more specific stuff.

It's simply useless to argue on the interwebs. It's akin to arguing with a toddler. Doing so only makes you look silly and they always poop their pants.
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Huckabee has some really great ideas and I love his demeanor, but there are a few things he supports that I just don't know if I can get past. I love his support of a national sales tax. He is the only candidate that I can remember who has any grasp of what is important in education-music and arts (music mainly). Students who study and understand music are smarter, more creative, and more motivated. Period. It sounds wishy-washy, but the maths, English, sciences, and even the social sciences fall into place as a result. He is a staunch supporter of the second amendment. Nuff said. Energy independence and environmental sustainability is an important issue for him. What's great about this coming from a Republican is that he can implement policies that can bring about real improvement rather than just tearing apart large industries and hurting the economy as a result. His ideas on health care doesn't solve the coverage issue, but I really like that he is standing up and stating something that should be blatantly obvious to all of us- America is unhealthy and we chose to be that way. If we make better choices our costs will come down. He supports veterans and wants to make some real changes. If there is any place that the Federal government should be wasting dollars it is on making sure the vets get what they are entitled to.

Some of the things that really bother me though is his desire to tack new amendments to the constitution. Gay marraige is a petty issue. It really is and has no place in our sacred (at least IMO) Constitution. The abortion issue is much less petty, but it is really a state issue. We cannot afford to waste resources and time on those things when we are fighting two wars, are about to experience a likely unprecedented crime wave as meth enters our cities, and are broke with much of our debt (both public and private) being held in China. I also don't like the fact that he will provide more of the same in the so called war on terror. Now I have no doubt that he could manage it much better than Bush is, but I still find the policies that come about as a result of any "war" to be narrow minded and have little regard for long term consequences.

As for Obama, I don't support his politics, and his lack of support for the second amendment is especially troublesome. I know the war in Iraq is unpopular, but by the time a new President takes office who knows what the situation will be. It may be much worse, but there could also be further improvements. To say blatently that we should withdraw may be a bit shortsighted. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see us out of Iraq, but not if it truly isn't in our best interest. And we do owe the Iraqis something. We tore up their country and should at least try to help them get on their feet. I could still vote for Obama because of his character alone if I don't like the Republican candidate. I may not agree with his politics, but I don't think he would harm this country even if he does things that I would rather us not do. He will also help our standing with the rest of the west. I have no doubt about that. He has the potential to be a great statesman.

I could go on about other candidates, but these are two of the three most compelling candidates running and I'm glad to see that they are starting strong (though it means nothing, didn't clinton have 3% in Iowa?). I am glad that Guiliani came in second to last. I will very rarely say this about our politicians, even those who I vehemently disagree with, but he is a piece of ****. I would have like to see Edwards edge out Clinton, not because I like him, but because I want him to take even more attention away from her. Of course this being the internet we can't overlook Paul. Considering he has been polling at 6% the fact that he gained ten percent in Iowa is interesting. He chose to concentrate much more on NH because there is a more prevelent Libertarian mindset there and it is not unimportant that he actually earned 2 delegates in Iowa while Guiliani earned none. I would have like to see Mcain edge out Thompson because I truly respect him even if I wouldn't vote for him in a Presidential election. There are some politicians who I believe belong in Congress (Paul is another) because they do good things there.

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if Iowa gets to start this thing, then why don,t they end it also. how about an Iowa farmer for president? what do you think?

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post #20 of 78 Old 01-04-2008, 01:21 AM
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Last numbers I saw had Obama at 38%, Edwards at 30% and Clinton at 29%

That said, it's way too early to start getting excited about Obama getting the nomination just yet

Due to lack of interest, tomorrow has been canceled
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Originally Posted by Scs748
We need good healthcare more then anything,... the health care is just too important and republicans aren't doing anything to fix it
don't take this as a flame, but IMHO, maybe U should educate yourself on this a little more.
the US already has the best health care on the planet... bar none!
free health care "sounds" great, but first off... it WOULD NOT be free, and further more, it would screw up a system that is already way too far turning towards socialized health care as it stands already. (see post 5)
don't blame republicans... the whole thing has been a snowball effect for the last 30-40 years.
As kisrocks said, low income people already get health care... and its against the law for a hospital to turn away anyone who needs emergency care reguardless if they can pay or not.

But,... if U want Doctor Dicknerd, who got their degree from Timbucktwo Tech, after only 6 months of med skool, taking out your cancerous prostate or colon, then go for it... go ahead and vote for scocialized health care... that would be of course after waiting 10 months or more to be approved,... like in Canada and the UK in some cases... and also assuming U did'nt die prior to that!

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Just a quick word about the UK health system, the long waiting lists are only for low priority surgeries, things like hip replacements.

Surgeries and procedures that are urgent or at least time critical such as cancer are dealt with pretty rapidly.

Having had experience with both, I'd put the UK NHS about on a par with Kaiser Permanente.

Due to lack of interest, tomorrow has been canceled

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post #23 of 78 Old 01-04-2008, 01:56 AM
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hence the word "some",... just to get the point across.

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Originally Posted by Scs748
so who are gonna vote for?

I voted for Obama, We need good healthcare more then anything, even though i disagree with a lot of things about him like gun control, the health care is just too important and republicans aren't doing anything to fix it

You are no better than the leeches of society. It is what kind of free stuff am I going to get from the government if Obama/Clinton/etc et al gets voted in.

