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Engagement Rings...

So i've been in the market lately and was looking for some opinions.

Does anyone think a .70 karat ring is too small? Should I try for a little bigger like around .80-.85? My girlfriend is average/small build and 5'6" and I don't want it to look really tiny, yet don't want it looking gaudy either. She is a very simple modest girl.

The Clarity is VS2, Color is E, .70 karat, GIA Certified. - asking $3300 for just the stone.

I think i'm going to have it set in a White Gold "knife edge" ring - like this one but square diamond instead:

Does that price sound high or reasonable? Can anyone else chime in with the specs of the ring they bought/recieved maybe?


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IMO .70 is a good size. Once you start getting upwards of three quarters of a carat, the rings get gaudy. I like that band too, but I'm not sure how it'd look with a square cut diamond.

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Like this but Silver...I couldn't find a sliver one with a square diamond. Maybe someone can do a quick photoshop? I lost my copy when my laptop crapped out


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1. Buy what she want's not what a bunch of guys on a jeep forum say to buy.

2. Don't buy it in a mall store. Go find a diamond exchange and pick out the rock and then pick out the setting. I see you are near Philly and NYC. Both good places to buy diamonds.

Most setting's have a gold band but the prongs that hold the diamond are silver as the silver helps the diamond shine more.

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Check out Jewelery Exchange in Norristown. That is where i got my wife's. They were about $1000 less than Jewelers Row. and don't forget, the prices are negotiable. oh and it is a ****ty area too.
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First, don't shop for it with her, but get a feel for what she's looking for. what cut she likes, whether she prefers white gold or platinum, etc.

Frankly, you could get her the ring you think is perfect and you love it, but if it's not what she's always dreamed of (and all women dream of their ring whether they freely admit it or want to be the guy's girl who doesn't care about such things), you'll be disappointed.

Also, I don't know how you are with things, but round cuts just "look" better in light than square cuts. At least that was my take. My wife's is an antique style ring with a round cut .5 carat in the center and a bunch of small ones around it. When the light hits it, it makes the ring look much bigger than it really is. Gotten many compliments about it and it wasn't that expensive.
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Keep your eyes out for deals. I was looking for a 3/4 carat for my wife and there happened to be a 1 ct in the bag that they had already priced as a 3/4. It was a high quality stone. I paid $2900 for the diamond only and had it appraised for insurance reasons. They appraised it at over $8k. I pooped a little.

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That price seems high for just the stone.

I dropped about 3g's on a platinum setting w/4 baguettes and a .6 carat round stone all top quality. Nothing gaudy or too big at all but it looks good and she's been loving it for 10 years.

Definitely shop around, and definitely do not buy in a mall jewelery store...ever.
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My GF and I have looked at a bunch. We bascially picked out a few that we both liked and told me to suprise her with one of them.

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I hafta disagree, buy what she wants. I had a list of what I thought she'd like based on looking online with her and her showing me her favorite cuts colors and set then I took her to see em... I was wrong. we were alrdy engaged and she alrdy had one ring. i got a great gal, wife now since we're married, and she didn't want the ring that cost a couple grand. anyway, we kept looking, together now, and we found a bridal set she really loved. We also finally found me a ring. It's a tire she know's I loved my Jeep first.

P.S. she just told me it was better to let her go with you cus surprises dont always work. besides, if ur proposing, she alrdy knows. She said surprising her n it be wrong would be like surprising u with jeep parts that dont work/fit/whatever... You're excited n then when u calm down n see it's not working ur not too excited anymore...

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I went wife my future wife (Getting married in 4 days!!!) to a few different jewelry stores to get an idea of what she liked, she tried on a few rings so that i knew what size to get and did that over the course of a few months. We had been talking about getting married for awhile so it wasn't too much of a surprise, that I would be buying a ring. Now what ring I bought and when I gave it to her was a complete surprise, and ultimately I bought he a ring that she loved. I already knew that she liked white gold, she like "square cut diamonds "princess" or "radiant cut"). I learned what type of clarity and color and carat size was acceptable (know 4 C's!) and really got a her a great ring.

One of her best friends on the other hand just got engaged and her boyfriend at the time had tried to ask some questions about the type of ring to get, and he ultimately apparently didn't ask the right questions and she really doesn't like the ring. I mean she loves her fiancee and they are a great couple and she would never tell it to his face, but she has told my fiancee in "confidence" that she wishes she would have been more involved int he process.

So in short:

-Know the 4 C's
-Get a certified diamond
-make sure if you don't go ring shopping you ask the right kind of questions
-If you want a "square" diamond radiant cut will look like a princess but due to the cut will be less expensive
-Anything over a 1/4c gets pricey FAST and a 1/4 carrat is a range of sizes (from like .70c - .80c)
-This is something you are goign to keep forever (unless you "upgrade" later) and needs to be something your fiancee AND you are both proud of. Don mess up.
-Shop around
-I agrree with the whole buy the stone separate from the mount. It gives you more flexibility.

