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Dog People

Now that we're in the new place I'm wanting to get another dog. My Doberman is used to having a male American Bulldog to play with. We have the female American Bulldog, but she has bad hips and isn't really a huge fan of running.

I'd like to find a small breed dog that would love running to play with my Dobie. I know my dog is good around other animals. It would just be nice to have a dog who wasn't as big as the other's and yet still rugged to play. My Dobie is onlyl 60lbs, so she's petite as far as Dobie's go.

What do you all recommend? I was looking at Jack Russell Terriers, Rat Terriers, and Boston Terriers.

I'd also like to mention something in advance. I went today to every animal shelter that was within 20 miles. Drove close to 120 miles total. I'd be all for getting a small mutt type dog. Unfortunately the Nazi's at the Humane Society aren't exactly easy going when it comes to dog adoption. They have to do a home visit, and also a follow-up visit. They also need all kinds of weird info. It rubbed me wrong considering they are a kill facility. One would think they would be glad just to get the dog's into good homes. I spoke with a friend who went into the local place, and was refused an adoption. His yard wasn't fenced/big enough. So now the dog has to hope someone else adopts it. Also they want $150 to "adopt" a dog. Some of the breeds I mentioned can be gotten from a notable breeder for a bit more than that.

This is going to get expensive
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I would either suggest doing some research and finding a reputable breeder. Or trying a different shelter. Do not, please, i repeat do not buy a dog/puppy from a pet store.. More than likely they are puppy mill dogs and we shouldn't support that..

That is all,


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A lot of the nonsense people have to go through to adopt a pet is generally for a good reason - to try to ensure the dog/cat is going to a proper/safe place and will be with someone who truly cares about the animal. Part of the line of reasoning, even with a kill-shelter, is that the animal would be better off being put down rather than going someplace where the animal will be abused in some manner...perhaps keeping it chained up outside all the time solely for guard purposes, for example. Some dogs are known jumpers - a dog may have been brought into the shelter because it's owner couldn't afford the 6' fencing it needed and it kept escaping the 4'. Or maybe the dog is a total spaz and needs the extra room to play - if it can't get it's energy burnt off in the yard, it's more likely to do so in the house, and probably pretty destructively, too.

And yeah, the adoption costs can be pretty high, but that's a mix of covering the costs associated with running a shelter (not cheap) and something along the thought lines're more likely to take better care of something if it was costly to aquire in the first place. Tends to weed out the those who want a puppy or kitten on a whim (awww...but it's so cute!!) but then realize that all that cuteness is a lot of work ( poops!!) and money to take care of so they just let it go outside of town...easy come, easy go.

They're all doing what they can to make sure the animal goes to a good home, not just any home. The animals best interest is behind it all, not the persons. Keep looking - you'll find one that will be worth going through it all for, and you'll be glad you did

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I appreciate the input towards shelter animals. Unfortunately I don't think that's an option. I'd like some suggestions towards smaller breeds of dogs that are tough, and able to get along with other dogs.

This is going to get expensive
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I have a Basenji that I absolutely love. They are a very unique breed that need the right type of owner, but they can be a real joy to have. They're very active and love to play. Here is some more info on them:

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I had a Jack Russell Terrier. They're small and sturdy and can play for a long time, but they're very high strung and impossible to wear out. I used to walk him 2 miles a day, downhill the first mile and he'd be pulling me uphill all the way back. I sold him to a restaurant near here and am going to get a Beagle I think.


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I have a Bichon Frise that we got becuase one of the daughters of a man who my dad works with went back to college to find her roomate with this dog that her boyfriend got her, and the dog completely desroyed the apartment because the girl never let him out to go the bathroom etc. so he always went in the apartment.. so the wife of the guy my dad works with brought the dog back home with her, and upon arrival home, the husband said NO WAY! and came to work the next day asking if anyone wanted a little white fluffy dog. So we ended up taking him in. It was a lot of work at first with all the wetting in the house etc. after we first got him. He was almost 1 year old, and had always been taught to go to the bathroom near the door, but not outside..

So after having the carpet in our living room replaces 2 times, and my dad finally putting in hardwoodfloor to make mess clean up easier. he has finally started to whine to go out to the bathroom (he's 7 now lol) so it took a while to break him of old habits, we tried EVERYTHING but it was a matter of time.