Some people need welfare, however, some who are on welfare only abuse it because they don't actually have to do anything to receive it.

It looks like if someone you disagree with on most things will get you one thing free, he's your man. What about all of the other garbage that comes with that "freebie"? Who the hell is going to pay for your "free" healthcare? It will be the tax payers.

What don't people understand about "free" government programs? It ultimately comes down to the taxpayer (middle class America) that pays for most of society's problems.

For once, society should have to reap what it has sown. If you don't have healthcare, find a way to get it, ie. get a job other than McDonalds. Maybe after a while, people will realize that nothing is free and that it actually costs them money.

Every single gripe of yours is how you don't have healthcare, or healthcare being expensive or this and that. Prioritize. Maybe your Jeep doesn't need that 6" lift kit and you'd like some healthcare. Maybe you don't need to put in that new stereo system from Best Buy. Maybe you don't need a lot of things because one of your basic needs, being healthy, isn't being met.

Like my signature says, "work harder because millions on welfare depend on you". Welfare is an outdated system that only breeds more federal leeches because nothing is done about it. Not everyone on welfare is a leech, but there are a lot of them.

Privatization is the best way to go. The less government in the private sector, the more efficiency.

Work harder! Millions on welfare depend on you!
Originally Posted by kairo
Or you could go back to filling your bleeding mouth with tobacco
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Vote Republican

Obama is just riding on the wings of new age hippies. Yup I said it. Since 9-11 a new breed of hippies has been born. They are so worried about the lives of others, they have lost sight of their own lives. They try to help everyone. And as anyone who has been alive for more then a year knows, YOU CAN'T. I look at a political candidate and wonder what they can do to help me. I have a job and an education. And yes the government helped me get it, but this opportunity is just the same for all of us. I would never vote for a democrat because I want my money to be MY money. Not someone else's. I don't really care much about the people without health care, I already have it. I don't care about education, If your kids are not getting what you think is a good education, home school them, but remember most of us are products of our failing education system. All I want is my money to stay in MY pocket. Yet we still need you damn hippies to say what you do so us true Americans don't all look like we all don't care about anybody else. Oh yea if you want health insurance, free education, a roof over your head, and free food. Join the armed services and help us all. VOTE REPUBLICAN
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post #26 of 78 Old 01-04-2008, 05:04 AM
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I'm surprised Ron Paul did somewhat respectable. Hell, he even beat Gulianni.

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I like Ron Paul. Just don't think he has a chance. But Obama, come on. That guy has only been a Senator for 2 years. There is no way I would vote for someone with that little political experience.
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post #28 of 78 Old 01-04-2008, 06:09 AM
Stupid is as Stupid does
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Huckabee + Norris = Win

Originally Posted by martinsburgjeep
Don't knock low standards, if your dad didn't have them you wouldn't be here to argue with us.
Originally Posted by BlueTeeJay
That'd suck. You must not go topless as much as I do.
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to get more information.
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post #29 of 78 Old 01-04-2008, 08:24 AM
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If its all the Republicans fault that there isnt anything "done" about healthcare - how come we had 8 years of Bill Clinton not doing anything about it either? If Bill was so great, he would had a healthcare system in place already, right?

Fact is - it isnt George Bush's fault that our healthcare system is the way it is today - its all the liberal "free-ride" programs. The government gets a hold of something - bloats it, makes it inefficient, and screws it up by employing people that couldnt find their way out of a paper bag in the name of "equality". IN SPITE of the government - we still have the best healthcare in the world.

You really want the same people from the post office, IRS, and DMV running your healthcare? Now I know why liberals get voted into office every now and then - SOMEBODY has to be voting for them. Heck - in some ways GW has been the most liberal president we have had in a long time. And the Dems still complain. Complain, complain complain.... Then they get a Clinton in for 8 years - ride up the Y2K buzz and basically do NOTHING except be corrupt.... Think back to the greatest President's ever - even before the "Republican and Democrat" days. Most all the greatest ones were conservative in some way or another. Dont get me wrong - we need you tree-hugging hippies that want to "share the land" and "imagine all the people living life in peace" to balance out the other end - the people that would seel their mother out and dump toxic waste on a Kindercare.....

The answer is in the middle....

Funny thing today, I almost fell off the treadmill watching the news at the YMCA. They had the closed caption turned on - and when they discussed "Barack Obama" - the closed caption computer "heard" it as "New Hamas"

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Originally Posted by kiksroks
Bottom line, if you can't afford health coverage you should work harder or smarter, or whatever you have to, but you should never depend on the government for anything or you will end up like all of those people stuck on their rooftops in the Katrina aftermath.

How about if you are 33 years old and have had a heart condition since you where 21. Applied to and was rejected to over 10 different health care plans?

Then sign up for "chips" Basically the states health care plan, First monthly bill was $800.00. Not affordable. I did this for three months until I felt I couldn't draw out of my savings any more.

I make to much money to get on any "social plan".

You can't work any harder than I do. 80+ hours a week, outside in weather extremes.

I tend to agree with keeping most medical private, but there has to be some kind of help for people who are "working" and can not afford medical insurance!

Believe it or not, there are people in this country who work hard and live right that are on the short end of the stick when it comes to health care.


Originally Posted by JeepGirl04 View Post
when it doubt... pull it out

Matthew 6, 5-6 Read it, Follow it.
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