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My problem is this isnt an accident its something that can be stopped. Im tired of people "learning" from their mistakes all theyve learned is they can get caught. All of us have seen the figures and know how alcohol can affect us while driving. He couldnt stay in his lane so he was impared and could have killed someone. I never said im perfect im christian and drank when i was 16 all i know is im sorry for doing it and havent for a couple of years.

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I'd say get a lawyer....

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Matt Gertsch
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Originally Posted by Trav79
thank you.... thats what i was looking for...... i blame no one but myself for what i did...im thankful that no one was hurt and its taught me a lesson.... just seems silly to hire a lawyer to tell the judge im guilty
Exactly. You're gonna' need the funds to pay the fine. Usually, the DA will work with the public defender on a plea bargin anyway.

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tahoe wheelers
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01grander -- you shouldnt be so harsh on people. the guy admitted messing up. Christian or not has nothing to do w/ it. He was asking for help not to be ragged on like your his mother. Be constructive or keep it to yourself

Oh the other hand, I made the mistake and got a duce right out of college. It has cost me a lot of damn money Since you were pretty close to the limit I would go for a wet reckless, it looks far better on your record, you dont get punished as bad and to do that you would need a lawyer at least in cali. Good luck w/ that man and dont go round two.

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Hire a lawyer. Often times DUI charges will be reduced to reckless driving + probation/community service. Reckless driving is a lot better on your record than DUI.

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thanks for the advice guys....i will probably hire a lawyer if for no other reason than to avoid having my liscense completely suspended......if im allowed to drive to and from work thats worth the cost of a lawyer to me.

thanks again

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I got busted over 10yrs ago here in Tx and they are not that nice to you. In most cases here it's a automatic suspended license, 2yrs probation, a 2k fine, drug dependency classes, and a few other things.

I lawyer'd up and got my sentance cut in half and the fine reduced even more. You can take your chances with a PD and try to work a deal with the state, but that doesn't always work in your favor.

A lawyer will drive the state nuts with filing paperwork, postponments, ect........ Mine cost me 1k, but I had a clean record.

I was young a stupid when I got mine, and although it is a cop-out to say I learned my leason, it had other effects. My brother who would also drive drunk stopped driving drunk. So did 4 other of my close friends. My experience helped take 5 people that would normally be drunk off the roads. It was a hard lesson to learn, but it taught not only me the lesson.

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Lawyer. If nothing else but to show the judge your serious. My buddy in college got a DUI for blowing somewhere in the .3 range while moving his car to a closer parking space one night. He got off with a beathalyzer in his car, weekly trips to his PO, and no drinking until he was 21 IIRC(it was a total of a year and a half of no drinking). And a guy I work with got off scott free after totalling his car into a guardrail, admitting to a witness that he was drunk, and leaving the scene. THe most trouble he got in was from his girlfriend, because some chick in a yellow Jeep drove him home from the scene. His girlfriend refused to believe that a girl would pick up some random guy on the side of the road at 2AM. He called the cops the next morning to see what they had done with his car and went in to the station. Reason he got off with the law, he was wearing a $1 rubber bracelet he got from 7-11 for some cause. The cop thought it was for Dale Earnhardt, and after a little BSing told him to have a nice day. Moral of the story, it's all luck of the draw, but I guess it depends on your locale.

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Originally Posted by Jeeples
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I is the laws
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I'll beat that dead horse . . . get a lawyer. It's getting harder and harder to plead to reckless in alot of jurisdictions because of pressures from MADD and other organizations. With a lawyer you will be lucky to stave back some punishment, without makes it even harder.

some people will flame away at you as soon as you mention a dui, but the truth is, it's probably the most disproportionate punishment to crime situations out there. Protect yourself as best you can.


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Oy Vay! Opinions really are like you-know-whats. Get a Lawyer if it makes you feel better. My Family has a Law Firm, I went to Law School, I've been in a "Related Field" for over 20 years.....
A Lawyer is going to accomplish NOTHING for you. The Law is clear, N.O.W, MADD,SADD and everybody else has made their points very well and the Laws have been enacted to reflect that lobbying effort.
You will get the punishment prescribed by your State, BAC, and Record - PERIOD.
No Deals, No Pleas - NaDa Nothing.
How much clearer can this be made. Keep soliciting opinions until you get the one you want to hear and stop there.

