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waking up next to a fat chick after a long night of drinking?
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Is this your son?

Sold the 98 TJ Sahara. Buying another Jeep soon!
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Originally Posted by 10achik
I've got a stereo in the garage that does the same thing, but after some investigation, I found out that when the power flickers it will turn it on. Now the christian station, I can't explain other then if it automatically flips back to one at the front of the range like 88.1 or something like that. Mine will stay on whatever station it was on.
I would agree if it didnt have a switch that you have to manually slide to the on position. I would also agree about the station part as well, but the Spongebob Squarepants radio doesnt have the digital controls....you have to tune it by hand. Damn that Spongebob!!!!

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Originally Posted by Sparky05
I think I may know the reason for your radio mystery. Maybe not.

One night I heard a strangers voice coming from upstairs in my son's room. I ran up there and saw no one. It happened again a while later. We later moved his old computer speakers down to the den and one night I heard Christian radio broadcasts coming through the speakers, even though they were turned off. They were turned off, but at night, this can happen. The speakers act as an antenna and pick up stray AM radio stations.
Are you so sure this isn't what happened? Now if the power switch was on and lights working then that wouldn't explain it of course.
Wow, thats some crazy stuff!!! I'd be chunking those speakers. Nope switch was on.

We even tried to trick my Son into trying to climb up and turn it on, the little dork almost killed himself stacking stuff to get up to it, no way he could turn in on.

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This one time I was in the basement of my parents house throwing some logs into the furnace and I saw that the coals had to be raked forward a bit, so I used a short 2 1/2 foot long garden hoe to do so. After I raked the coals, I took the hoe and balanced it on the edge a nearby trash can sorta like you'd balance a pencil on your finger. There was no way it could fall because the end of the hoe is heavy and acts as a good counter balance. Well...I toss a few logs in and I hear a sound behind me. As I turn around, the hoe starts wobbling back and forth then sorta does a back flip off of the trash can and lands of the ground about 2 feet away. I slowly looked into the can to see if something was in it and it was empty. It was strange...that basement is strange...

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Good thread. Read every post and many of them gave me some serious
Now I'm going to go try to go to bed
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Originally Posted by hansimusmaximus
one night when i was laying on my back trying to fall asleep i completely lost my muscle control. it was like being paralyzed. it only lasted about 1-2 mins but it scared the shiz out of me! i was completely conscious and terrified. i later found out that it is a very rare condition called sleep paralysis, symptoms exactly like i experienced. but that was the first and only time it had (and has) ever happened...but the wierd thing is that the exact same thing happened that night to my dad, too. first and only time he ever experienced it too.....

I had this happen once also, only I felt like i had someone standing over me. It scared the BAJESUS out of me! Its an awful feeling not being able to move.

Alot of these storys are giving me chills. But it also makes me think "whats after death" In away its creepy, in other ways its comforting. The story of the dog barking, and the dream of talking to your dad is kinda cool imo.
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^I've had that happen to me more than once and there is a very thick/noisy feeling in the air when it happens, I swear it is the presence of a demon in the room. It would happen after a very stressful day when I'd have a lot on my mind. As soon as I would feel this going on I'd start quoting any scripture I could think of and it would go away in seconds and I'd be able to fall asleep in minuets.

I am not some ghost nut or religious wacko, but I am a Christan and do believe that supernatural (not the right word but you get the idea) powers are out there. God and the devil are both very real.
But with that said I bet many things written in this thread can be explained by drugs or alcohol.

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In the mornings when I go to take a shower I close the door and then lock it. And while I am in there I hear the door handle click like someone is trying to open the door. This has happened everyday for the past 9 or 10 years. It only happens when I am taking a shower, any other time the door is locked nothing happens. So one day I decided to do a test. I left the door unlocked, and sure enough about a couple minutes later the door opens all the way. That was a few years ago and everytime i leave it unlocked this happens. So every morning to this day I hear the door handle click.

Oh and I have one more. I used to have dreams where I would dream I did something, and then wake up to find that I actually did it. Not in the sense of sleepwalking, which I used to do a lot too. I remember not having any control of my body and thinking why is this happening and why cant i stop what I am doing. For instance, one night I had a one of these, and I dreamt I jumped out of bed and did a ran into my bath room and took all the toilet paper off the roll and went back to bed. When I woke up the next morning all the TP was on the floor. And no I wasnt just awake the whole time and being wierd. ha