But he is a great dog. Gets along with my neibors labs, and plays good with my grandparents border collie, gets long with kids. But he is VERY high maintinence with gromming because Bichon's have hair, not fur, and it keeps growing, so either you cut it yourself, or go to the groomer every month or 2 depending on how fast it is growing. He's a great dog, but i dont know if I would get another after him, or go back to a yellow lab like my family had back when I was born and throughout my growing up.
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Jack Russell Terriers are high strung and never wear out. Ask me how I know.

We adopted one almost 2 years ago. She was 4 months at the time. The owner was going into the Army and asked a friend if he knew anyone who would be interested. The friend said he was going to a big party on the 4th and would take her along. Well, my wife fell in love with that dog as soon as she saw her. I said "No Way, we already have 2 toy poodles, don't need any more dogs". I kept up this line for the next 6 hours as my friends over served me beer. You see, wives and girlfriends of my buddies wanted the dog too, but my wife had first dibs, or was it the fangs and claws hse displayed, I am not sure. These guys did not want thier girls to get the dog. Anyway, at the end of the night I was in the passenger seat with the Jack Russell in my lap.

This dog is amazing. Very funny, great energy, very loyal. She is great with other dogs. Another friend has big dogs, a newfie pup and a mastif. The newfie pup's paws were as big as the Jack Russell. The newfie would swap our dag, causing her to roll a few times. Maddie jsut came back for more everytime. She keeps the toy poodles active too. This dog loves to play.

Yea, I am a little long winded. But I gotta say, if you go with a Jack Russell, you won't go wrong. They can put up with a lot from the bigger dogs, and they will hold thier own if needed (our toys are like that too). They also see red, so go and get a lazer pointer. We use one in the house, she loves to chase it back and forth. Easy exercise program, easy on us anyway.

Yep, saying yes to the dog was one of my better decisions. I even started talking to my friends again.

p.s. I told my friends if I ever see a stray, or up for adoption dog at thier place again, I am leaving damnit, leaving.

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I best dog I have ever had...but pricey...Shiba Inu.

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While not exactly a small breed (i personally dont like dogs so small my big Ragdoll Cat could beat them up) I too am getting ready to get a dog. I've always had bigger dogs, purebreed collies to be exact, smallest dog I had was a border Collie (and she was one of the best dogs I have ever had). Personally, this time around I am looking at some of the Northern Breeds, I think I have it narrowed down to one of three. An Akita, an Alaskan Malamute, or a Siberian Husky or a mix there of. I am still doing research on these three breeds, but from everything I have read thus far, these will be good breed choices for my current lifestyle and living conditions and what I want out of a dog. Nevermind the fact that they are just beautiful animals. I also like that they are relatively low maintenance dogs, they shed very little except for twice a year when they blow their under coats, reportedly they eat suprisingly little for dogs of their size, they are well mannered and incredibly loyal to their owners and get along well with other dogs. Supposedly they will get along well with cats if raised with them (important since the cats are my Moms, wouldn't want them getting eaten)

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After talking it over to great lengths with the wife we've decided. She's going to let me get another Doberman. Best breed I've owned yet, and why not get another? We just have to get a bigger bed as well

This is going to get expensive
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whats wrong with a mastive,,,not to big lol... i think i would be looking for a bull dog they are heavey but not very big plus they are good for home security.maybe even a boxer, but they will get a little bigger than the dobbey.
i wouldnt go to a pet store to get your dog. most of those places are not very good.
another good idea is to check out a shelter


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My mom seems to have it in for Cockapoos....not kidding. We have two of these little things, I mean not that they're not cute and good dogs, but I would much rather something larger than I wouldn't step on as often, haha.

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The American Bulldogs are beautiful dogs. I have witnessed what one can do first hand though. My wife's dog is a puppy of my father's dog. When she (my dad's dog) used to go into heat you had better steer clear, and keep any other small animal away. She killed 4 cats, a small dog, and several ducks. It got so bad that it was either put her down, or get her fixed and see if that helped. Fortunately it did.

Where my father lives he requires a vicious dog to protect the property. I on the other hand prefer my dog to be as friendly as possible. Add to that the Bulldog's stubborness, and difficulty to train.

My Doberman has been a blessing since day one. She did get babied a bit too much though. Part of me wishes I would've cropped her ears for looks but I can't imagine the pain that would cause. For our next dog the wife insisted on a male. Already have too many females around here. Only way I'll agree is if it's a BIG Dobie

This is going to get expensive
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I'll throw in my $0.02 even though you have already decided...

Boston Terriers are great. They are pretty rugged. You can beat the crap out of them and they just love it.
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