And last, enjoy your engagement. It is a special time in a relationship that has allowed my fiancee and I to grow much closer and the wedding planning has actually been pretty fun.
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First of all, congrats. Second of all, screw what anyone else thinks about the size or what you spent. That is between you and the ring dealer and nobody else. Your wife to be will love whatever you get her.

By way of comparison's sake though, you can go on bluenile.com and search for stones. I found it to be pretty fair when pricing stones. As to the stone itself, barring the decision on the size of the ring, you are doing it right. Don't skimp on the color or the cut of the ring. E is perfect and between that and a good cut it will result in that "pop" of light as the sun reflects off the bottom of the diamond. As to the clarity, there will be no visible difference between a VS2, VVS1 or FL for your purposes. S1 could result in a visible "pepper grind" like dot visible to the naked eye though. So if you are going to be budget conscious, I think the cut is the place to do it. Nobody will ever be looking at it close enough to see what it is and it has no impact on the "bling" of the ring. VS2 will be perfectly fine.

As to the ring band itself, I was asked by my ring guy "would you rather protect a bank with 4 soldiers or 6 soldiers?" Of course, I said 6. He said "then why would you only protect a $x,000 diamond with only 4 prongs to save a few pennies?". I said "point taken." With a 4 prong she needs to be careful. One wrong pull and the stone is MIA. A 6 prong will likley hold the diamond even if one is pulled from the stone. Just something to think about....good luck.
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Originally Posted by nj666z View Post
Your wife to be will love whatever you get her
On one hand yes, but on the other hand that not necessarily true.... the person that posted before me and my fiancee's best friends are prime examples. Now like I said she would never tell her fiance, and there is sentimental value to the ring and the thought behind it, but I know for a fact that was not the ring she wanted. Most girls have been sitting around dreaming of their wedding and engagement since the womb, and have all these preconceived notions of how everything is supposed to happen. Even if she is more of the "one of the dudes" type girls, she still has something in mind. Imagine if all she wanted was a little white gold band with an emerald on it(like the last girl I dated and would NEVER marry) and I had decided to get her a huge bllinging ring?

Good advice on the picking diamonds though!

Another issues to consider is warranty. I bought my ring at Jared's and they offer a lifetime warranty as long as you keep the ring inspected on any of the stones. So as long as I've had my the ring inspected and the main stone falls out, they will search their stone database for one with the exact cut color and clarity and replace it for free. Not to mention free cleaning, resizing, engraving, and if I decided to upgrade my stone, they will take the old stone back and give me what I paid for it towards upgrading to the new stone. I'm not sure if I would do that due to the sentimental reasons, but it is a nice option to have. Just my two cents....
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A quick Photoshop.
Attached Thumbnails

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Originally Posted by sanchagrins View Post
Another issues to consider is warranty. I bought my ring at Jared's and they offer a lifetime warranty as long as you keep the ring inspected on any of the stones.
Don't buy the warranty. To keep it active, you have to take the ring in every 6 months. You will almost certainly have forgotten to do this at one point. (I payed for the warranty and it is now worthless.)

Also - you will almost certainly pay more for a diamond than it is "worth". They are not scarce. Should you ever need to sell it, you will find that you are unable to get anywhere near the amount you payed for it.

I speak from personal experience.

I have a diamond ring. .81 carats. Platinum ring. Colorless (F). SI(2). Zales "Octillion" cut. I have all of the documents that came with it, including the receipt.

I payed $4000 for it. I'd sell it for $1500.

Let me know if you're interested. At that price you could fly to Raleigh, come with me to Zales, have them verify it's the same stone/ring, and then fly back and still come out on top.

I'm not cutting you some amazing deal as a Jeeper. I just know that I could never get $4000 for it. (My plan for it right now is to give it to my - not yet existing - son. But for $1500 he can be left to fend for himself.)

I bought the ring for my previous girlfriend who wouldn't stop hassling me about marriage. She was pretty damned cute (in a town with zero cute women - Poughkeepsie, NY) and pretty cool. I didn't want to marry her but I thought that I might later - and I didn't want to blow it because I worried I wouldn't be able to do any better later. I got the ring - she was with me, it was on sale from $5000 - but never proposed.

Note: I'm engaged now. When I met my fiancee (two girls later) I knew immediately that she was the right girl. I knew I couldn't give her the same ring - which she knows about - so I told her that her ring wouldn't be a diamond. She's smart - Master's degree in biotechnology - and she was way on board with the no diamond plan. We had a ring designed, we used a sapphire for the stone.
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