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usmarine0352 09-06-2013 11:38 AM

HELP! High Idle with Clutch depressed
I'm in a bind and could use some help....I'm an hour from home and have a mechanical problem with no tools or manuals with me. I have a 92 YJ 4.0 that was running fine. Came to a stop light, went to go when it was green, put it in first and began to release the clutch, it made an awful grinding noise and stalled. I got it started again but my check engine light came on and when I depress the clutch to shift gears, rather than idling down, it idles up to around 2200 RPM. When the clutch is released and the gear catches, it drops down to 1200 as it should.

I've read that it could be a computer (fuel injected) issue or a vacuum issue but have no idea how to fix on the road. Any ideas?

Indy 09-06-2013 01:08 PM

If its a computer issue, you're not going to fix it on the road. If its a vacuum, its doubtfull you'll fix it on the road. There are a billion places you could be leaking vacuum from. Short of seeing a blown or disconnected hose, its a lot of troubleshooting.

But since it started and revolves around the clutch, I'd be looking around the hydraulic area.

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