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Jerry Bransford
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I believe I'd rather have spent the money for a lawyer and had him not be able to help that much, than to not have hired a lawyer and find out that he could have partly or totally saved you from something that was discretionary to the judge. On something this potentially serious, I wouldn't bet against an attorney being worth his fee. Good luck, and realize too that this is going to cost you more than the fine, court costs, and attorney's fee. Plan on probably five years of substantially increased insurance premiums too.

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You dont want my opinion, you would be very pi$$ed at me. Ive got zero tollerance for DUI.

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Personal opinions or "Judgements" aside. Do you want "Personal Opinions" or "Professional Opinions" ??

I have had had countless Clients that have been in this situation (Probably over a hundred) I have NEVER had ONE that the Lawyer accomplished ANYTHING for a first offender with a relatively clean record.
The system is set up to Fast Track first time offenders. The deals are worked into the system already. NO Lawyer is going to talk any DA or Judge into bending anymore than the system already has for first offenders.
Now, second and after offenders..... You better get an Attorney just to keep from being drawn and quartered, because the system is going that way unless acted upon by an equal and opposite force.
This isn't worth anymore time, just goes to show how opinions don't need to be backed up by any specific education, research or knowlege.

I think it's hilarious (I wish I owned a Mercedes Dealership outside Philadelphia.) Get a Lawyer and give him/her their $3,500 (that will be paid In-Full up front, called a "retainer" and no that doesn't cover ANY court costs,fees, fines and then the Billable Hours will start. a Fax, a phone call - all billed in 15 miunute increments.
Even a brief conversation with the Legal Secretary - Billed.
They will tell you all kinds of very "Hopeful Things" when it's said and done you will get Exactly what is prescriptive punishment - by-the-numbers. "Thank you very much, here is my Final Bill"

P.S. Not that it was relevant, You didn't ask for my "Opinion" about Driving Impaired - so I didn't offer it.
My Sister was hit and almost killed by a Drunk Driver.

My Best Friend Lost his wife 3 weeks ago leaving him and their 15 month old Baby ALONE. I have spent every waking moment since then handling his Legal Affairs and just trying to keep him together.

Tragedy. Senseless, Random - Tragedy.

'05 Rubicon (to go) '01 CamaroSS(to go fast)

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It is hard to ask for lawyer or no lawyer advice based on other people's personal experience from all around the country. You need to ask what kind of punishment is handed down in the jurisdiction you were charged in for a offender with a similar BAC, driving record, and circumstances as you. Laws vary from state to state. Judges punishments vary alot. You can go in knowing what the judge that regularly sits over a court hands down and find that a substitute judge is there and get a whole different punishment.

I spend a lot of time in court with my job. Here, DUI charges will get the same basic punishment with or without a lawyer in most cases if you are going to make a guilty plea, anyway. For someone like me who is "behind the scenes", it is often very visible what a waste of bucks getting a lawyer is. Here's what happens.....You hire an attorney and decide to plea. He comes in before court and talks to the prosecutor, who is likely his friend. They B.S. for a while. Your name comes up. You attorney says my guy is gonna plea. The prosecutor then says give him the standard "First time offender program of ......". From what I often see, you end up paying big bucks for about 5 minutes of talk and zero work.

In the end, it is a roll of the dice.
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Get a lawyer, I got a lawyer for my DWI (1st offense in Texas) But i'm a minor, I know I know I screwed up, save the preaching, being arrested was the worst thing that has ever happened to me and i'm not going to let it happen again. Lawyers will help.It's my 1st offense and my trial is "set" for march 16th if it doesn't get reset. Wish me luck, I'd really like to get it reduced to a reckless driving or dismissed I didn't use a breathalyzer and I am starting to think they may have lost the video tape, it's been almost 3 months and they still haven't copied it to give to my attorney. If you do not want a DUI/DWI on your record or to lessen the punishment the only way is to hire a lawyer. Especially since you did a breathalyzer(which I refused), your chances of getting it dismissed are rare. But I'd say get a lawyer.

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