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Work for GE Aviation. I am the guy who buys/gets the parts for our repair station. We repair GE aircraft engines in our shop and in the field. Pros are decent pay and benefits, being 5 minutes from home, get all the ot I can handle. Cons are always being on call and being on FAA drug and alcohol screens.

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Originally Posted by WhtJeep View Post
I'm an RN on a Tele/Oncology floor. We can go from having great amazing patients, to oh what the hell do I have to give them to sleep through the night. I love what I do, but am moving to ICU here shortly hopefully.
The best thing about my unit is I only have the patients for a couple of hours, and most of them are at least healthy enough for surgery. Also, I get to work days with only an occasional weekend on-call.

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I work in the tool/parts cage at a major corporation. We hand items out to 12 maintenance guys and a few outside contractors.
Our tool room has every thing you can think of. Weve got tools that fix tools.
The best part is i have complete access to take what i need home for the night or weekend, We recently got a full line of Hilti cordless tools
Recently I have more down time then working but its cool there

Originally Posted by Poke View Post
Spring Over is not for you.... yet

My 2.5 to 4.3 swap thread

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I work for the federal govt. Wg scale, doing electronics work on some military defense systems.

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I saw that on CBS. If thing ever get iffy with me I'm headed there.
Originally Posted by RogueSpear2023
I work security part time while in college which is really my full time job. Most of my security assignments aren't too bad.

As far as any of you construction workers that need work around the country get some money together, and get a travel trailer or conversion van, (there is no housing to be had at the moment, this is why I suggest travel trailer or retrofitted van) and come to Western North Dakota (Minot, Dickinson) with the floods and the oil boom, there is great money to be made, I know many guys out there are making 3-4 times what they would make anywhere else, and every time I talk to people out there all they complain about is needing more construction workers.

Also if you have no skills and HS diploma or GED, and don't mind working long hard hours the oil companies are hiring, paid training and living expenses for 6 months, I think the in training they make about 30K for that first 6 months, but not living expenses either. Starting pay right now is around 90K with benefits, several of my friends have been out there just over a year and are making six figures.
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Originally Posted by Keith

What makes him weird?
He's just uber bossy. He's the type that would tell you that you're using the stapler wrong then show you, very condescendingly, how to do it. He won't ever crack a smile, even at an appropriate time. Oh while I was in the office he would make me shave my face. Fedex got Rid of their facial hair policy years ago. He really pissed me off and treats people like crap. Oh well, since I'm back on the street doing what I love, I'm super happy to be away from him.
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Conductor for a Class 1 railroad (Freight).

Basically my dream job, absolutely love my job!

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Originally Posted by felix
im a plumber and people keeep eating and pooping then plugging the toilets with poop
And lots of other crap too.

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Weekend book keeper/tech guy/anything they need me for guy at a major home improvement retail warehouse. I hate my job, the hours are terrible and I absolutely cannot stand being a a desk jockey completing pointless, repetitive tasks. I just turned 21 and my dream is to pursue a career in law enforcement.

After my vacation this December the search for my true career will begin! I think being single and not having any kids is beneficial so I can go anywhere I'm needed/hired.

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SCCM Administrator....deploy software and write code. I Love it!!!
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I work for "The Man".

I'm a Mechanical Engineer.

I fly in to various countries around the world and check out "our" underground pipelines and tanks for corrosion, and work to ensure that the corrosion is mitigated. Then I fly home. Trips usually last 1-2 weeks.

Went to Romania and Bulgaria last month.

It is an awesome job.


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Originally Posted by DiabloYJ View Post
It's a Jeep thing, I don't even understand it sometimes.
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I used to work in heavy recovery and towing, what a suck job, no one ever gets stuck on a sunny day or rolls over in the mid day, its always 2 am or in the middle of a snow storm. Concrete mixers were almost the worst they would get too close to the hole for a foundation and fall over or worse in. Then you have a small amount of time to pull them back up or if the drum stops truning too long its junk and they have to get a new one once the concrete hardens, The worst was truck on the local landfill that would die, they couldnt offload without the pto working so you would hook up to a front loaded garbage packer weighing 110k plus and then without brakes on it shoving you down the side of the mountain tow it down the top of landfills are soft like a mattress so getting the forks under the I beams was like shoveling in a trash bin. I dont miss that anymore than feeding buffalo.Neuro surgery is on the horizon now so I wont be doing much at all.

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I work out on the ramp at UPS loading and unloading planes. The job itself isn't too bad, really. I'm thankful for the job as I have great benefits and they pay for school- so I go in every night and bust my ***.

On the other hand, the hours suck. I work third shift, I start at midnight and usually get off around 5AM. I wish I could get more hours so I could make a little more cash and working at night is pretty awful but like I said, they pay for school so I deal with it.

Many of the people also suck, it's a union shop. The entire system is based on seniority, which is irritating because it breeds an attitude of mediocrity- "If I just manage to not get fired, I'll make more and more money". And the union propagates this attitude because if union workers are less efficient, UPS has to hire more union workers and then the union gets more money.

So yes, many of my coworkers are frustratingly lazy and it's impossible for management to get rid of them.

That's not to say I don't benefit from the Union, they are responsible for my fantastic health insurance (which is better than my dad's, who has been management at UPS for 20 years- how's that work?) but if I'm honest with myself the market value of my job doesn't really dictate that I deserve all that for my 4 to 5 hours a night 5 nights a week- my job isn't that hard.

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I'm a Service Writer at a Big O Tires location, I love my job granted at times the customers do get on my nerves. But that comes with the territory ! All of my Co workers are cool, The pay is good, Discount is nice, One of the head mechanics is also a Jeeper, An I landed a Job for 90LSTurbo on here a Job with us. I do wish we were a bit more busy right now but it is the slow season. I was able to work on an RC car I was building at work with noone saying anything, an I was able to polish my old wheels. I can't complain at all !

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I work as a manager for one of the main stream auto parts companies. cant name it but it starts with an "A". Nothing better then listening to people complain about getting the wrong parts for their vehicles. If you give me the right vehicle i will get you the right part. I hate when people come in and dont know what they have.

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