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JF_Admin 12-09-2005 08:43 PM

Closed/Deleted Threads
There are several reasons why threads get deleted or closed.

Inappropriate content, thread is a flame fest, advertisements, thread is just merely “chat” which should take place in the chat section of this website. Read the rules thread for more.

This is and always has been a family oriented forum.

Any thread that has not work safe content will be deleted. Keep all threads PG in content such as language, topic, pictures and video. If your thread gets deleted with the notification “Inappropriate Material” then do not post it again because we do not allow it here.

Next major reason a thread gets closed is because it has turned into a flame fest where there is a lot of attacking going on. Sometimes a moderator will warn you before closing it and sometimes they will just close or delete it. First and foremost this is a Jeep forum and we will not spend the time to clean up the General Discussion forum. Moderate yourself. If there is a debate and a user starts attacking then report them and do not respond to their attacks. However, if a thread starts to turn into attacks we will not clean it up, it will be closed or deleted at once.

Just like in a real life one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch. We don’t have the time or want to try to stop flame fests in General Discussion and will stop them immediately before they spill into the technical forums which is what this forum is about. If you want to have civilized debates then do so but once it gets uncivilized expect it to get closed or deleted.

If a thread is closed or deleted do not post about it again. We closed or deleted it for a reason and it is not up for arguing.

The time now is 03:34 AM.

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