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I rented a downstairs bedroom from my mother in law to be in the old farmhouse she was renting my senior year of college. My twin 4 year old nieces were on her bed looking out the window and asked her why there was an old man wearing a straw hat and overalls sitting on the roof over the front porch. Come to find out the farmers wife always wore one of the old mans hats and overalls when she was out in the yard gardening!
The living room was arranged so that the couch faced the front door. I was watching TV late at night by myself with the cat I brought indoors to catch mice. The floor by the front door creaked three times - each time closer than the last. The cat stared the whole time, laid her ears back, hissed and took off like a shot! I couldn't move! Come to find out, the old man who lived in that house died as the EMT were carrying him out.
Other weirdness at that old place as well. he mother in law and all the women slept upstairs. They all said they heard what sounded like a rubber ball bounce down the stairwell and against the closed door at the bottom. When they went to look, the children were in bed asleep and there was a very old faded red play ball at the bottom. No one has seen the ball before that night!
After I moved out, the youngest took my old room downstairs. More than one time the old rocking chair in the room would rock like crazy on its own. That house ended up burning to the ground.


Originally Posted by XJIceQueen98 View Post
and on that note.. i'm going to play with them till i fall asleep

Originally Posted by micifus
Its like a little voice in side your head constantly saying Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs.
Sometimes I am able to silence it with rational thought but in the end it always makes a more clear, rational argument. Boobs.
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Some of these stories are pretty creepy. Here's mine, nothing like some of these.

A couple of years ago, I was driving out of the parking lot of the mall a couple of towns over. I was the first vehicle sitting at an intersection facing West, waiting for the green arrow so that I could turn left. While I was waiting traffic was still traveling North/South. Finally, the signal changed, and I got the green arrow. Immediately, as the arrow turned green, I had a very vivid memory suddenly pop into my head of a random time I had been hanging out with my best friend who had been killed in a motorcycle accident about 2 months earlier, within a couple of miles of the intersection I was sitting at. Because of this, I paused, and didn't pull out into the intersection immediately. Well as I sat there, a car blew the red light, traveling Northbound doing about 50, in the very Eastern-most lane, the one closest to me. Had I pulled out into the intersection when the arrow turned as normal, he would have smashed into the drivers side of my Jeep. I knew immediately that he was watching out for me when that happened.


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My guitars play songs at night by themselves, it would freak me out, but i like the songs it plays. also i have seen one of those light/orb things in my bedroom before, it was really cool

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My *** twitches when I hear christian music.

Nothing to see here.
Move along.
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Jerry Bransford
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That kind of thing happens all the time in my house. Our cleaning people are always screwing up our coffee maker settings and clock radio settings so they turn on at wierd times or my alarm doesn't on at the right time, or its AM/FM switch has been moved from AM to FM while they were dusting or cleaning it.

In other words, I doubt your radio has been taken over by supernatural forces or a religious figure.

When you have a choice, buy American made.
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I've never really had anything weird happen, but this is the only thing that would come close.

All my life, my Dad was my only hunting partner, and we would go out of state every year, togeather. He died about fifteen years ago, a couple months before that years season. I was very upset. So my wife decided to go with me cause she did'nt want me to make the trip alone. The first morning, I planned to go hunt the same area my Dad and I had always hunted togeather. I was almost to the top of the ridge we had always hunted, when I spied a nice fat buck at about 200 yards. "c'mon baby, just give me at least 5 seconds". He did... bang, whack, and down goes mr. buck. "Yeah!". I knew the area well, we'd hunted it dozen's of times, and I knew the buck was very close to the crest of the hill. In fact, very close to where I had helped my Dad build a stack of shale rocks for him to sit on and watch, while I did the 'brush busting' in hopes of driving a deer to him. Since he was getting up in his years, he could sit on the top, while I did all the "work".
I picked my line and I walked right up to this very spot, and no buck! "what the crap!" I could see the stack of rocks just a few feet away, I could see fifty yards in any direction b/c on the top it was pretty flat, and no buck!. I found only a couple hoof prints, but did'nt see any blood. I looked all over the place and could'nt find that stupid buck. I KNEW I had made a good shot. There was no freak'n way I missed. Again I looked all around and saw nothing. By this time I'm getting frustrated! Where the heck was that deer? I walked in a circle, I went down the hill, I went sideways and around, I went all over. By now I"m really mad. So I go back up by the rockpile, double checked my line of sight to where I was to get a bearing. Satisfied with that, I figured the buck must have gone down the other side of the hill and into the brush. So I formed a plan to search this area to my right side first, then systematicly zig zag up and down until I found more tracks or maybe some blood. I had made up my mind, I was absolutely going to go to my right to search there first.
As I started to take my first step in that direction, something made me pivot on one foot and go left. To this day I do not know why I went left, when I knew I was going to go right. When I took the step to the left, it put me right back in front of the rocks my Dad used to sit on... and there was the buck laying dead just on the other side next to the stack of rocks!

btw... it was a nice 4x3.

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